Knight Road: Knight's Journey

By R. J. Miller and Dora Furlong

Date: Sunday, May 19, 2002 9:37 PM

Her ship is a small one, mostly meant for one or 
two people.  It wasnít falling apart, but wasnít 
top of the line either.  Lyzoun didnít really make 
apologies for it and moved to settle Kaliandra in.

 "I don't know about you but I am always hungry 
 after a fight,Ē she said as she began to prepare 
 food for evening meal.

Kali smiled. "Sounds good."

She watched the woman a moment and then asked, 
"What do you want me to do?"

Lyz asked, tossing her a fruit to peel.  "So 
what brings you to Forven?"

Kali slipped a vibroshiv out a small, concealed 
sheath in the top of her boot and proceeded to peel 
it.  "Business," she said.  "They're selling and 
I'm buying."

Lyz chuckled as she finished chopping up another 
fruit. "Well its not exactly the safest of places 
right now you might want to reconsider where you..." 
She glanced over at Kali, "Buy whatever it is you 
are interested in."

"There have been some interesting rumors coming 
out of that sector.  Interesting rumors of interesting 
things." She smiled knowingly at the woman. "I like 
interesting things and as you saw before, I can take 
care of myself."

Lyz nodded, "Yes you can."

She handed back the peeled fruit. "Have you heard 
anything about that sector?"

"Not a lot." Lyzoun replied accepting the fruit. 
"Some fighting here and there."

"About what exactly?"

"Donít know why." She handed Kali a bowl and began 
to serve the mixture of fruit. 

Kali thanked her and then picked at the fruit. 
"What's your interest in going there?"

"Work. If there's fighting someone'll be hiring."

"So you're a mercenary."

Lyz nodded, "Yes."

They ate in silence for a while and then Kali nodded 
to the emblem on her jacket. "Old unit?"
Lyz looked down at her shoulder, "Yes."

Kali carefully memorized the insignia and filed it 
away for later use and then let it drop.  She 
recognized it as belonging to the Ring Star Legion.

"What about you? You working for someone?"

Kali nodded, sticking to her cover story. "I have an 
employer. She's very interested in a new weapon we've 
heard the Forven have."

"New weapon? What kind?"

Kali picked up concern from Lyx.  "You know your typical 
super secret, super powerful, super load of bantha poodoo," 
she said with a smile. "My employer doesn't thing it 
really exists, but she's sending me to find how much of 
a colossal waste of time this is."

Lyz nodded, "Doesn't hurt."

Kali chuckled. "Especially if you wave enough credits 
chits around."

"That always works"

"It's not mine which makes it even nicer."

"Always a long as you are careful with 
your employers money."

"She's generous as long as I deliver.  I have never 
not delivered."

Lyzoun raised her glass, "Then hereís to generous 

Kali raised her glass in salute and then sipped it.

Lyz smiled and sipped at her drink as well, "So then 
as my most current employer for the journey, where 
would you like me to set you down on this planet?"

"Outside the capital city of Luxion," she said. "I'd 
like to get the lay of the land before just showing up."

Lyzoun nodded, "Very well should get some 
rest before we land."

Kali nodded and moved back to the worn, but comfortable 
acceleration couches.  "Wake me when we're there," she 
said, setting down and making herself comfortable.  She 
had no intention of sleeping, but she had make things 
look good.

Lyzoun nodded, "Will do." She moved up front to check on 
her navcomp.
Kali settled back, reaching out to the Force and drawing 
close.  She slipped into a light meditative trance.  To 
her companion she would look soundly asleep, but she was 
very much awake and aware of everything that was going on 
around her.

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