Dana Terry

(note - this happened at some point before Darana was taken and held prisoner and all that went with that event)

"Alida D'med."

Alida stopped, turning to face the one who had called her name.  "Master Caudell.  What can I do for you?"  She stepped out slightly from amongst the guards Xanatos had assigned to watch over her. 

"I would like to speak with you.  While speaking over the holonet has its good points, it is not quite the same as speaking in person.  Do you not agree?"

She nodded.  "Of course.  One may more easily ascertain another's emotions and reactions in person."

He looked at the guards, then down at her.  "Would you like to have a seat, Ms. D'med?"  Adan motioned to a grouping of chairs and benches.

She followed him over and seated herself, smoothing her long skirt as she sat.  "What is it you would like to discuss, Master Caudell?  I would have thought we had covered what was necessary when we last spoke."

"Perhaps…"  His gaze was intense as he sat to face her.  "It seems your situation has changed again.  I see you and Octavia Jinn-Kyrsk breed for your lords and masters now."

Alida got to her feet, controlling the brief flash of anger that wanted to surge through her.  "Judgmental, are you not?" she asked.  "Our personal lives are none of your concern.  If you have questions regarding my past association with the Jedi and the Council of this time, you may contact me.  Outside of that, I believe our conversation is at an end."

"What of your Padawan, Ms. D'med?  You left her and abandoned her to her fate with the Empire."

Her jaw tightened.  "She was and is a Knight, Master Caudell.  Think you that it was an easy decision to leave both Kaliandra and Octavia in Imperial hands?  The Order could not afford to lose yet more Masters, Knights and Padawans in an ill-advised rescue attempt."

"And now?"

"And now - I trained in the old ways, Master, as I am certain you are aware.  She was Knighted, the training bond dissolved, as it was with my first Padawan.  I cared for them as any teacher would care for their students, but they have their own paths to follow, as I have mine."  She looked down at him.  "I wish her all the best in her life and in her service to the Force.  Knight Daroa has made it quite clear that she wishes no further contact from me and I respect that.  I ask that you respect it as well and do not pursue this further."

Alida turned on her heel, letting herself be surrounded by the taller Telosian guards.

"You hide, Alida D'med," Adan said, his voice even.  "You hide from your responsibilities to the one you have trained and to the Jedi who once looked to you for leadership.  You say you follow the path the Force has laid before you, but do you truly?  Or do you follow the path you want to believe the Force has given you, choosing instead to lead a life you never should have considered.  You've turned your back on your training and your Masters."

"Until you can say you have spoken with the ones who trained me, you do not know whether or not they feel the same as you do, Master Caudell," Alida said.  She kept her voice carefully modulated, her emotions tamped down to keep the Jedi Master from sensing how he had affected her with his accusations.

"Yet, can you deny that you've done just that, Ms. D'med?  You have turned your back on the Jedi."

"I've turned my back on nothing, merely set my face toward the path given me."  Alida shook her head.  He wouldn't understand.  "I believe this interview is at an end, Master Caudell.  Insults do not become a Jedi Master, yet you are free with them.  May the Force be with the Jedi as you attempt to guide them."  She turned and headed away from him, breathing slowly and deeply, calming herself.

Adan watched as the former Jedi left with her guards ranged about her.  He believed the woman did feel some responsibility toward the Jedi and to her former Padawan, but she simply chose not to admit it.  Perhaps… there was always the hope that she would return to the Order, along with Octavia Jinn.  He nodded to himself and stood, pleased with how the conversation had fared.

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