Deception of the mind

By Katy Cargill


Retroy sat at a desk busily sketching away at a drawing from 
memory of that Jedi that she saw, Alida D'Med. It was still a 
mystery to her how she could have dreamed up a Jedi that she 
knew was real.. but never had met. If it was a dream.. then 
why hadn't she killed her? Why hadn't she attacked her in 
some fashion of aggression? Retroy's artistic nature came 
true as the picture showed what she had seen, Alida standing 
amongst the fog covered ground. 

"Why were you in my mind, Alida D'Med?" Blue eyes looked 
down upon the finished drawing of the Jedi Master, the one 
she had never before met. "Why are you plaguing me now at 
this time of confusion? Are you just a figment of my 
imagination... or was that actually real?" Retroy looked 
up to the ceiling wishing she had an answer to this question 
and wishing she could speak to Darana about this.. but she 
didn't have any idea where to contact her. 

Retroy questioned herself on why she had felt comfortable 
talking to Alida.. and why she allowed herself to show that 
much emotion to the subject of her parents. She had never 
before cried for them before, how was it that she did so 
then? To many questions plagued her mind over this subject 
and others, questions that didn't make sense right now, but 
would they later? 

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