Transmissions Regarding Arridor – Feb. 2003

Ginna Wilcoxen, Season Irwin, Ron Winters, Pat Grant, Geri Kittrell

:::::::::Encrypted Message::::::::::::::
To:  Octavia Jinn-Kyrsk, Statesman of Telos, Arridor
From: Master Luke Skywalker, Yavin, Jedi Temple

After reading your recent message over carefully, I would like for you to consider allowing me to make it public to the Jedi Council.  Your message explains many of the things that we all have been worrying over, and your purpose is spelled out very clearly.  I believe that it would clear up much of the issues were it made public.

Also, after receiving a news report about the condition of Arridor at this time, I propose to gather as many Jedi as I can and come to help the citizens.  I have not yet made this proposal to the Council, but I plan on leaving for Arridor immediately, as this is a great time of need for the planet's peoples.  Will you please make the necessary arrangements and announcements for us to gain clearance and land.  I would appreciate it if our arrival is made public only to those that have the necessity of knowing. We will be ready to do whatever we can.



From: Jedi Knight Moradin Katar, Jedi Temple, Yavin

I have just seen a news report about the plight on Arridor and wanted to know if the council and/or any Jedi wished to accompany myself, Dral Warthen, Tamiron Suragar-Warthen and Durin Belaronte' on a mission of mercy.  Please reply at thy earliest.  We intend to leave within the day.



:::::::::encrypted for the Jedi::::::::::
To: All Jedi
From: Master Luke Skywalker

  I have communicated with the statesman on Arridor about the Jedi joining the efforts at rebuilding in the aftermath of the crisis.  We have among us a wealth of talents and Force ability with which we can assist.

  Like Master Moradin Katar, I propose that we gather as many as can go and be prepared to camp out and feed ourselves while making efforts on Arridor to assist in any way we can:  clean-up, rebuilding, healing, etc.

  Please reply directly to Master Katar so that he can organize this effort.



Message sent to Du'Sau from Ricia Targan:

Master Du'Sau, after hearing about the tragedy on Arridor, I would like to volunteer to go there, along with Ebon, to help out in anyway we can. Whatever personal issues I am dealing with can wait, these people need help now. We will be in the hangar at my ship awaiting your approval to leave. I want to be ready to go the moment I have your permission. -- Ricia Targan




Please coordinate with Master Skywalker and Knight Moradin Katar. They are gathering the Jedi that will go. From what I understand they have received permission from Statesman Kyrsk to go.



Ricia's reaction:

Ricia read the reply from Du'Sau and sighed with relief. She would be able to help. She had been worried that after her marching into Du'Sau's office and nearly resigning as a Jedi, that the Jedi Master would have ordered her to remain on Yavin for some sort of therapy. Possibly this activity would be the best therapy for her, being able to help people for a change.

She contacted both Luke and Moradin Katar to let them know that she and Ebon would be going to Arridor as well. She informed them that she and Ebon were heading to them right away to join in the transmission, and would join whichever team seemed to need them most when they got there.

With that she grabbed her gear and headed for where the teams were assembling.


To: Lord Du'Cruet, Telos
from: Statesman Kyrsk, Arridor.


Rebuilding on Arridor is progressing and many homes have been unearthed.  There are many injured and the staff to handle them is few but dedicated.

We've received word from the Jedi that they wish to assist and permission has been granted for them to do so.  They will be watched and the news of them coming is being treated as normal events, so not to bring attention to them or to Arridor.

I have also been contact with Governor Zelek and he is quite pleased with the aide he's received not only from Telos but Shardakour as well. 

I will be returning at the end of the month as you requested to go over all the reports.  If there is a problem with the projected return date please inform me and different arrangements will be made.

On a lighter note, Captain Kyrsk discovered his niece was alive.  Somehow she survived and the joy of having her home is more than words can explain.

In Your Service.

Octavia Jinn-Kyrsk



:::::Encrypted message::::::
To: Statesman Octavia Jinn-Kyrsk, Arridor
From: Master Luke Skywalker, Yavin

Statesman Jinn-Kyrsk,

Our team has formed up and are ready to fly out. Knight Katar and is leading the group from Yavin. We have approximately 12, maybe more, plus a Jedi team of 200 that are directly at my command.  We will be seeing to our own needs while we are on Arridor, so there will be no need to take care of us.  Our main goal is to help with the rebuilding and care for the injured.  We have a few shiploads of emergency supplies and food for the citizens.  Not much considering the staggering need, but we want to do what we can. There will be 6 large transports.  We we leave as soon as you give us the specs for landing.



To Statesman Octavia,

Lass I ha heard of the troubles there, I am on me way, bringing aid. I have a cargo hold full of food and medicines. The company I travel with is quite self-sufficient, none will even know we are there except  during times we work to give help where it is needed

Me ship should be arriving within the next few hours




:::Encrypted message::::

To:  Master Skywalker, Yavin
From: Statesman Octavia Jinn-Kyrsk, Arridor

Master Skywalker,

It is good to hear that you are ready, and your help is appreciated though I must admit my concern that you are bringing over 200 Jedi.   The communications have been repaired and with representatives from Shardakour as well as Telos, there is no way to keep that many quiet.

I am concerned for the safety of the Jedi as well as the people of Arridor. They do not need to have Imperial forces taking notice of so many.  To honest Master Skywalker, I do not see Governor Zelek allowing so many to land.

I have just received word from Master Kirienne that she is also coming. Is there any way to reduce your force Master to no more than 40?  Though there is not enough room at our house for all there are grounds which they could set up a small area to stay on our property.

Please inform me if this will be acceptable, as I have an appointment with the Governor to discuss the details of your arrival.




:::encrypted Message:::

Master Kirienne:

Please alert me when you are near.  I understand you will be here before Master Skywalker and his Jedi.   I look forward to seeing you again, as well as introducing you to my husband.

Thank you for your assistance.  Please understand if I request you keep your people to a minimum, but knowing the nature of the Sidhe I do not see that being a problem.




::::::::encrypted message:::::::::
To: Statesman Jinn-Kyrsk, Arridor
From: Master Skywalker, Yavin

Statesman Jinn-Kyrsk,

I appreciate your concern for everyone involved.

I agree to your wishes and have asked all but 16 of the unit to stand down and stay behind. There are 14 Jedi from Yavin willing and ready to help as well. Expect only two transports.

We will be bringing supplies and food. As to the needs of both crews, we will stay where you wish and do not require lodging, simply camp space.

If this meets with your wishes, we will leave immediately.

I hope, Octavia, that we can be of service to the people of Arridor. That is our only goal in coming there.


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