Ahoy at Ord Mantell Part 3 - Out of the Noose

By Dana Terry, R.J. Miller & Ron Wilcoxen

Date: Friday, August 24, 2001 10:23 AM

As Roark lapsed into unconsciousness, Quincy made a sudden and unexpected 
move.  The bounty hunter was unaware he was being tracked by the intrepid 
crew of the Calico Star.  Readouts from the navi-computer alerted C'Mos to 
notice the "Butcher's Axe" coming out of hyperspace and into a planetary 
system that was not on any of the system charts.  The slicer had almost 
completed her calculations for the holoprojecter when she turned to Ikara, 
who was seated in the captain's chair.

"The bounty hunter is coming out of hyperspace early, we're only half way to 
Ord Mantell." C'Mos stated, devoid of emotion.

"What!  Where's he headed?"  Ikara sprang from the chair as she looked out 
the main view port with her fists clenched.

"He's coming out of hyperspace into an uncharted star system."  C'Mos nimbly 
flipped a series of buttons faster than blaster fire in an ionized corridor, 
as information screens flashed a bathing of light upon her youthful face.

"This is perfect!  Is that infernal machine ready?"  Ikara flopped back into 
the captain's chair with a sneer on her face as she arched her fingers 

"Perfect?" A look bordering on either ultimate annoyment or abysmal disbelief 
crossed the slicer's face as she swiveled in her chair to regard the first 
mate. "We're in the middle of nowhere!"

"Exactly, no witnesses. Nobody to interfere with our plans.  Just like a 
typical Imperial trap!"  Ikara seemed overtly pleased with herself.  "Engage 
the holoprojecter!"

"Not just yet."  C'Mos turned back to face her panels and controls.

"I'm not in the mood for any excuses as to why this won't work!"  Ikara was 
on the verge of bolting from her seat.

"It'll work, I just have to wait until we come out of  hyperspace.  The power 
cost is too great to engage the machine and come out of hyperspace at the 
same time."

"Alright, then bring us out on the far side of one of those moons in that 

The "Butcher's Axe" weaved through a series of moons and asteroid belts as 
she approached a rather large planet, bypassing a near moon where, on the 
other side, the Calico Star came out of hyperspace.  The Corellian Corvette 
slipped into the orbit of the moon as the holoprojecter began its work.  When 
she emerged from around the fore side of the moon, the pirate ship took on 
the guise of an Imperial Star Destroyer.  They were on an intercept course 
with the bounty hunter's ship.

On board the "Butcher's Axe" her owner and pilot received an open 

"This is the Imperial Star Destroyer Creel Crusher.  Stand clear and prepare 
to be boarded for inspection."  The announcement blared across the ships loud 

"The Empire?"  A look of panic crossed Quincy's face.  "Damn, what are they 
doing in this sector?"

The Calico Star in its disguised state drew closer to the bounty hunter's 
ship as Ikara swiveled in her chair to regard the slicer at her station.  The 
gap between pirate and prey were narrowing with each passing moment.

"Fire a warning shot across their bow!  They'll think it's the Empire with 
their usual poor marksmanship."

"You're gonna get us killed!"  C'Mos argued with the logic of pushing the 
envelope too far.

"I'm reconsidering the idea of keeping you around."  Ikara laid her hand on 
the side of her blaster as she narrowed her eyes.

"Alright already!  No need to get testy."  C'Mos flipped switches for the 
auto laser cannon to fire close to the bounty hunter's ship.

Quincy noticed the blaster fire glancing across his ship's deflector shields 
as he cursed, then brought his ship to a halt in mid-space.  "That was too 
close.  Damn Imperial vermin."  He swiveled his chair to await the Imperial 
boarding party that he thought inevitable.  The Calico Star closed in as the 
holoprojecter made the illusion of a tractor beam pulling the bounty hunter's 
ship into its open bay underneath the huge wedge shaped ship.  In reality the 
Calico Star at the moment the apparent tractor beam took hold it was the 
lurch of the two vessels docking amidst the stars.  The ruse was going 
perfectly as the main hatch prepared to open.

Inside the docking moor Ikara and C'Mos stood ready to board the bounty 
hunter's ship as C'Mos was attaching something to the ceiling.

"What's that thing?"  The first mate inquired.

"It's a mini-holoprojecter."  The slicer finished the application as the 
seals to the hatchway began to open.

"What for?"  Curiosity crossed Ikara's mind and face simultaneously.

"Trust me."  C'Mos stated flatly as the hatch opened.

"What's the meaning of this?"  Quincy barked from his command chair.

Ikara stepped forward with a pompous air about her, she was in her best 
stride to impersonate an Imperial officer.  "I'm General Pew."

"What of it?"  Quincy was short and sweet about it all.

"In the name of the Emperor, I hereby command you to turn over your prisoner 
to my men."  She remained in character as smugness seemed to penetrate her 
very flesh.  C'Mos stood with Imperial Blaster in hand behind Ikara, as 
seemingly did a dozen other stormtroopers.  Evidently the mini-holoprojecter 
was functioning perfectly, also.  "Sergeant, take the prisoner!"

"You have no right…"  Quincy began his plea.

"I would advise scum like you to remain silent before I add treason to the 
list of you crimes."  She ventured forth boldly, keeping her eyes underneath 
the brim of the Imperial officer's cap.

"I captured this man legally and am a fully deputized bounty hunter and a 
paid member of the mercenary guild!"  Quincy grew outraged as he fidgeted in 
his chair.

"Then you knew of the Imperial bounty on this man's head and you were headed 
away from Coruscant."  Her Imperial smugness grew as if it fit her well. 
 "That sounds like aiding and abetting a wanted criminal to me.  Care to 
explain it to the Imperial courts?"

"That still gives you no right to board my ship like I was a criminal!" 
 Quincy knew he was fighting a lost cause as he watched C'Mos in storm 
trooper armor begin to release Roark from his shackles.

"Take the prisoner to the ship."  Ikara motioned with her head.

"Yes, sir."  The heavy load of Roark fell squarely on C'Mos as she mustered 
all her strength to not buckle under the strain.

"Snap to it, trooper!"  Ikara decided to have her fill of fun with the bounty 
hunter as C'Mos moved the captain to the Calico Star.

"I demand to be compensated by the Empire!  He's worth a small fortune to me 
on Ord Mantell."  Quincy tried to salvage what he felt he could for the 

"My suggestion would be for you be thankful that I don't run you in also. 
 Bounty hunter scum!"  She spat on Quincy as she turned on her heels to leave.

"Damn Imperial vermin!"  It was as Ikara turned from the bounty hunter that 
Quincy noticed the blaster burns on the backside of the uniform.  "Wait a 

"Curse the seven Sith hells!"  Ikara quickly realized she had turned her back 
on the bounty hunter and her tailoring dilemma.

"You won't get away with this!" Quincy fired his blaster at Ikara, missing 
her by mere hairs as they whizzed by the fabric of her uniform.

"Too late, we already did!"  As she dropped to the floor she twirled her body 
in mid-air and began to return fire, she glanced to notice C'Mos and Roark 
were back on board the Calico Star.  Blaster fire filled the bounty hunter's 
ship as a fire fight ensued.

To be continued in

Ahoy at Ord Mantell Part 4 - Into the Fire

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