Back To The Places You Will Be From - Shade

By Rob Smith


Nine days after leaving Valass, Shade achieves orbit around Coruscant, as he's
waiting for flight path instructions, he reaches out with the force to what used
be home.

'Hmmm, force sensitives looking for force use. Too bad their paying attention
to only those they're watching.... '

Watching the patterns of force for a moment, Shade finds the one he wants.
*Rook. Let the members know that keeping their head together will keep them
together with their head.*

'I will let them know. And how are you,' thinks Rook, seated in the house

*Alive, so far... *

'What are your plans?'

*Staying that way.*

'Not coming here I hope.'

*No, Going directly to the palace. No point in putting it off... The core
will survive. *

'Yes, we will.'

*Must go. I'll see you if I survive the interview... Good book by the way,
you should really read it sometime.*

Rook mentally chuckles. 'When I read it, I'll let you know.'

With a smirk, Shade breaks contact and begins his descent to the supplied
palace landing site.


Shade's personal ship is met at the landing pad by 4 Red Guard. Shade exits
the ship, seals it behind him. To the guards he says, "Where?"

"This way."  2 guards head out, leading the way. The remaining two guards
follow behind... but not too close. Trying to act unconcerned.

Shade follows the 2 in the lead, ignoring they are there. *Fools didn't even
check for my saber. Must've been trained before Darana took over.* He speaks
not a word as they lead him to the Emperor's private audience chamber. The two
guards in the lead barely have time to open the door as Shade walks into the
chamber. He walks directly to the center of the chamber and bends to one knee.

"Rise, Shade."

Shade stands, saying nothing.

"Report on Valass."

Slightly taken aback, Shade responds, "Things seem to be well in hand. Trade
is up. They are a little nervous concerning what is happening with their
Governor and what means for their future."

"And just what is happening with their Governor?"

"I'm sure you'll tell me of what is occurring with my master when you see fit
for me to know."

The Emperor sighs, "I am not looking to create division here.  Quite the
opposite actually."

Shade stands mute.

"As Darana is to be reassigned, there will be need for a new Governor to take
over for her.  I think you would be an excellent choice for that."

"I shall endeavor to do my best."  Shade responds.

"Yes, I know you will." The Emperor pauses, studying Shade. "The Empire is
fragmented right now.  There is a need to make things more... cohesive.  My
disbanding the household should not be taken as my having anything against any
of you.  Quite the contrary. But we have become weak.  Only through unity will
our strength be restored.  We have had too many failures as of late.  I am not
willing to accept any more failure."

"I understand."

"I expect nothing less. I recommend you gather what you need and return to
Valass immediately.  I will see that the appropriate documentation is prepared
and delivered to you there."

"May I ask a small boon?"

"What is it?" The Emperor's voice clearly irritated.

"I would wish for 3 people who were in the house to be assigned to my staff.
Dr. Stiasny, Micheal Cairnfell and Ralf Firestorm."

Emperor Palpatine considers a moment. "I will allow Ralf Firestorm to
accompany you. but not the others.  I have already made accommodations for
them, and I will not change them."

"As Your Majesty wishes."

"Now, go.  I have others to see." The Emperor turns away, as Shade bows and
spins on his heel, walking from the chamber. The Red Guard lead him directly
back to his ship. As soon as he's seated in the pilot's seat, he's given
clearance for take off. Mashing acceleration to the max, he blasts off the
platform as the Red Guards scramble to avoid the wash from the engines.

"I'm not sure the Queen is going to be happy about this..."


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