A Jedi Master Concerned

By Ginna Wilcoxen, Season Irwin. (June 2002)


Kalamytha Du'Sau had excused herself from the council 
meeting when she had sensed that Master Skywalker had 
finally returned. She wanted his council on Octavia 
Jinn, she knew that if it was her place she would send 
the girl to the outer rim to reflect on her impulsions.

"Master Skywalker, if I may have a moment of your time?" 
Kalamytha Du'Sau questioned walking up to him.

"Regarding?" Luke questioned back. 

"I know we are all occupied with the household of Darana 
being disbanded, as well as our own problems of Imperial 
spies, but I'm concerned over a student and how to 
proceed with them."

"You are, of course, referring to Octavia, correct?" 

Du'Sau nodded. "She has ignored our request to return as 
well as a personal request from Master D'med." Kalamytha 
paused. "Our second request was ignored again." 

Luke considered this with a grave expression.  "Perhaps 
you might fill me in on the details, since I have been 
away.  She has not contacted me about this." 

Kala nodded. "At Port Lansing she was in charge of the 
Alliance forces at the base." Du'Sau shook her head. 
"There are some issues to her conduct there, concerning 
Darana and a Jedi Sharra N'Aquivar"
"Her conduct?" 

"It would seem that Octavia Jinn allowed the Jedi to be 
tortured by Darana at the base, as well as letting 
transmissions from the prisoners at that time go 

"There has to be an explanation for that.  It doesn't 
sound like the person I have come to know inso far as 
her training.  You say she refuses to come and explain 
herself.  Where is she currently?" 

"Her location is unknown, though Master D'med believes 
she is on a ship called the Electra. We called her back 
from the  mission she was to go on with Nik-Vie and the 
new knight Kalidandra Daroa.  They were not that far out 
from Port Lansing, and returned her there. Octavia never 
arrived. Upon questioning Kaliandra, they reported of 
leaving her at the station."

Luke mulled carefully over the information and glanced 
up at Master Du'Sau again.  "I need to find her and 
discuss this with her at length." 

"Do you think you'll be able to find her Master 
Skywalker?" Du'Sau asked. "It appears she has shut 
everyone out."

"Don't forget the special link that a Master has with a 
student.  She will undoubtedly answer me.  Eventually." 

"I wish you luck Master Skywalker, it would seem she ... 
is stubborn.  But this defiance cannot be tolerated. I'm 
sure you can understand the example it sets." 

"Things often appear differently from the outside, Master 
Du'Sau.  No one has enough information as yet to label 
her behavior." 

"Perhaps,.. but I know that we need to talk to her." 

"Agreed." Luke stated wondering what Octavia's motives were.

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