A Mysterious Birth II

By John Medkeff

This story happened in April, 2001

    Ariset was beginning to set as Lord Javon Skoran-Steele stepped out of
the hovercar rather slowly and walked up to the front door.  This would be
the fifth hospital he checked and it was starting to get old.  Thirteen year
olds have only so much patience.  Back home in Zorapolis it was almost noon.
    Capt. Goran Tlalane of Imperial Security followed behind him.
    "May I help you?"  the receptionist droid asked.
    "Direct us to the maternity ward." Jay commanded.
    "M'Lord, will you follow me."  A short middle aged man interupted the
droid before he could answer.  "I'm Dr. Gindor, the hospital director."
    "Lead on, Dr. Gindor."  Jay turned to follow the doctor.
    "I'm not sure I understand what you mother's directive was about, my
lord?"  Gindor asked.  "We had two sets of twins at the right time."
    They boarded the elevator.
    "How much do you know about the Force, Doctor."  the boy asked.
    "Almost nothing," my lord.
    "Well we felt an important Force event this morning.  Mother believes
that these twins are important to that event."
    The elevator opened and Dr. Gindor lead them to the nursery.  "Well here
are our new borns.  The twins are..."
    "Not the ones we seek," Jay interupted him.

    The two grav flyers sped across the pastures of Agralon's southren
    From her seat next to the pilot of the lead flyer Kat watched the
shalores and the grass they ate roll by.  Agralon was far too beautiful to
wasted on the any of the sects she'd visited today.
    "Major, are you sure I can't drop the next bishop who plays high and
mighty in the nearest lake?"  she asked over her shoulder.
    "No, my lady."  Maj. Jara Timar answered.  "I'm afraid you can't.  Much
as I'd have liked to see that last one's ego pierced."

    Cassandra crossed the latest set of twins that the kids had checked out
off her list.  Another set of normal babies.
    There was a chirp from her desk.
    "On.  Hello."  She said.
    "This is the com room, my lady.  The Viscountess de Quillas is calling
from Coruscant."
    "Put her though."
    A moment later the image of the Viscountess appeared.
    "Hi, Cindy."  She opened.  "What's up.  We've had lots of excitement
here.  A birth somewhere in the system really disturbed the Force.  I've got
the kids searching the system for twins.  Your daughter almost drowned a
Agralonian bishop."
    "You, felt it there too?"  Cindy replied.  "Tre and I felt it here."
    Sandy thought about that.  "That means it wasn't local."
    "And thet its bigger than either of us thought."  Cindy added.
    "Tal and Polly are on Torion.  Let me call them."
    A minuet later Talasa joined the call.  "Sandy, Cindy, I was about to
    "You felt a major Force wave yesterday, didn't you?"
    "Yes, how did you know."
    "Let me recall the kids, we have to rethink this one."  Sandy finished.

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