Ancient Jedi Reborn: The Return - Part 2

by Ronald Wilcoxen


The bio ship had been noticing the changes in the systems as she had been 
plowing her course toward Coruscant.  He changes in orbit of planets, 
magnitudes of stars, things that would seem routine to someone star charting 
a galaxy was part of her universal language.  Worlds come and worlds go in 
the larger configuration of time and space.  She however didn't want to be 
the one to tell her occupant that it would be impossible to refresh himself 
with his favorite tea soon.  Perhaps to her occupant the fact that Alderaan 
was missing from her system would have seemed unusual.  However, to her it 
was simply the way of the universe. 
The chrysalis around the middle-aged man began to radiate a 
yellowish-orange aura as the awakening process began.  The ship began to 
produce an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere within her interior.  As the glow 
around the chrysalis faded, the occupant began to stir.  His chest began to 
fill with air and his mind began to push back the weight of a sleep of ages.   
His eyes slowly focused to behold the interior of his sleeper ship.  Most 
space-faring species this might seem more like a cocoon than a ship.  There 
was no instrumentation in sight and no view ports. 
Regardless of the sleep chrysalis, he always felt stiff and sore after 
awaking from a thousand-year sleep.  He had definitely had enough of lying 
down as his lower back muscles reminded him.  Upon that thought, the ship 
adjusted the molding around him to bring him into an upright posture.  He 
adjusted slightly in his new seat, oh yes, that was much better he thought to 
himself.  A smile would have come to the face of the ship had she one.  In 
some ways, she had regarded herself the mother that her occupant had never 
had the opportunity to get to know. 
"Morning old girl, is the universe where we left it?"  The blind man said 
as he stretched out with his arms. 
"Mostly."  The ship spoke not in words but in feelings that he could 
interpret through the Force, it was almost a state of empathy. 
"I don't like that tone."  He smiled, as the ship's emotions remained 
With a slight concentration upon the Force, he could tell she was holding 
something back.  As she felt him applying a probe to her senses, she closed 
them as tight as a Calamarian sand shark's snout. 
"Come on now, what is it?"  He folded his arms across as he sat in a 
resolute manner awaiting her reply. 
"Alderaan."  She emoted a single word. 
"By my ancestors and all that is holy, no."  As he concentrated upon the 
Force, his mind closed in and away from his body and his surroundings.  A 
vision filled his mind of empty space where Alderaan should be.  Tears began 
to slowly well up in his eyes as he remembered how fondly he enjoyed his 
trips to Alderaan.  So like his own world was Alderaan. 
      Even though his home Yominia, was a planet in a galaxy far beyond the 
outer rim of the Republic galaxy it was once a beautiful garden.  In his mind 
there was a unison of sorts between that certain corner of that galaxy, 
wherein lies a small peaceful planetary system with three suns.  Yominia like 
Alderaan was a young world lush and teeming with a multitude of life.  It has 
one main continent, which was surrounded by abundant oceans with small 
islands far off from the main continent.  If it could be said of any species 
in any galaxy, it was here one could say humanoids lived in paradise as one 
with their world.  At least it used to be that way, to think that a similar 
fate had befallen the lovely planet of Alderaan was a thought so horrible to 
him he tried to repress his feelings. 
      Pushing back the veil of time with the aid of the Force, he saw 
Alderaan in his mind.  As he moved through time like flipping pages of a 
book, he noticed it was only recently that Alderaan had become missing.  The 
absence was like a gapping wound in the universe as he approached the image 
with caution in his mind.  He concentrated even harder as the image of 
Alderaan in its final days appeared.  It was then, he felt a terrible 
darkness unlike any he had felt since the rape of his own homeworld. 
      He saw the mechanism which men called "The Death Star," hovering in 
space before Alderaan.  Only sick minds could have produced such a weapon he 
thought as the battle station's main gun fired upon Alderaan.  Even though 
they were long gone and folded within the Force, he could hear the screams of 
the entire population.  He could hold back the welling tears no more as he 
sensed the instantaneous horror that followed. 
      It was not until this moment had he felt a greater sorrow than when 
the Yellow Blades had raped his own planet.  At least some of his people had 
survived the tragedy and were rebuilding their culture as well as nurturing 
the planet back to health.  That was why he was sent forth here over some 
three thousand years ago from his homeworld.  That he might warn others of 
the terrible horror, that was the Yellow Blades.  Until now, he had not 
conceived it possible that there was a more twisted and depraved race alive. 
      He wiped the tears that ran down his face as he returned to the 
present.  His thoughts would dwell for some time upon the images he had seen 
and the images he had repressed.  He calmed himself as the ship waited in 
silence, she was like a mother who knew her child must care for this wound 
himself since it was one of an inner nature. 
      "Well now old girl, we must be cautious as we approach any more 
systems.  If this kind of destruction is possible what else can we expect?"   
He drew a deep breath as he spoke aloud. 
      "The elders of the tribal council said they had a vision about this 
galaxy, a dark one."  The ship emoted in a caring tone, as if she was 
wrapping her arms around him. 
      "This must be part of their vision, I had no idea…" A sense of guilt 
came to his face as his emotions ran wild within him. 
      "You can not blame yourself for these events."  Her thoughts 
penetrated his mind as she tried to ease his pain. 
      "Perhaps the Jedi Council can enlighten us as to how such a tragedy 
could have befallen this galaxy." 
      "Perhaps."  She emoted concern to her occupant as she caressed his 
mind and body in an empathic joining. 
      "Well quit dawdling will you?  It would seem we have a date with 
destiny if this kind of evil is afoot."  He was anxious now to arrive at 
      The ship turned from the Alderaan system and plotted a trajectory for 
the Coruscant system, unknowing the changes and horror that awaited ship and 

End Awakening

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