A Lost Ally - 17

By Dora Furlong, Amanda Wilcoxen, Ginna Wilcoxen, Dana Terry

Date: Monday, May 13, 2002 9:20 PM

As she went to jump, she felt something grab her and yank her back, throwing 
her to the floor.  Xanatos stormed over toward her, towering over her.  "Now, 
take her!" he hissed.  "I cannot kill her, but there are things worse than 

*He cared for you, Xanatos.  Up to his death, he regretted failing you,* 
Octavia told him as the guards lifted her and dragged her back inside.  
Octavia couldn't fight the exhaustion any longer and the darkness claimed 
her.  The swift kick from Xanatos' boot was never felt.


Tor lumbered through the halls, toward the lower prison level.  He had to 
find the other Jedi and do what he had promised Octavia. He knew where the 
offices were and with most of the guards searching for Octavia, they were 
left unguarded.  Silently, he entered Xanatos' office and stared at Alida as 
she turned around to face him.

"Thank the Force," the woman breathed.  "You're alright."

"A little worse for wear," he said, returning the smile "We need to hurry.  
Octavia will be waiting for us in the forest.  She's ready to collapse," he 
stated, quickly locking the door behind him 

"Take this," Alida said, pushing a small package into his hands.  "Get 
Octavia and Medenna away from here."

"And where do you think you're going?" he questioned, taking the package. 
"You're coming, too, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not leaving Zuren behind."  She gave him a small smile.  "I didn't 
wait forty years to find him, only to leave him to Xanatos."

"There's no use in arguing with you, is there?"

She shook her head.  "Go.  I'm counting on you to see them to safety and to 
get that into the proper hands."

"My family has contacts. Your names will be cleared. Then this Xanatos will 
have to back down." Tor opened the door. "I don't know what it really means, 
but may the Force be with you."  He looked down the hallway then disappeared 
down it.

She turned in the other direction.  His family had contacts, but they had no 
idea what Xanatos was like.  Aida headed back toward Zuren.  She wasn't going 
to leave him here.

*Jedi.*  Xanatos' voice echoed in Alida's mind.

*What do you want?* she asked.  She found even his mental touch to be an 

* I know you're still here,.* he taunted. *I've arranged a show for you.  Go 
to one of the holoscreens, and take a look.*

With no small amount of trepidation, she slipped into an office and activated 
the holoscreen.

It clicked on, showing Zuren and Octavia in a room.  Zuren was visibly in 
pain and sitting on a couch while Octavia was hanging suspended from the 

*What is it you want?* she asked, keeping the anger from her voice.

*Now you have exactly ten minutes to surrender and cease your interfering or 
else they will die.  Well, he will anyway.  It seems I've been informed by 
esteemed granddaughter,* he chuckled at that. *That I cannot kill Octavia, 
but ...she will suffer.  So what is your answer?*

She leaned forward, gripping the sides of the desk.  Medenna was safe and the 
proof they needed was on its way.  She sighed.  *I surrender.*

*I thought that would be your answer.*  The blur of a lightsaber could be 
seen on the holoscreen.  Alida watched at it slashed Octavia's leg.  The 
wound was nasty, it ran from her upper thigh to her shin. It wasn't lost on 
Alida that Octavia gave no reaction. *To insure that neither can move 
quickly.  I'm sure you can find your way.  Use the Force to guide you to 

She calmed herself and reached through the Force.  *Octavia.*

*Grandfather,* was all Alida could pick up from Octavia. 

*I'm waiting, Jedi...* Xanatos sent, moving the saber toward Octavia, slowly 
cutting her hair, with each swipe getting close enough to her face to almost 
touch.  *Maybe I should give her a scar like mine?*  he questioned as the 
'saber came close once again.  *I'm still waiting.*

*Stop.  I'm coming.*  Alida clicked off the holoscreen and hurried from the 
office, following the Force presence of the two Jedi.  They were both 
weakening steadily. 

"You are as bad as any of the Emperor's puppets, Xanatos. How Master Jinn 
felt like he failed, I will never understand," Zuren spat

Xanatos slapped the old man with the back of his hand.  "Shut up," he 

Zuren's head snapped from Xanatos' hand. "Can't stand the truth?" he 
whispered, looking up as Alida entered the room.

"You have what you want," the woman said evenly.  "Leave him."

Xanatos turned, smiling at Alida. "So I do."  He walked up to her, glancing 
back at Zuren and Octavia. "I hope they appreciate your sacrifice for them."  
He paused. "I wouldn't have done it."

"It is no sacrifice," she said.  "But that you are unable to even contemplate 
helping another is why you were unable to complete your training as a Jedi."

"I will give you this much. I will send a doctor to see the old man." He 

"And Octavia?" she pressed.

Xanatos looked back at her. "He can look at her as well, only she cannot be 
let down.  I sort of like her hanging around."  He left, closing the door 
behind him.  As it hissed to a close, Alida slowly felt the Force escape her 


The three left the hotel and headed for the labs.  Guards were ever present. 
"No one is allowed here," one challenged.

"You dare deny me access?"  Tara challenged back


A nervous guard showed the trio to Mira's office and left, stating he would 
get the Commander.  The damage that was visible on their way to the office 
was not lost on Tara.  There had been a fight or at least appeared to be.

Mira entered, dressed in a simple black jumpsuit with a lab coat hanging over 
it.  Bowing low to Tara, she greeted, "Your Highness.  What a pleasure to see 
you.  To what do I owe this honor?"

Tara nodded to Mira. "Commande,r it is good to see you again." She smiled 
politely, "I was hoping to meet the director of the lab as well."

"Lord DuCruet is resting,."  Mira answered. "Until then I speak for Xanatos 

"Ahh, of course." Tara opened her senses to see if she could feel any other 
Force user present.

Tara smiled.  "So tell me, you are loyal to the empire, why would you support 
Lord DuCruet to execute a Jedi, whom you know the Emperor has claimed as his 
own project? My grandfather would not be pleased to hear of your presence 
here during her potential execution."

"Jinn will not be executed."  Mira explains,. "Lord DuCruet .... has been 
informed of her importance to the Emperor."

Tara raised an eyebrow, "Really? That is not what he informed me of."

"He was tracking her when he came upon your conversation."  Mira's tone was 
firm but humble. "He has since been ... has been explained the changes that 
have occurred since his ..... time."

"Since his time?" Tara pierces her with both silver eyes.

Mira nodded. "He's been frozen for quite a some time.  The last thing he 
remembered was his battle with his former Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, and his 
apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi."

"Frozen." Tara sniffed indignantly, "Seems to be a common practice these 

"Perhaps it is, but at the time it was quite rare for my parents to attempt 
such a feat."

"I see and now you have brought him to life." She scanned Mira from head to 
toe. "So why was he so significant he was worth attempting such a feat?" Tara 
actively monitored Mira's mind and emotional responses.

Mira hesitated briefly. "According to my parents' hidden notes, he was my 
father's father." She knew that Xanatos wouldn't be happy about her giving 
this information, but nothing could be hid from the Emperor's family. She was 
torn emotionally about revealing so much, but she did her duty

"And?" Tara pushed a little further. Surely there was more reasons to freeze 
someone than simple family relations.

"They were carrying out his last instructions. What their reasons were 
exactly were never explained.

Tara considered this, "And what does he want with these Jedi?"

"His DNA was damaged and is slowly being repaired. I've used the blood from 
the Force sensitive to develop a serum. His only obsession is that of Jinn's 


"He despised his former Master, Qui-Gon Jinn.  To do her injury or worse 
gives him satisfaction." Mira paused, feeling very uncomfortable. "But it has 
been explained to him why he cannot kill her."

Tara stared at Mira, "Revenge on a descendant will never satisfy him, he will 
kill her."

"He had his chance, your Highness, but resisted. She is in a cell with the 
other two." Mira looked at Victoria. "The child Jedi is still free."

Tara's eyes flicked back up to Mira, "Child Jedi?"

Mira nodded. "Her name is Me ..." She paused briefly. "Medenna  she is very 
close to Octavia Jinn."

Tara nodded. "Interesting.....you said she was in the cell with the other 
two.  Who are they?"

"One is Alida D'med from the so called Lost Jedi, the other is one that has 
been hiding here for a while.  His name is Zuren. It seems that he and D'med 
know each other."

"Interesting ...do you have them on monitor?"

Mira nodded. "Of course." She turned the monitoring system on her on then 
stood back so Tara could view the cell.  The screen cleared to show an 
elderly male Jedi reclining on a bench-type bed, his features tight with pain 
and one of his legs wrapped in bloodied bandages.  Octavia was hanging 
suspended from the ceiling, unconscious.  A lightsaber burn was visible on 
her leg and she now sported a rather haphazard hair cut as well as multiple 
bruises from her treatment.

Tara turned to get a better view of the monitor.  She saw the other Jedi - a 
woman - moving a desk toward Octavia.  Perhaps she thought she would be able 
to relieve some of the pressure from the young woman's arms.

Tara glanced back up to Mira, "What has been done to them at this point?"

"Over four pints of blood has been withdrawn from Jinn, three each from the 
ones known as Zuren and D'med. They've been tested to see how they react to 
situations without the assistance of the Force." Mira handed Tara the 
information padd. "They've been deprived of rest as well."

Tara read through the data padd, keeping any reaction from showing through. 
She never trusted people who tested Force users. "What purpose do your tests 
serve?" she asked very evenly.

"To test endurance compared to those who have no Force ability or training. 
The ones from this planet died too quickly. While they have been through the 
same tests as well as more than the natives, they survive. What was thought 
as something in the blood that allows them to access this Force appears to go 
deeper. I doubt if that connection will ever be found."

Mira kept her distance from Tara, so not to alarm her guard or daughter. "Or 
if there is one ... it will take years to uncover."

"MY Grandfather has approved these tests?"


Tara nodded.  Sensing the truth of it, she brought a smile to her face, "Well 
then I shall simply take Jinn with me...I am certain you shall find uses for 
the others."

"Take her with you?"  Mira glanced at the monitor.  By now Alida had gotten 
the desk underneath Octavia and had started to bind something around the 
wound on the woman's leg.

"Of course!" Tara exclaimed. "The Emperor wishes her to complete her Jedi 
training.  It is our duty to obey."  Tara glanced at the screen, then back to 

Mira bowed to Tara. "I would never do anything to displease his Majesty."  
She pressed a button on her console.  "I will send for her immediately."

Tara rose.  "We will go with the guards. I wish to enjoy every moment."

"Sergeant Leonard will lead you to the cell block." Mira opened the door and 
motioned for the man. "Sergeant."

He snapped a salute. "Yes, Commander?"

Tara allowed Topaz to lead her out, making sure to keep Victoria close to 

Mira sighed slightly. She knew she would have to explain to Xanatos. "You are 
to show her Highness to the cell where the Jedi are being held. She will be 
taking one with her."

There was surprise in his eyes, but it went no further. "Yes, ma'am," he said 
before turning. "If you'll follow me, your Highness."

Tara nodded, allowing Topaz to take place between the sergeant and her, 
keeping herself fully alert.

Mira stepped back looking at the monitor letting the door close behind her.

The sergeant led them down toward the high-security wing where the Jedi were 
being kept.  He paused in front of a door, then punched in a code. "They are 

"Alida, we have to find a way to get her down, she'll die if left in that 
position, considering her condition," Zuren stated, his voice clear to Tara's 

Tara walks to the opening and watches, turning to the sergeant  "Cut her 
down." When he paused  "NOW!" she commanded.

The sergeant jumped at Tara's command pushing Alida out of his way.   Once 
freed Octavia fell like a lump of dead flesh to the floor.  Alida moved to 
help her and looked at Tara when she heard the next command

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