Knight Road: Crossed Paths

By R. J. Miller and Dora Furlong

Date: Sunday, May 19, 2002 9:46 PM

Kaliandra drifted through the cantina.  The information she 
had gotten from the Trandoshan had been helpful, to a point.  
Now she needed to make a contact that could get her off this 
dust ball and on to Forven.  Forven was notorious tight with 
it security so that was going to be difficult but she had 
already left it known that she was looking for transportation 
and could pay, handsomely.

Lyzoun sat in the corner of the cantina waiting to meet her 
employer one last time before she left. Apparently there was 
one last thing he needed. 

>From the bar and roar went up as a Wolfman and a Wookie 
started snarling at each other. Lyz frowned. Wonderful.  She 
grabbed up her mug of ale up as a body hurtled across her table.

She downed the contents of the mug and broke it over the head 
of all too smelly human who came charging past her.  Right now 
would be a good time to go find another part of the cantina to 

She finally caught sight of the man she was to met and struggled 
to make her way through the crush of flailing bodies, just in 
time to see the man get caught up in the fight and get shot by 
a rangy Goatial.  Terrific!  This day just couldnít get worse, 
she thought as suddenly a snagle-toothed Devaronian took a 
swing at her.  She ducked out of the way easily and drove her 
boot into the alienís midsection.  She suddenly found herself 
caught up in the may lay.

She found herself back to back with a young woman in a dark 
robe.  The woman moved with a deadly grace as she managed to 
keep out of the way of several blows sent her way.  They slowly 
worked their way out of the cantina.  

Lyzoun cursed as she stood over fallen body of her former 
employer. "Stupid man. Never listened to me." she sighed.

Kaliandra took a deep breath. "Thank you," she said look at 
the woman before her.

She looked over at Kaliandra and blinked, "Thank you for 
catching my back."

The young woman nodded. "Kaliandra Daroa," she said offering 
her hand.

"Lyzoun." The lithe woman offered her own hand.

"I take it you're not from here," Kali said with a small smile.

"Nope and I am going to leave as soon as I get cleaned up. 
No use sticking around"

"Actually looking for a way planet.  I was headed for Forven," 
she said, dusting of her pants.

Lyzoun frowned "Good luck getting a transport from here.....Not 
many go out much further let alone the fighting out there." She 
paused, "Then again may be a good place to get work...I guess 
I could take ya."

"I could pay my way," Kali said.  "I would be much obliged."

"You have gear to gather then?"

"Just a bag and it's already packed," she said with a smile. 
"I travel light."

Lyzoun noded tersely, "Well then rides leaving." She grined and 
started to head for the door. 

Kaliandra scrambled to grab her bag she had left back of the bar 
and away from prying eyes.  She hoisted the strap over her 
shoulder and hurried after the other woman.

Lyzoun waited for her then with long purposeful strides headed 
for the spaceport. 

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