"Back in the Saddle"

Courtney Kraft

Important Role-Play here!

	Benedict ran a finger over Soul's bare shoulder and looked down at the
back of his neck.  "I'm bored," she said.  "I need some action."
	Soul rolled over and lightly touched her lips with his finger.  "I can
show you some action."
	Ben rolled her eyes at him.  "That's not what I meant.  I'm talking about
a job."
	"I suppose the money we made off the three Jedi won't last much longer."
	Ben slid her arm around her husband and grinned.  "So can we?"
	"Of course."
	"Yea!"  Benedict rolled out of bed, crossed to the desk, and sat down at
the computer.  "Where shall we chack first?  Empire or Alliance?"
	"Empire first definately.  The Alliance usually doesn't go for assassins
and bounty hunters for hire."
	"Good point."  She pressed a few keys and hooked up to the holonet.
	"Don't forget the neutral planets.  You never know what they need."
	Benedict studied the screen before her as Soul sat up.  Her expression
darkened.  "I'm not seeing much in our league from the Empire...wait...."
	Soul got out of bed and walked over to her.  He leaned over her shoulder
to look at the screen.  "What is it?"
	"Have you ever heard of the Kellour system?"
	"Looks like someone wants her ex-husband knocked off."
	"Contact info?"
	Benedict scrolled down the screen.  "Yeah, here it is.  Azzel del Pilaar."
	Soul shrugged.  "Never heard of her."

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