Past Returns

By Katy Cargill

Date: Friday, January 18, 2002 7:26 PM

       Retroy woke from another night of being plagued by the sight of her 
parents death. For countless nights, these dreams have returned to haunt her, 
causing her to wake in a scream or tears.
       This night was no different.  A stream of tears ran her flushed cheeks 
from pools of blue. Once again she sat in the dark, her sheets tangled about 
her body. She pulled her knees close to her body, her arms wrapping around 
them tightly as she rocked and cried tears which ran down her pale cheeks.
       These dreams were starting to affect her ability to do her classes. 
She wasn't able to concentrate within her dance classes with Eric. Taking 
wrong steps and adding steps to a place they were not needed. Art was a 
complete disaster. She was unable to pull ideas into pictures and draw and 
paint them like she once was able to do. Now all she draws is a blank. Music 
classes.. those were another story all together.
       After allowing herself to cry in silent pain for a while, she brushed 
away the tears from her face. Blinking a few times to rid them of leftover 
tears. Having nothing better to do, she gazed about her room for no apparent 
reason other then not wanting to go back to sleep. From the corner of her eye 
did she catch sight of something that personally had her scared and freaked 
       There standing or floating or something was a ghostly image of her 
parents. Standing side by side, gazing at her from shadowed eyes. She had 
heard of Jedi showing up as ghosts but as far as she knew, her parents were 
normal. Her father was totally normal.. Corellian. Just some random trader.. 
her mother.. well.. her mother. She stayed home to take care of Retroy and 
the house. To wait till father got home.
       "Wh.. what are you.. doing.. here??" She questioned towards the 
figures of a translucent purple color. Of course she was only answered with 
silence before the two vanished from sight, leaving Retroy once more in that 
dark room alone.
       Glancing lightly at the chronometer for the time, only to fall back 
into her bed, pulling the sheets back over her head as she let a small scream 
escape her and yet more tears.

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