Business Trip, Pt. II

By John Medkeff

Date: Friday, May 17, 2002 11:06 PM

    "I'm sure m'lady's speeders will be along shortly."  The fuctionary was
clearly used to dealing with impatient VIPs.  "If you'll just have seats in
the lounge."  He bowed politely.  Equally clearly he didn't know who m'lady
realy was.
    Cassandra decided not to enlighten him. She sat down and waved her
entourage into the seats around her.
    Lonnie and Attiles headed over to the buffet and started eating.
    Tiri, Katie and Jan sat by the widow overlooking the concourse and began
a detailed and disapproving critique of Arridoran fashions.
    The five bussiness men all went over to the bar for beers.
    The Imperial Security detail spread itself around the room.
    When the first slight disturbance of the Force occured.  For lack of
anything better to do she paid attention.
    It proved more interesting than she expected.  Some one near by was
moving a small object.  At first it appeared trivial.  Then she noticed the
dissonance between the object and the mover that meant that the object was
closely tied to some one else.
    "Scan the Force, that way," she commanded in Sith.
    The four teenagers watched her for a moment and then obeyed.
    They felt the tension rise slowly for a few moments.  Then it exploded
into the familar crescendo of a lightsaber duel.
    "Katie, check the local news.  I need to know whats going on."  Sandy
    "Right away, Aunt Sandy."  She turned on her com unit and started
seaching the computer net for news.
    "Mother, I think one of them might be Octavia," Tiri suggested.
    "I think Tiri's right, Jan added."
    "That would be interesting."  Sandy replied.
    "Aunt Sandy," Katie interupted.  "I think you'd better look at this?"
She handed over her computer.
    "Jedi cleared of murder, unknown plague breaks out near Xanatos Labs."
    "You're right, get our vehicles, now."
    Sandy stood up.  "We are leaving for the labs, now."

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