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Closed Meeting Only those characters expressly invited may participate. Flies may or may not be welcome.

Flies/Fly A person or group of people who are not participating in the role-play taking place. They are present to watch.

H/S WMNBN He/She Who Must Not Be Named.

IC In Character. Refers to something you either do or know In Character.

Local Color Local Color characters are characters that are Player Characters, but definitely do not fit into Alliance, Empire, Merc, Diplomat, Free Spacer, or Corporate Sector. Originally this section was created as a way of distinguishing non-combatant characters in the Blaster Battle. Entertainers, Cantina Workers, Medical Personnel, all fall under Local Color.

Moderated A moderated meeting means that one individual will run the meetings and recognize people who wish to speak. A person wishing to be recognized will IM the moderator outside of the main chat room and wait to be recognized in the chat.

OOC Out of Character. Refers to something the player may know or do, but not the character.

RL or RL (tm) Real Life, trade marked.

RP Role-Play