Back in Action

By Harry Sober

Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 4:22 PM

On the Bridge of the Alliance Star Destroyer Scoundrel, its captain Dev 
Gramke stood silently at the main veiwport as he stared out at the sea of 
stars. "Sir,message from fleet command."The young commo officer said looking 
up from the crew pit. Dev raised his hand without even looking at the 
person, he knew what it was, the same message that had been sent for the 
past two days."Shall I inform Colonel Treece sir? LtCmdr York  the 
Scoundrels X O asked as he walked up beside his captain. Dev stood there 
looking out the transparasteele window for another minute, then turned to 
his XO.

"No I'll deliver this message personally." Dev replied with a faint smile. 
York nodded then turned to the helmsman. Set course for Darvis
he said as Dev made his way  from the bridge.
Deep within the bowels of the massive Star Destroyer. Donovan Treece sat 
Quietly in the cockpit of his All Terrain Armored Transport.
This was his place on the ship, his retreat where he came to think and mull 
over things .

Dev stepped off the lift and entered the cavernous bay that held the 
Walkers. The bay was dark save the light coming from a Walker cockpit  a 
short distance away.

"Here goes nothing." he said to himself wondering how Donovan would react to 
the news he was about to deliver.Upon entering the massive walker, he heard 
a tune Figeran D'an's band played  many years ago echo through out the 
"Mind if I come in?" Dev asked as he entered the cockpit, seeing Treece 
sitting there in the gunners seat nursing a mug of hot cider a  half  eaten  
blueberry Bagel sitting on the weapons console above where Rocky lay curled 
up on the cockpits floor.

Donovan gestured but said nothing as Dev sat down in the drivers seat.
"I heard already." Donovan said looking straight ahead taking a cip of 
"I'm sorry buddy, but its been over six months now and well...
"I know, I know the Scoundrels needed else where, I got the whole story 
already " Donovan said cutting his friend off.
"She's like a daughter to me Dev."
"I know but Fleet Command sees it differently." Dev replied softly.
" I made a promise that I'd do my best to take care of her and keep her safe 
and ...
"Buddy that was a couple of years ago, hell she's a Jedi Knight AND a 
fighter pilot now." Dev said shaking his head Some times I swear you worry 
about her more than her own father does!" he added.

"Yeah, well she's out there somewhere I know it and she's in trouble I..
"Listen I belive something screwy happend as well. Dev cut in "But good or 
bad Donovan, right now theres not a damn thing you can do  about it. Its her 
destiny and she's gotta follow it. C'mon  you know what Skywalker once said 
about destiny?"

"I know, ...I Know."  Donovan  said putting up a hand "Destiny is not a 
matter of chance, Its a matter of choice." he said with a smile  Far  be it 
from me to contradict a Jedi Master.

" Ok then well now that went a bit better then I expected" Dev sighed
"Promise me one thing... if we get ANY credible info on her wherabouts
"Count on it buddy. Dev said with a smile as he stood up
Donovan smiled looked down at Rocky briefly then got up from the gunners 
seat and opened a small compartment  behind the commanders station and 
pulled something out that Dev had'nt seen in long time.

"Rocky, he said looking down at the Womprat as he used both hands to place 
his Black hat upon his head just right "Whats say we get back in the War.

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