A Lost Ally - 21

By Ginna Wilcoxen, Dana Terry

Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2002 8:58 PM

Octavia couldn't believe the damage that had been done to the ship, splicing 
the next connector she paused when she heard a noise. 

She waited, but didn't hear anything else for a few moments, so she returned 
to her work.  Not long after that, another noise made her stop and pull out 
from under the board.

"Master D'med?  Medenna?" she called out.

Silence greeted her call. Reaching out with the Force Octavia tried to sense 
any danger or threat.  Feeling nothing she looked out the view port. In the 
distance, she could see Alida and Medenna hurrying toward the transport, 
Master Zuren between them. Octavia wondered at their haste *Alida is anything 

*There's a possibility that you may not be alone on board the transport,* 
Alida told her.

* I sense no other,* Octavia replied. *The repairs are almost finished.*

*Xanatos is skilled at concealing his presence in the Force.  Be careful.*

*I will.*  Octavia turned to reach for her saber that she had laid on the 
floor when she was working, it wasn't there. She looked around, but still 
didn't see anyone, nor did she feel anything.  

*Qui-Gon's granddaughter.  He would have been disappointed.*

Octavia steadied herself. *Xanatos, where are you?*

*Not far.  The Imperials are not here to help you now.*

Octavia began to search the transport. *You failed, we're still alive.*

*For a very short while, perhaps.*

*You have bigger things to worry about, Xanatos. The labs here will shut 
down, why not quit now while you are ahead?*

*Ahead of what?* he asked.  *These labs will not be shut down.  Even now, 
transmissions from Arridor's government are going through to headquarters, 
begging the lab remain on the planet.*

Octavia continued, finding nothing. *Alida, you and the others stay back, 
Xanatos is close.*

*You are not facing him alone, Octavia.  Is he onboard?*

* I can't find anyone on board,* her voice was calm as she spoke, *though my 
saber is missing.  I laid it next to me when I was working on the circuits.*

*Get off the ship if you are able to.  Is it operational?*

*Of course it's operational, I fixed it,* Octavia replied, taking one more 
sweep of the last compartment before she turned to leave the ship . *There's 
no one here but me.*

*Then your lightsaber must have walked off under its own power,* Alida shot 
back at her.  *You are far too confident, Octavia.*

Octavia knew that Alida was right, *I'm leaving now.*  She looked back at the 
area where she had been working, then turned to leave the ship.

*Very disappointed,* Xanatos' said inside of her head.

Octavia stopped briefly. *I will not play your games Xanatos.* she stated 

"I don't play games," came a dark voice.  "I win them."

Octavia turned to face the man who spoke. "Xanatos, your hatred will be your 

"I will take great enjoyment from seeing you suffer again," he said.  

Octavia stood still, staring at the dark figure. "You do not have me in a 
Force null cell, Xanatos."

"Not yet, but I'm sure something can be arranged," he said.  He held two 
lightsabers.  One he ignited and pointed toward her.  ""If you live that 

Octavia pulled the Force around her, pulling her own saber toward her.

Xanatos' grip was firm, keeping her lightsaber in his grasp.  "You're a 
child," he said.  "You know so little."

Octavia took a step back toward the opening of the ship. "Perhaps."  Master 
Alida was right, she had been too over confidant and now she needed a way 

A wave of Xanatos' hand brought the hatch to a close.

Octavia remained calm. She was giving him the upper hand. "Your misuse of the 
Force is appalling."

"I use it as it was meant to be used," he said, a grin on his lips.  "Join 
me, Octavia.  Work with me instead of against me.  You'll see how much better 
things can be.  I can show you how your grandfather trained me, how you can 
be as good as he was.  That is what you want isn't it, to be as good as he 

"You already know the answer to that, Xanatos. Just as you know that you have 
turned away from the true path."

He growled low in his throat.  "Then you'll die.  YOU'LL never be able to 
live up to his image or his so-called legend.  YOU are a failure."

"I will not die this day."  Octavia used the Force to propel the tool box at 
Xanatos.  She watched as he turned his attention to it, using the Force to 
propel it away from him.  She then pulled her saber free from his grasp.

"Sneaky," he said.  "I can do that, too."  She heard the creak of metal, but 
not within the ship.

Octavia reached out to feel what he was doing.

Xanatos flicked a sly glance toward the view port. Octavia followed his 
glance.  He chuckled.  "I hope you aren't too attached to them," he said.  
"Whoever lives, I'll let Mira take care of."

"NO!" Octavia ignited her saber, lunging forward at him.

He met her attack one-handed, easily parrying her blade to the side. Swinging 
her saber under, Octavia moved in again, looking for a way to get under his 

"Your grandfather trained me," he said.  "One of the best swordsmen in the 
galaxy.  You're nothing compared to that.  YOU will never be my equal."

"I am only of his line, Xanatos.  I'm not Qui-Gon.  Your chance to get 
revenge on him is past."

"With your death, his line ends," Xanatos said. 

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