The Mind Link

By Season Irwin, Ginna Wilcoxen (2002)

Date: Monday, June 10, 2002 5:54 AM

Luke sat down cross-legged and stretched his spine, preparing for a mind link 
He closed his eyes and breathed gently. * Octavia *  * Octavia, * he called 
again. *It's Luke.*

Octavia opened her eyes from her meditation.  Memories of the pain she felt 
earlier was still fresh in her mind. *Master Skywalker?*

Luke smiled. *Yes, it is me. Octavia, I need to ask you a few things. Are you 
free to communicate?*

Octavia let out a mental sigh, *Yes, I'm quite free. This is about refusing 
the council, isn't it?*   She fought to control the fear that lurked in the 
back of her mind. If Luke ordered her to return, would she be able to tell 
him no?

There was a pause. *Yes. Can you talk to me about it? I would like to 
understand you. Why have you refused to come back?*

Octavia knew this would happen sooner or later. "I gave my word to help 
someone, and was sent along with Nik-Vie to insure that help. Then the 
council changed their minds. Master, I gave my word to Psylocke to be there 
if she needed help, no matter what."

*I take it to understand that you and she have come to friendly terms. Is she 
in danger?*

"Nik-Vie and I talked with her as well Master D'med. It was a long discussion 
and she had many valid points. Master, she was so empty, so void of life or 
caring." Octavia paused remembering that night well. "She's no longer dark. 
We can possibly save her. She refused to come with us, stating that she had 
some business to finish inside the Empire."

*But is she in any danger?* Luke repeated patiently.

Octavia thought on Luke's' question. *Nik-Vie sensed danger about her, yes.*  
Octavia's voice was uncertain.  They hadn't gotten a request from her for 
help. *If she faces the Emperor, then yes, she will be in danger.*

*And the council originally sent the two of you to bring her back?*

*They sent Nik-Vie, his 2nd in command D'Va, me and Kaliandra. Nik stated a 
small team would be best since it would be Coruscant, and we would have less 
chance of being detected.*
Octavia cleared her mind of doubt, *I left the ship with full intention of 
returning Master Skywalker. I was in the cantina waiting for the transport.*

*What changed your mind, Octavia?*

*The more I studied on it, the more I felt drawn to continue with the 
mission, then I ran into my old ship. That's where I am now, though ..* she 
let her voice tail off, she thought of hiding her new direction from the Jedi 
Master, but in her previous talk with Kiri she knew she had nothing to fear 
from the truth. *Though, my destination has changed.*
*Where are you headed, then? Coruscant, to regroup with your team?*

*No, not Coruscant, but to search for Kaliandra, she's in danger from an old 
enemy of the Jedi.* Octavia paused. *I felt her pain, she's in more danger 
than Psylocke and has no one to help her.*

*What about your word to Psylocke?* Luke questioned; he needed to know her 
feeling deep-down. He was met with hurt and confusion.

*She has Nik-Vie and D'Va, where Kaliandra has no one, and I know how cruel 
Xanatos can be. He'll kill her if he can.*

*Is this for personal reasons Octavia, or something else?*

*It is what a Jedi does. We cannot leave one of our own in danger, if we can 
help them.*

Luke sighed mentally.  He knew she was doing the right thing, but also knew 
that she would need help.  He clearly remembered leaving Yoda and Ben on 
Dagobah during his training to save Han and Leia from danger.  He could not 
honestly see that he should criticize her for her choice.  But he knew she 
needed to communicate with the Council first.  *Yes, Octavia.*  Then his 
focus shifted.
*Can you please explain to me about the Council's charges against you?* he 

*Charges?* Octavia questioned, * I know of no charges. Master Skywalker, what 
am I being accused of?*

*They tell me that while you were in charge of the Alliance Base at Port 
Lansing that you allowed someone to be tortured by an Imperial.*

Octavia fought to keep her emotions under control, but it was hard. She would 
have never allowed such a thing. She thought back to Lansing and everything 
she had done. The base had been so confusing, *I .... I ... did no such thing 
... I made mistakes, but I have never commanded people to ...*  Her thoughts 
became jumbled as Xanatos' words came back to her mind 'Qui-Gon's 
granddaughter, how disappointing.'

Luke sensed her confusion. *I know that you have a real explanation. You see 
how important communication is? It is very important that you return and 
clear your name. Many things compete for a Jedi's attention, but you must be 
cautious to do the right thing at the right time. Do you trust me?* He waited 
for a reply and when he didn't get one, Luke continued.  *I can help you get 
these things worked out if you let me.*

*Yes, I trust you, but I were to return now, Kaliandra could die,* Octavia 
stated. *I appreciate your help Master, as well as the training you've given, 
but ...* Octavia knew the next words could seal her future. *I will not leave 
Kaliandra in the hands of Xanatos Du'Cruet.*

*Xanatos?* came Luke's startled reply.

*Both Master D'med and I met him when we went to Arridor to search for her 
friend. He is the old enemy I speak of, my grandfather's first Padawan.*

*Can you do one thing for me, Octavia?*

*If I can, of course I will.*

*Give me your word that you will return to the Council when you have secured 
her rescue. And in the meantime, give them an appropriate explanation to 
their charges. If you will do this for me as well as yourself, I will stand 
up for you with them when you return. Can you do this?*

Octavia fought against her instincts to just remain on the Electra never to 
see Yavin again. But she couldn't, *I will return to the Council to face 
whatever decision they have come to, I will explain my actions to them to the 
best of my ability.*

*I will keep my promise and speak in your behalf.  Thank you, Octavia.*  Luke 
kept his voice calm.

*It should be me thanking you,* Octavia sent though she had a sinking feeling 
in her heart that she was now at the end of her path.  The only question now 
was how it would end...


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