Business Trip, pt I

By John Medkeff

Date: Friday, May 17, 2002 4:29 PM

  Lord Koross Mathem was reading his mail on the verandah when Cassandra
joined him.
    "Good morning, Father."
    "Good morning, Lass.  What brings you out this early, or haven't you
made it to bed yet?"  He looked up.
    "I'm already up."  Sandy sat down.  "Have you seen the announcement from
Xanatos Labs on Telos?"
    "Something about a new process for refoliation wasn't it?  I didn't pay
any attention."  He tapped a key and pulled the file up.  "You think its
    "It might be.  I want go to Arridor and find out."
    "Go ahead, science is you domain so this is you call."  He paused.  "It
was Telos, you, said."
    "Yes, Father.  Is something wrong?"
    "No, Lass.  Nothing wrong, at least nothing new."  Koross thought for a
moment.  "I knew a padawan once named Xanatos.  I didn't know heim well.  He
was a student of Qui-Gon
Jinn's.  Xanatos was born on Telos and it was on Telos that he failed."
    "Do you mean failed as in the Darkside?"
    "No, Lass, not the Dark Side.  He went Dark too of course, but that is
not the point."
    "I went Dark and you were born on the Darkside."  Koross
continued."I joined the Darkside because I thought that I could save the
Republic by doing so.  So did all who followed me.  We were wrong, but we
did what we felt we had to do.  All this wealth and power is just a
consolation prize."
    "Palpatine, Vader, Jinn, Kenobi, Windu and I all chose sides in this war
for reasons of principle.  That can be said of allmost all of the old Jedi.
Even that fool Yoda did what he did because he tought he was right."
    "Xanatos never understood anything but pure power.  His father was some
kind of local warlord on Telos.  I don't know the details.  Well he's long
dead.  He forced Qui-Gon to kill him."
    "I say that Xanatos faillded not because he went Dark.  He failed becuse
he was completly irresponsible."  Koross finished.
    "Why do you think this research is worth your time?"
    "I'm not sure it is.  But if their claims are comfirmed this is a major
breakthrough.  If it is I don't intend to fall behind."
    "Well go to it."

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