Intrigue, Plots and Aspirations

By Jilly Harris and Patrick Furlong

Date: Thursday, April 04, 2002 10:50 PM

Midalah sat, her feet propped up on a crate in front of her as she
waited for Colin’s arrival. She turned as she heard footsteps. Her hand
hovered near her hip where her weapons were till she recognized Colin as
he walked in.

 “My lady, I received your message,” he said as he set his duffel bag

 Midalah rose, nodding. "I apologize for being unavailable if you had
need to reach me. As soon as I reviewed the information I contacted
you,” she said, handing him a pile of data pads.

 Colin nodded as he took the pads. He glanced at them quickly. “"I'll go
over this in detail, any thing I need to pay special attention to?"

"The only thing I want you to keep in mind is the name M'Lissa,” Midalah
said, referring to her sister-in-law. "She is more important then the
information in there lets on, merely because it's information that only
she, myself and S'Lara know."

Colin nodded.

"If you need to, use any means necessary to hire anyone you need. I will
cover it. I know when we talked the first time that blood shed was
inevitable, but the less blood shed there is the better,” Midalah said,
crossing her arms over her chest.

Colin looked up from the data pads. “I understand your desire to
minimize such violence, but I'm really not the best choice if that is
your first priority. There are others who specialize in more... uh...
discrete methods,” he said.

"My first priority is getting my planet back. I don't want unnecessary
bloodshed, but if it becomes necessary, then so be it,” she returned.

"Well the fact that you've hired me seems to indicate that bloodshed has
already become necessary.”

Midalah nodded grimly. "According to some of the things I've read and
the fact that a small rebellion amongst my people to overthrow my cousin
has already begun to grow shows that it is necessary,” she said. She
paused a moment before continuing. "Honestly, the only person who's
safety concerns me is M'Lissa."

"Understood," Colin said. "Well we have a couple of options... an all
out assault, a covert action, or a combination of the two. I would think
at first glance that a combination of the two would be the best option."

“I trust your judgment on whichever is best,” Midalah said.

“Very well, I will begin gathering assets," Colin said. "Are there any
things we need to be doing in the mean time?"

Midalah shook her head. "Nothing that I can think of, but this is your
area of expertise. I am going to attempt to send an encrypted
transmission to M'Lissa to at least tell her to try and get off of
Nebula. While doing that I will see if I can get any form of map you may
need of the planet,” she said.

"As much as you can get me, especially of the vital buildings of the
government, where you would expect them to be," Colin said. "Also I
would be careful of what you say in any message you send, you may tip
off the people we intend to act against, should your message fall into
the wrong hands."

Midalah nodded looking thoughtful. “I wish to keep her from being hurt,
but if I can't get a hold of her, perhaps I will not send the message.
Or find someone else to send it for me,” she said. She thought some

"As I say, any message you send, saying anything like 'look out' will
tip off anyone else that something is in the works," Colin said.
"Perhaps we can stage a 'snatch' of some sort. I will see what kind of
'help' I can find."

Midalah nodded looking at him. “All right,” she said. That sounded
better to her then anything else that might put M’Lissa at risk more.
"If there is any other information you might need that I can acquire
that might not be in that information I already gave you, let me know."

Colin nodded. “I will do so,” he said.

“Do you need anything else?” Midalah asked.

“I just need a place to work,” Colin asked.

“I’ll arrange for it immediately,” Midalah said.

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