Knight Road: Good Knight for a Day (Part 5)

By R. J. Miller and Dora Furlong

Date: Sunday, May 19, 2002 9:35 PM

Lyz sat at the cantina's corner table watching 
the clientele.  Smoke hung thick in the air, obscuring 
the view.  She heard the chair beside her dragging on 
the floor moving back before she even realized someone 
was there. She started, and then recognizing Kali, 
discreetly replaced her blaster. 

The young woman smiled. "I don't think shooting 
me would be a good way to get the rest of your money."

The other woman smiled and took a swig of her 
drink, "No it wouldn't."

Kali ordered herself a fruit juice and then settled 
in. "Have you found a way into the castle yet?"

Lyzoun nodded, "Yes. They are having auditions for 
wedding entertainment tomorrow and rehearsal is the 
day after with the wedding after that."

She nodded. "Sounds like a good plan. Perhaps you 
could poke around while you're there for auditions."

"Intend to do so...already been out gathering 
information...appears that there is a long lost 
love in her past." 

Kaliandra nodded. "I've heard a little about it 
myself.  Some farm hand or such."

Lyz nodded and gave the boy's name, "Westby."

She nodded. "If we could find out what happened 
to him, it might be of use."

Lyz nodded, unsure of how the farm boy would be 
related to a weapon. 

"Sure...I've got some contacts...I heard he was off 
world but that was have any more info?" 

"I heard a few rumors that he was killed, but others 
that say he wasn't and someone said they saw him in 
the city a few days ago," she commented.

Lyz raised an eyebrow, "A few days ago? What does 
this person look like then? How would he be tied 
in with this weapon?"

"I've heard he's tall, blond, and favors wearing 
black," Kali commented. "And as to the weapon, at 
least he would be a distraction to keep the Prince 
off balance and give us a chance to find it."

Laudrin nodded, "I'll keep an eye out for him....." 
Her voice trailed off as a couple off duty guards 
from the castle entered the cantina. 

"They won't bother us," Kali said softly, leaning 
back into the shadows.

Again the merc drank deeply from her mug and nodded, 
while swallowing. The guards glanced over in their 
direction and then away as if not seeing them at all. 
Lyz frowned and shook her head, "You have the most 
uncanny luck I have ever seen."

Kaliandra just smiled and sipped her fruit juice.

"So tomorrow I will keep an eye out for our boy, 
audition for the wedding and tour the castle. Anything 
else boss?"

"Keep your eye out for anything that looks like a 
huge, super weapon."

A grin crosses Lyz's face, "I thought that was a 

Kaliandra chuckled.

Lyz's eyes flashed and she finished the rest of her 

"We'll met back here tomorrow night," Kali told her, 
finishing her juice.

Lyz nodded as she stood, "Till then...stay safe."

"And you," Kali answered.

"Always." She remarked, making her way through the 
throng of beings towards the door.

This was might not be a bad little job after all.

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