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Syn Jinn Jed: fingers crossed.
: :-)
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Jupiter Eternal: Hey
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ddwfurlong: Hola all
LdyMlissa: Hio
VUnpleasantness: hi
ddwfurlong: Not sure if april is making it or not she
ddwfurlong: had wanted to be here for this.
Jupiter Eternal: I haven't seen her all day
ddwfurlong: several others wanted to be here as well, but
ddwfurlong: last minute things come up.
VUnpleasantness: I almost didn't make it myself
ddwfurlong: ::nods:: Kirk
ddwfurlong: why don't you intro yourself. ;-)
VUnpleasantness: Hi I'm Kirk
VUnpleasantness: Court's bf
ddwfurlong: this is dora
MairLiJun: (chorus) Hi... Kirk
: <- Dana
phawkwood: <- Patrick
Syn Jinn Jed: <---Ginna
: <-Nee
VUnpleasantness: Don't worry to much I have court yelling who people are over my shoulder :-)
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ddwfurlong: LOL.
ddwfurlong: hi april.
Alliana701: sorry I'm late
Alliana701: hi :-)
MairLiJun: Hi, April
ddwfurlong: tis ok we hafven't started yet.
Alliana701: the clerk at the store was talking to her grandkids
Alliana701: ah good
ddwfurlong: ahh my.
ddwfurlong: so is there anyone else anyone knows of
ddwfurlong: who is supposed to show?
ddwfurlong: or wanting to?
LdyMlissa: I believe Jilly was going to show, but looks like she'll be late too.
ddwfurlong: hrmm K.
ddwfurlong: ahh yeah viper
ddwfurlong: isn't here either
ddwfurlong: Ok well this is moderated
ddwfurlong: so if you have a wuestion IM me in another window
ddwfurlong: and I will recognize you here
ddwfurlong: First we are going to cover Role-Play not
ddwfurlong: interactive story writing
ddwfurlong: which I know a lot of folks prefer that format which is fine, it's just not
ddwfurlong: the efocus of this workshop.
ddwfurlong: role-play obviously is defined where we take ourselves and assume the mindset and reactions of another fictional being
ddwfurlong: the main issues with online role-play vs what we do in person revolve around the fact twe can't see
ddwfurlong: the ohter person and what they are doing.
ddwfurlong: Several other factors that tend to influence what happens online is the
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ddwfurlong: fact we all have different connection types
ddwfurlong: dialups are notoriously slow wile others with dsl can reply quite quickly not to mention some folks
ddwfurlong: type quicker than others or need to think more about their character reply /response/reactions etc...
ddwfurlong: so it;s a little more complicated for us here than it is when we are in person at media or elsewhere.
ddwfurlong: So the first differeence here with the role-play rather than writing a story
ddwfurlong: is assumptive action statements vs suggestive
ddwfurlong: we don't know how the ohter person is going to react to our actions, even if they are our friend
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ddwfurlong: instead of saying Talia puts her arm around eric
ddwfurlong: I don't see that eric is about to stand up
ddwfurlong: I say Talia moves to place her arm around eric
ddwfurlong: and then patrick can decide if that worked, since we all have a general idea of what our characters are trying to achieve's just that others around us may block, hamper or oterhwise negate our intents.
ddwfurlong: This is particular important in a combat situation.
ddwfurlong: Online.
ddwfurlong: That makes it even harder when you have a group of folks all tryin gto work out a scenario.
ddwfurlong: Make sense so far?
ddwfurlong: I hate that I can';t look around the room and see folks. :-)
LadyViperess: ::nods::
LdyMlissa: yup
MairLiJun: *nods*
Jupiter Eternal
: yup
VUnpleasantness: got it so far
ddwfurlong: Ok so nee you and kirk work on suggestive sttatements ...let's put katyana and your character kirk in a bar avoiding a bar fight and you run into each ohter back to back.
VUnpleasantness: my chars name is rich btw
ddwfurlong: (like I said non timeline related exervices...thank you kirk and katyana :-))
ddwfurlong: Don't be shy...nee rich has just bumped into katyana's back while you are both trying to avoid
ddwfurlong: a canttina fight.
ddwfurlong: How do you react?
LdyMlissa: Katyana turns and draws back her fist.
VUnpleasantness: Rich spins around trying to figure out what he just hit
LdyMlissa: Kat takes a step back to move away from him. She'll stay in a defensive stance.
VUnpleasantness: Rich tries to keep an eye on the crazy lady who just tried to punch him and the person who was throwiing chairs moments ago
LdyMlissa: Kat lowered her fist once she saw he wasn't going to try and attack her and started looking for a way out.
ddwfurlong: ok cool.
ddwfurlong: viper and becky let's have mikala and s'lara , for some unknown reason, being stalked by two npc rebels...patrick you run the rebels.
LadyViperess: (cough)
: (Hey I said non timeline related. ;-))
LadyViperess: (I know but she likes the rebels hehe.. np :-))
LdyVolarisSteele: (hee hee)
: Mika glaced at the woman beside her and then reached out with the Force to see what she could sense around them.
: lots of people and activity
LadyViperess: S'Lara pushed tightly back aganist the wall. Wondering why anyone was stalking them. SHe glanced to Mika.
LdyVolarisSteele: (hold computer is choking and I can't recieve IMs...brb...need to reboot)
: *k
ddwfurlong: k.
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LadyViperess: *this is normal for online RP too it happens*
ddwfurlong: :-)
ddwfurlong: so we pause till she gets back.
LadyViperess: lalala
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LdyVolarisSteele: (bk..thx)
: (wb)
: (wb)
LdyVolarisSteele: (thx)
: LadyViperess: S'Lara pushed tightly back aganist the wall. Wondering why anyone was stalking them. SHe glanced to Mika. (last sent)
: Mika closed her eyes a moment, stretching out with the Force trying to track the whoever was following them.
: Two men sitting at a near by table, and making an effort not to look at them
LadyViperess: S'Lara held her weapon in ready, and close to her, glancing around looking for any odd movement. "You sense anything?" she whispered to Mika
LdyVolarisSteele: "Over at that table," Mika said in a hushed voice. "The two men at the table."
: (sitting there...*sigh*)
: One of the men says something to the other and heads for the door
phawkwood: the other glances in their direction then quickly looks away
LadyViperess: S'Lara half smiled, "Maybe we should follow them for a change. Unless you have other ideas. " she whispered to Mika.
LdyVolarisSteele: "We can do this one of two ways," Mika said, not looking at the man, but tracking him with the Force. "We could split up and just keep an eye
: on them or we could go have a talk with our friend who doesn't seem to want to look at us."
: "You're the one with force, here. I say a nice chat could be entertaining." she replied quietly
LdyVolarisSteele: Mika smiled and then motioned to a waiter and gave him an order. She glanced at S'lara and then headed directly to the man's table. "Is this seat taken?" she asked, motioning to one.
: "no, it isn't" he says standing. he turns to leave
LdyVolarisSteele: "Don't go," Mika said, using the Force to restrain him. "My friend and I would like to talk to you."
: he stops, "I have nothing to say to you" he's straining against the hold on him
LdyVolarisSteele: "You seemed terribly interested in us a few moments ago."
: ok let's payse here
ddwfurlong: pause
ddwfurlong: first mikala doesn;t know
ddwfurlong: wheether or not
ddwfurlong: this person in front of her is like the toydarian's where the force might or might not work on him or
ddwfurlong: he might have another trick up his sleeves, while yeah in this case
ddwfurlong: the chances are really really slim
ddwfurlong: he would not be held by her tk. :-) since it's physical, but we still need to try to give our
ddwfurlong: partners in rp the opp to
ddwfurlong: react and say yeah it holds me.
LdyVolarisSteele: True..should have worded it .."reached out to restrain him..."
: yes. :-)
ddwfurlong: ok go ahead.
LadyViperess: *does it hold him?*
: yes
ddwfurlong: he is still straining against it right?
phawkwood: yes
ddwfurlong: April take one of the ohter patrons in the cantina.
ddwfurlong: an npc.
LadyViperess: S'Lara moved close to the man and hidding her weapon under her arm, pushing it into his side. "Why not sit a and talk to us."
: You witness all of these actions.
phawkwood: "I have nothing to say to you" he says, he can't move due to the hold on him
LdyVolarisSteele: Mikala smiled sweetly at the man and sat.
: "It might be a good idea to sit, my friend isn't known to ask twice," she commented.
: A man in his mid-20's is sitting at a nearby table, watching how the other man is having trouble moving. He stays where he is, but watches with interest.
phawkwood: "let him go!" a voice calls from behind them
LdyVolarisSteele: Mika is on her feet in an instant, her ebony lightsaber in her hand. "Oh, your friend came back."
: the other man is in a crouch, weapon pointed at them
Alliana701: (how visible is the saber?)
ddwfurlong: how did you know it was his friend?
LdyVolarisSteele: (right out in public, drawn and ready)
: as soon as mika's attention is off the first man, he'll strike out at S'lara
Alliana701: The man at the nearby table stiffens
ddwfurlong: (pause)
ddwfurlong: How did mikala know it was his friend?
LdyVolarisSteele: assumption on Mika's part...if he wants the man let go, he may be the one who left earlier or someone that guy went for..there for a "friend"
: S'Lara ducked low at hearing the man yell. (sorry got a lag)
:'s one of the things other players may ask...since there are others in the could be good to clarify to start. :-)
ddwfurlong: avoids ocnfusion.
ddwfurlong: (go head)
LdyVolarisSteele: Actually...Mika never let got of the first guy yet
: how can she be focused on two things at once?
ddwfurlong: OK let'sstop here
ddwfurlong: and work on rules of fdorce
ddwfurlong: use in another segmeent further down
ddwfurlong: Are there any questions on
ddwfurlong: assumptive statement use and suggestive statement use?
ddwfurlong: Viper go ahead.
LadyViperess: its hard to remember you have to type a suggested action like he tried to hold them with force...
: some of us are sort of used to knowing the characters and moving along.. I know its not a good idea though. I know I assume to much at times. (done)
: ::nods:: It tis hard o reemember and once you get to rping with folks regularly you will know each others characters abilities and can and will tend to
ddwfurlong: use more assumptive, but not all of us
ddwfurlong: do interact with one another regularly or we get new characters and again we don't see
ddwfurlong: what the other person's body language is.
ddwfurlong: test?
LadyViperess: *its workin*
: grr lag and lost a lot.
MairLiJun: pass
ddwfurlong: on assum,mptive vs suggeesttive?
ddwfurlong: ok so moving on to the second part of rp
ddwfurlong: as I mentioned above it is very hard to know
ddwfurlong: what the body language a person has
ddwfurlong: conversely we are doing role-play not story writing
ddwfurlong: so
ddwfurlong: unless the other characters in the room
ddwfurlong: are force users or your body language
ddwfurlong: is so obvious
ddwfurlong: that folks can pick up your thoughts
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LadyViperess: (wb
: grr what was last thing I said?
MairLiJun: ddwfurlong: that folks can pick up your thoughts
ddwfurlong: ty
MairLiJun: np
ddwfurlong: posting what your character is thinking
ddwfurlong: tends to detract from what tis happening.
ddwfurlong: when we are in person
ddwfurlong: we don't hear each others thoughts
ddwfurlong: the whole goal of our online role-play, not reffering to if you choose to do story writing, but role-play
ddwfurlong: is to try to recreate our live interactions as best as possible in the written medium
ddwfurlong: which means, important body movements
ddwfurlong: facial movements, slight tiltings of the head
ddwfurlong: shifting of the body in the seat
ddwfurlong: feet being uncrossed or crossed are very important to think about and give for the other player to
ddwfurlong: interpret...this also includes
ddwfurlong: vocal inflection
ddwfurlong: we all have our own way of reading
ddwfurlong: another person's words and we will give it
ddwfurlong: the tone we think it was said in
ddwfurlong: which can and does
ddwfurlong: lead to difficulties so
ddwfurlong: when someone says something intensley it is important
ddwfurlong: to clairfy the tone that was used or if it wasn't give we ask.
ddwfurlong: Darana shifted in her chair, tilting her head at xanatos's words, "I see." She replied dryly.
ddwfurlong: as compared to "I see."
ddwfurlong: if you give the mental thoughts
ddwfurlong: you are providing the other person OOC info and another way to interpret what the I see means, but we don't have that in person.
ddwfurlong: and it
ddwfurlong: we all tend to fall to using it, when we shouldn't.
ddwfurlong: questions?
ddwfurlong: Ok..
ddwfurlong: so ...
ddwfurlong: body language, vocal tones
ddwfurlong: now
ddwfurlong: while we don't give thoughts unless we have a force user in the room
ddwfurlong: we give surface thoughts
ddwfurlong: so
ddwfurlong: let's see
ddwfurlong: Michael stared at alida, "I canb;t believe you are pushing this issue again." he frowned, you're worse than a bantha in heat
ddwfurlong: the italixs are michael's surface thoughts he let slip thatn any force user in the room
ddwfurlong: cn pick up.
ddwfurlong: you can piut them in ** or ' '
ddwfurlong: as long as they are distinguishable from the main dialogue.
ddwfurlong: so let's see...mia you are sitting down with aingidh for dinner
ddwfurlong: hehehe :-)
phawkwood: Aingidh will pull back her chair for her
Alliana701: Mia looks around for any other chair
phawkwood: (lol)
Alliana701: (is there another chair or are there only two?)
ddwfurlong: there's probably another chair there. :-)
ddwfurlong: (besides the two)
Alliana701: (good)
ddwfurlong: LOl.
Alliana701: Mia deliberately moves to the other chair. 'Don't want him doing any favors for me.'
phawkwood: Aingidh sighs, and sits in the chair he had pulled out
Alliana701: (she is trying to hide the feelings of disgust from showing on her face)
phawkwood: "I do not bite" he says
phawkwood: "just because you lothe being in my presence does not mean we can't have a civil meal"
Alliana701: Mia looked hard at him. "It doesn't?" she said innocently.
Alliana701: 'No, you wouldn't bite, you'd just cut my head off.'
phawkwood: He smiles at the thought of removing her head
phawkwood: "of course it doesn't"
phawkwood: "If I were going to hurt you I could have done so by now"
Alliana701: (she has an image flash through her surface thoughts of exactly what he might do)
Alliana701: "Same here," she replied stonily.
phawkwood: he laughs
ddwfurlong: ok break
ddwfurlong: :-)
ddwfurlong: becky go ahead you have question.
ddwfurlong: comment.
LdyVolarisSteele: just a question and a comment...what is the relivency of this kind of RP?...honestly, this is the first time I've seen it done this way
: just curious
: If I may...
ddwfurlong: sure.
phawkwood: this kind of thing is fun for me, alot of the RP I do is this kind of thing, just personal intereaction stuff, seeing how the characters react to one another
phawkwood: I find it very enjoyable, and a lot eaiser than trying to shoot at someone else <done>
ddwfurlong: It also serves the purpose of
ddwfurlong: folks in the room
ddwfurlong: is an easy way to let the other player know
ddwfurlong: what they know IC
ddwfurlong: since even darana let's thoughts slip that another force user
ddwfurlong: might overhear or has a very strong emotional reactiotn.
ddwfurlong: even in person when dealing with force users we have to say
ddwfurlong: oh my character just had this stray thought you may pick up on.
ddwfurlong: tthat help becky?
ddwfurlong: or did I miss the point of the question?
ddwfurlong: :-)
LdyVolarisSteele: not can do this is dialog and unless someone is very weak minded or the Force user has no manner and is probing a person's mind, you wouldn't pick up on that kind of stuff...unless they are broadcasting
: well if that tis how you prefer to see it works, but there are those in teh group who do
LdyVolarisSteele: my pov can be coming from how it works with the people I RP the most with too
: believe that a force user would pick up a strong thought that another person had...if you don't believe that would be the case, that is cool.
ddwfurlong: The comment I had about
ddwfurlong: moichael and alida
LdyVolarisSteele: that would be broadcasting though and usually conveyed with a strong emotion...*shrug*
: miochael and alida tend to be at odds
LdyVolarisSteele: (*slaps computer as watching a good 30 sec lag time*)
: and he does broadcas.
ddwfurlong: april. you have comment?
Alliana701: yeah... if a character of mine has no shields and is having a particularly strong thought or emotion, if my character is with any Force users I will also sometimes ask if someone is probing or if they are closed off to the Force et
Alliana701: etc.
Alliana701: and kind of work it out on a case to case basis...I think I've done it both ways (done)
ddwfurlong: ::nods::
ddwfurlong: by being proactive and putting the thought out there you
ddwfurlong: are letting folks know they could pick up on it if they want to
ddwfurlong: it does not mean they have to
ddwfurlong: just so long as all in teh group at the time of the rp
ddwfurlong: are clear on what method you are using. this
ddwfurlong: format of broadcasting thoughts has been used in this club since before I was membeer.
ddwfurlong: Did you have more becky?
LdyVolarisSteele: No, I think it's just and RP style diffrence...Like April said, something to be dealt with on a case by case basis
: ::nods::
ddwfurlong: so...let's try rich deciding he's going to ask mair to dance. :-)
ddwfurlong: (remember we are working on vocal tone and
ddwfurlong: thoughts and body language)
MairLiJun: Mair is sitting at her table, nursing a drink.
: She is watching the room, looking around.
: Rich approaches Mair wiping his palms on his legs "Hey" he says nervously "can you spare a minute of your time"
ddwfurlong: (We have a special situation here
ddwfurlong: rich being force nul and mair being a force user)
MairLiJun: She smiles at him. (what does she sense from him, emotions-wise?)
: Her lips twitch, noting his nervous action.
: (sorry - nervous action = wiping palms on legs)
: (voice tone would also give it away, I said he spoke nervously that makes it open game)
MairLiJun: "Have a seat, Mr...?" She sets her drink down and leans forward.
: "Smytherar.. You can call me Mr. Smytherar" he says his voice gaining confidence. "I would like to ask you to a social occasion being held in the near future" he smiles warmly.
MairLiJun: "Mr. Smytherar," she repeats. "What social occasion?"
: "Oh just a dance being put on by the local ladies auxiliary" a bit of nervousness creaping back into his voice
MairLiJun: She sits back, stretching her legs out in frnt of her. "What makes you think I dance?" Her voice is light and teasing.
: His face goes crimson and Rich stars running from the room.
ddwfurlong: LOL
LadyViperess: (test)
: LOL Oops
: (pass)
ddwfurlong: poor rich.
VUnpleasantness: heh :-D
ddwfurlong: OK so melora and m'lissa
ddwfurlong: you're stuck on a public transport nexztt to one another.
ddwfurlong: oops viper
ddwfurlong: has lost the room,.
MairLiJun: darn
ddwfurlong: so...psycloke and mlissa
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ddwfurlong: same scenario. :-)
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Jupiter Eternal: Psylocke rolls her eyes after reading the same sign for the fifth time. "When will they get this thing moving?" she grumbles.
ddwfurlong: psylocke has the outter seat and has already arrived.
LdyMlissa: M'lissa glances around the transport at the other passangers, her gaze falling on the woman who was grumbling. "I'm sure we'll be on our way any time now." She says very calmly.
ddwfurlong: (Sorry sudden lag here ignore my previous post)|
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Jupiter Eternal: "Yeah yeah. You know how consistant these things are." She stars fishing around in her bag for something.
LdyMlissa: "So where are you going?" M'lissa asks in a cheery voice. She's fiddlign with her skirt, but looking at Psylock
Jupiter Eternal: Psylocke pauses a moment, eyes narrowing. "Elsewhere."
ddwfurlong: ginna NPC IMperials boarding the transport and looking for papers.
Syn Jinn Jed: an Imperial ship comes along side the transport and officers board.
: M'lissa tilts her head stuying her, then seeing the imperials reaches to find her paperwork. "Hmm, never been there. Ultimately I'm headed to Bespin to visit Cloud City.
LdyMlissa: I hear its quite breathtaking, have you ever been?"
Jupiter Eternal: Psylocke's eyes widen slightly and she finally looks up at the woman. "Funny you should mention that," she said in a much lighter tone. "I grew up there."
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LdyMlissa: "Oh really?" M'lissa's eyes brighten. "Anything in particular I should check out?"
Syn Jinn Jed: Surverying the passengers they split up in two groups as they approach passengers. One pair stops before the two women. "Your papers." he stated firmly
has entered the room.
Jupiter Eternal: Psylocke, whips out her forms and hands them to the man, not even glancing up at him, her eyebrows furrowed in thought.
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Jupiter Eternal: "You can charter small ferries to sail out into the sky. It's beatiful at sunset."
LdyMlissa: M'lissa smiles and hands it to him.
phawkwood has entered the room.
Syn Jinn Jed: studing the papers closely in silence glanceing between the two. "Her are your papers." he goes to hand them back to psylocke.
Syn Jinn Jed
: he turns slightly to his partner then back to M'lissa. "Come with us."
Jupiter Eternal
: Psylocke raises her eyebrows. *Ooh, somebody's in trouble...*
LdyMlissa: M'lissa stands up swlowly, "Is there a problem."
Syn Jinn Jed: The other two Imperials walk over as the man who held M'lissa's papers reach for her hand. "You're under arrest."
: Viper, slara enters and sees this.
Jupiter Eternal: Psylocke smirks and shakes her head.
LadyViperess: (um where are we? missed alot)
: (Sorry public transport mlissa is about to be arrested by storm troppers how many ginna?)
LdyMlissa: "Arrest?" M'lissa asked her voice a bit shaky, "What for?"
Syn Jinn Jed: (4)
Syn Jinn Jed
: (does M'lissa resist the trooper taking her wrists)
: No, she's very limp a bit in shock
ddwfurlong: (well you did say reach for her hand :-))
ddwfurlong: (try to let the ohter person know if the other characters reaction worked or not. :-))
LadyViperess: S'Lara approches, smiling hands to side. "Excuse me, Sir's I do believe She has diplomatic imunity. I'm sure her papers state that. But then I would gladly speak to your Superiors. " she said softly but diplomaticly.
Syn Jinn Jed
: if there is no resistance the trooper will tak M'lissa wrists to place them in binders.
Jupiter Eternal
: Psylocke leans casually back into her seat, her eyes drifting up to the new woman who had entered. *Something familiar about her...*
Syn Jinn Jed: he turns to look at the woman who approached. "Mind your own business and return to your seat."
: M'lissa looks at S'lara, "Contact Midalah?"
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LadyViperess: "I can not, I am a diplomat from her planet. She is one of our senators. " She glances to M'lissa. "I will make sure the Queen is informed. " she turns back to the trooper. "As well as your superiors."
: S'Lara quickly glances at Psylocke, then back to the men..she holds back a smile.
Syn Jinn Jed
: the officer secures the binders and will attempt to lead her away from her seat to accompany them
: M'lissa will follow, a look of a bit of fear and nerves on her face.
ddwfurlong: OK cool.
ddwfurlong: :-)
ddwfurlong: poor mlissa.
ddwfurlong: imperials just won't leave her alone.
LadyViperess: (shes popular)
: I was asked a question
ddwfurlong: about the differences between interactive writing, role-play, and scriping.
ddwfurlong: scripting is when you decide the outcome of the
ddwfurlong: rp before hand or set up planned events.
ddwfurlong: interactive writing can sometimes include a group
ddwfurlong: decision on what where something is going to go
ddwfurlong: role-play in pure ofrm is you know what your character is attempoting to do
ddwfurlong: and the others know what their characters are trying to do
ddwfurlong: and you put yourselves in teh situaion, as we all jsut have done, without any plans or decisions as to where it's going.
ddwfurlong: writing a story can be a combination of any of these, but is not restricteed to just trying ot recreate teh interaction we would have
ddwfurlong: as if we were in person, which here, with the role-play focus we are trying to recreate
ddwfurlong: the interactions hints, clues, etc we would have as if we were all together in person.
ddwfurlong: Make sense?
ddwfurlong: anyone have any questions on that>
LadyViperess: ::nods::
: ?
Jupiter Eternal: got it
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LadyViperess: (wb)
: focus here is tot try to recreate
ddwfurlong: our in person interactions through teh inclusion of
ddwfurlong: vocal tone, emotional reactions someone might pick up, bofy language
ddwfurlong: surface thoughts if they are leaking them and there are those present
ddwfurlong: who might pick them up
ddwfurlong: and we accomodate for the fact we can't see whatt each other are doing by suggesting
ddwfurlong: what are movements will be...this also gets around the whole we can't do something to another person's character
ddwfurlong: wihtout their permission issue while keeping to the flow of role-play and offeers the possibility for them to say something either OOC to work it out or handle it IC. :-)
ddwfurlong: Above all asking
ddwfurlong: about what your character may be reading body language wise or, if a force user and sensing, force wise
ddwfurlong: or rather than assuming a tone of voice
ddwfurlong: asking for the tone of voice can help as well.
ddwfurlong: any questtion thus far?
ddwfurlong: ok then...moving onto the hardest of all the topics is combat.
ddwfurlong: some folks hate rping combat and prefer to just say
ddwfurlong: ok yeah here;'s the outcome and some folks like to rp it
ddwfurlong: so that's the first obstacle that has to be overcome.
ddwfurlong: The same rules kind of aply from media
ddwfurlong: surprise is surpise unless you are a force user
ddwfurlong: who is already actively scanning/sensing the area
ddwfurlong: if you are entering the area and are using force nul cuffs to protect yourself from the force user then you have to point out yeah there's this nice
ddwfurlong: moving force null area ;-)
ddwfurlong: when stating your motions in combat it is important to note whether you turn your back to someone
ddwfurlong: your left side or right side to them
ddwfurlong: if you "roll by"
ddwfurlong: which side
ddwfurlong: are you rolling by them on?
ddwfurlong: or atempting to roll by
ddwfurlong: if you jump over
ddwfurlong: is it directly over their head or off to one side or another
ddwfurlong: it is important to establish your bearings in the surroundbing room
ddwfurlong: if you are in a cantina such as ealier with becky patrick and viper
ddwfurlong: when the rebel rose and turned to leave
ddwfurlong: and mikala stopped him, then that let's us know
ddwfurlong: mikala was takling to his back
ddwfurlong: when she sat down to talk to him,.
ddwfurlong: so if you have the person behind you you can't glare at them directly.
ddwfurlong: force use is difficult even in person, and adds doubly so in IMs because it takes titme to work through.
ddwfurlong: so let's return to our earlier rp becky you had tk'd
ddwfurlong: patricks rebel still, but hten turned your attention to do whaat>
ddwfurlong: ?
LdyVolarisSteele: She had just rose drawing her lightsaber at the voice.
: K.. so she split her focus off of the rebel
ddwfurlong: freeing him to react
ddwfurlong: now this is an issue everyone has to agree on
ddwfurlong: typically we say that
ddwfurlong: if you split your attention you lose
ddwfurlong: your focus on the first task.
ddwfurlong: Though some may agree in the
ddwfurlong: rp to allow it to happeb.
ddwfurlong: happen.
phawkwood: I am willing to give way on that point
ddwfurlong: ::nods::
ddwfurlong: so go ahead and pick up on the combat that was about to occur there.
LdyVolarisSteele: whatever you guys want...I can play it either way
: well move forward that he is pinned
ddwfurlong: until you strike out
LdyVolarisSteele: kay
: wiht the lightsaber
LadyViperess: Slara had ducked at the hearing the voice (yell).. was last I did..
: or defend whichever comes first. :-)
LdyVolarisSteele: Mika pulled the man directly between them and the newcomer. "Yes?"
: pulled how?
LdyVolarisSteele: Sorry..with TK
: :-)
ddwfurlong: Kirk rich enters the cantina and see's this strugglee going on.
Alliana701: the man at the nearby table stands up, looking concerned
LadyViperess: (was it determind if the other guy entering was this guys friend?)
: april orient yourself to the ohter people
ddwfurlong: (No mikala assumed)
ddwfurlong: has she looked yet?
LdyVolarisSteele: (Just mika's paranoid mind ;-) )
: or has slara looked yet?
LadyViperess: (was going to just wasn't sure where we were)
: (tis cool...I know not easy to pick back up. :-))
phawkwood: The man second man (yes it is the same man from eayler) shift his sights to S'lara
phawkwood: "let him go"
VUnpleasantness: Rich notices the man standing stifly in front of a sith and then sees someone stand up suddenly. Then a voice says "let him go" rich begins attempting to find the source of that voice
LadyViperess: S'Lara slowly rose, using her other arm to hide her weapon, her trigger finger itching. She glances to man. "Why?, and why are you following us?" she asked
: "let him go" he repeats, his weapon steady
LdyVolarisSteele: Mika smiled sweetly, but the strain of holding the other man in TK was starting to show. "Why don't we all just sit down and talk about this?"
: "do it now"
ddwfurlong: (Patrick orient rich as to where the voice of the second man is coming from)
VUnpleasantness: "She can do what she wants scum" Rich says loudly having ID'd the source of the voice
Alliana701: (sorry, phone rang)
phawkwood: he's standing about 3 tables away from the women
phawkwood: The man fires at S'lara
ddwfurlong: (yeah wait until you actually get the info on where it is or not)
LdyVolarisSteele: Mika abruptly threw the man she held in TK at the second man and sprang after him, lightsaber up.
: Rich curses and draws his blaster and heads for the location of the second man
Alliana701: the man, about 8 or 9 feet away, ducks underneath the table he was at
ddwfurlong: Ok...ginna throw nyssa into the middle of this. Dana...let's toss adan in.
Alliana701: (question, is this little fight near the exit?)
phawkwood: The second man dodges his comrade, and contues to fire, shifting his aim to Mika
LadyViperess: S'Lara did not look at the other person who spoke, but notice the movement of the weapon as it fired she ducked and rolled to her left. Firing her weapon at the man who fired on her.
: (good question...from the original
ddwfurlong: description I'd say no)
LadyViperess: (got a lag here)
: Mika brought her lightsaber up to block the shots, doing her best to not hit anyone other than the man firing.
: jilly midalah was staying upstairs at this cantina and is coming down the stairs seeing this disaster.
Alliana701: The man under the table scooted out, looking frantic. He began to crawl towards the exit.
phawkwood: (I do not play that shots can be deflected back to the source fyi)
ddwfurlong: other patrons have been hit.
MairLiJun: Hearing the weapons fire, Adan enters the cantina, his lightsaber at the ready, but not ignited.
ddwfurlong: as they try to escape.
LdyVolarisSteele: ( kay...Mika's just not great at aiming a deflect yet ;-) thus..not trying to hit any one)
: (slara only aims at man that fired at her)
: Rich circles so that he will be approaching from the side of the second man
Alliana701: the man ducks back underneath the table, tilting it to use as a shield
phawkwood: he is on the move keeping cover
Syn Jinn Jed: Nyssa watches as the Jedi enters the cantina, and people flee.
: his comrade is now bringing him self to his feet and also drawn a weapon
ddwfurlong: courtney psylocke.
LadyViperess: Slara follows his movements firing only if an opening is avaiable
: Seeing the first man pulling a weapon drops down to find some cover and opens fire on him
LdyVolarisSteele: Mika swore under her breath in Hutt. "Some people, no manners," she grumbled as she deflected shots.
: Hearing the weapons and commotion, Midalah will come down from the stairs, her lightsaber in her hand and ducks behind something for cover.
LadyViperess: S'lara pullse her second weapon, seeing the other man from corner of her eye.. she moves behind table.
: (sorry picked up the cue late)
MairLiJun: Adan will move to put himself between fleeing patrons and any shots being fired, igniting his lightsaber as he does so.
ddwfurlong: (tis ok itt happens in real rp)
ddwfurlong: (lag time and all)
ddwfurlong: Local security enters.
phawkwood: the first man (the one held with TK) is now exchaging fire with Rich
LdyVolarisSteele: Mika kicked over a table and used it for cover. She pulled out her boot shiv.
Syn Jinn Jed
: Nyssa will remain outside trying to help those that flee that need attention to their injuries.
: The second man is still doging fire from S'lara and is moving through the bar
ddwfurlong: while mika is kicking over a table one of the local security positioned slighlty behind her will fire at her.
LadyViperess: S'Lara moves toward Midalah keeping low.
: another local guard will aim at the second man still didging slara's fire.
QueenMidalah: (Midalah is position somewhere near the stairs, would she see the shot being taken at Mika?)
ddwfurlong: so slara moves owards midalah is she backing
Jupiter Eternal: Psylocke strolls in, eyeing a Jedi who had entered before her. She looked around surveying the scene. "Well...this is just a little rediculous."
LdyVolarisSteele: On instint, Mika flicked her lightsaber back around to block the shot. She flicked her boot shiv back at the man who fired.
: towards nmidalah or turn her back on the action to move?)
ddwfurlong: (pause)
LadyViperess: (slara side/back is to Midalah, she keeping eye on action)
: is she still firing?
LadyViperess: if she is being fired at yes but only to who ever shoots at her.
: K. so she is still exhancing with the second man.
ddwfurlong: becky
LdyVolarisSteele: yes? *innocent eye bat*
: mika blocked and how is she flicking her boot shiv? by off hand or from her boot?
ddwfurlong: :-)
ddwfurlong: and who is the man who fired is that local security?
LdyVolarisSteele: off hand
: there are several folks firing at her I think.
LdyVolarisSteele: local security guy
has entered the room.
LdyVolarisSteele: actually, I think he was the only one firing at hercurrently
: yes, the two of mine were firing at s'lara and rich
ddwfurlong: Ahh ok.I ask...that waay specifying helps
ddwfurlong: when we don't all kep up
ddwfurlong: with where everyone else is since this does move quickly with all the folks here. :-)
ddwfurlong: ok unpause.
ddwfurlong: ;-)
VUnpleasantness: Rich exchanges fire with the first man making sure not to expose himself
LdyVolarisSteele: (did mika hit the security guy?)
: the security guy grabs his arm and ducks
ddwfurlong: behind a neaarby table.
LdyVolarisSteele: "Crap, my aim is off," Mika grumbled, reaching for her hold out blaster, tucked in her belt.
: (how many civilians are still left?)
: S'Lara fires both weapons at the man (firing on her) and moves closer still to queen.
: the man firing at S'lara cries out
Alliana701: The man is still hiding behind the table, and begins scooting back, taking the table with him, so he doesn't get hurt.
MairLiJun: Adan will motion for table man to follow him.
: (does he drop?)
Jupiter Eternal
: Psylocke steps behind Adan and crosses her arms, pondering how well his lightsaber abilities could deflet blaster bolts from her.
QueenMidalah: Midalah will pull a small blaster from her boot and peek around the corner.
Alliana701: Table man follows Adan, frantically checking all weapons fire and deflections
MairLiJun: (how did he get behind her? He moved into the room quickly)
ddwfurlong: Local security draws back and they begin firing
ddwfurlong: tear gas intop teh room.
Jupiter Eternal: (I thought he just walked in, Psy came in next)
MairLiJun: (he walked in and kept going, covering civilians)
: Rich breaks in a crouching run for the door he came in through
Jupiter Eternal: (ah, I thought he was hanging by the door, my bad)
LdyVolarisSteele: Mika focused on the tear gas container and tosses it out of the room back at the security guys who tossed it in.
: the first guy begins shifting his position
phawkwood: trying to get to the one that cried out
VUnpleasantness: Rich stops to check on the position of the first man
MairLiJun: Adan will deflect any stray bolts, keeping aware of his surroundings.
: S'Lara rolls closing distant to Queen. (not firing weapons) she stops behind two stacked tables.
: six more come in at once
ddwfurlong: already
Alliana701: (is Adan moving anywhere in particular? the door?)
ddwfurlong: releasing their content.
Jupiter Eternal: Psylocke slowly backs away towards the door, trying not to draw attention to herself, knowing well in her mind she could kick anyone's butt here...but it wasn't her fight.
MairLiJun: He's heading toward an exit, yes.
: Rich reaches the door and attempts to duck around a sith standing in the doorway
ddwfurlong: so are others able to pick up the thought if she was
ddwfurlong: broadcasting?
LdyVolarisSteele: "Now this is insane," Mika grumbles, sitting down behind a table and using TK to toss them back out one at a time.
: courtney?
phawkwood: (How does she know she could kick anyone's butt?)
Jupiter Eternal: (if they're not all focusing on killing each other, they might get a feeling of smugness. Pat: Ha ha ha...Psylocke just thinks she can kick anybody's butt. Doesn't mean she can!)
ddwfurlong: well there is enough gas release it should be affecting folks.
QueenMidalah: Midalah will try to back her way to the nearest exit, keeping her weapons up and ready, but she feels disoriented.
ddwfurlong: I asked because we were focusing ont eh rp aspect.
Jupiter Eternal: Psylocke steps aside as a man (Rich) tries to exit.
Alliana701: Table Man passes out.
Alliana701: ( it possible to do so from teh tear gas? I can't remember)
MairLiJun: Adan will go to tk Table Man from the room... as gently as possible. He's holding his breath against the gas for the time being.
: Rich gets out into the air and wipes his eyes as they begin to tear
ddwfurlong: (oh you can pass out from it like with asthma, but it's mostly miserable)
LadyViperess: S'Lara coughs and nods to queen. "Are you un.. injured?" she picks up napkins, getting it wet from spilled drinks placing it over her nose and mouth. and offers one to queen.
: Mika coughs and starts to crawl back toward the bar.
: ok I think we can call and end tto this. :-)
Alliana701: (awww)
Jupiter Eternal: Noticing the gas seeping into the room, she covers her mouth, then turns and walks straight out from where she came.
Jupiter Eternal: (oops)
ddwfurlong: tis ok. :-)
ddwfurlong: ok...yes I know that was nuts.
ddwfurlong: I know it was highly unlikely but that is why I warned folks
ddwfurlong: non-timeline
LadyViperess: (good thing too)
: just an example of how a group rp can go nuts.
ddwfurlong: (this is moderated plekase)
phawkwood: it wasn't too bad
phawkwood: (sorry)
ddwfurlong: I;ll open it up in a minute.
LdyVolarisSteele: it was fun
: comabt
ddwfurlong: moves fast, not all can keep up because of connections
ddwfurlong: so folks can get turned requires patience
ddwfurlong: lots of OOC discussion
ddwfurlong: trying to clealry establish your physical presence and spatial relation to others
ddwfurlong: and ot thee tables and chairs around you
ddwfurlong: now I did fail to explain where the stairs were, but folks adapteed well
ddwfurlong: we did not establish where teh enttrance was
ddwfurlong: at
ddwfurlong: but april asked if they were near or not so it's good to ask
ddwfurlong: typically when you do get into this environmeent
ddwfurlong: there will be comeone who is "running" the environment
ddwfurlong: such as the cantina
ddwfurlong: or base
ddwfurlong: or whereever the location may be...
ddwfurlong: so it really falls to that person to try to set up as much of it as possible as you get started and if for some reason
ddwfurlong: there isn't someone running the environment then folks should try to come to an agreement on the environemnet layout ahead of time.
ddwfurlong: extraneous thoughts and such frmo character pov adds to confusion of trying to keep up with the action
ddwfurlong: and if you are using hte
ddwfurlong: thoughts put forward are picked up
ddwfurlong: if someone is paying attention is good, but
ddwfurlong: otherwise make more reading for folks with slower connection etc...
ddwfurlong: ok questions comments etc?
ddwfurlong: ok I therefore then unmoderate this and thank everyone for coming
ddwfurlong: hope it was helpful.
LadyViperess: :-D
ddwfurlong: :-)
LadyViperess: Thanks Dora
: NP.
MairLiJun: thanks for doing it, Dora.
ddwfurlong: thank you to everyone for coming.
VUnpleasantness: :-)
Jupiter Eternal: Thanks for holding it
LdyVolarisSteele: thanks..much fun
: :-)