Payments and Acquisitions

By Jilly Harris and Rob Smith

Date: Thursday, January 17, 2002 10:33 PM

Midalah made her way onto her ship. She walked immediately to the com
channels. She saw the flashing lights indicating that she had
transmissions waiting for her. Scanning their locations of origin, she
closed in on one in particular. It was from Khando. She opened the
message and her eyes scanned its contents. She was to meet him in the
same location in which she had met him six months prior. She closed the
transmission, securing it, as well as the others, for later use.


 Midalah walked towards the same Port Lansing office where she had
spoken with the Toydarian. As she approached, it opened, allowing her
entrance. She noticed Khando sitting behind the same desk she had seen
upon their first meeting. Stepping into the room, she heard the same
buzzing, keeping any outside party from trying to listen in on their
conversation. For good measure, Midalah set up a mind block she had
learned during her training with Nik-Vie. A light sabre was now attached
to her hip beside her blaster.

        “Training going well?” Khando asked.

        “It went well,” Midalah said. “I’ll continue to hone my skills
on my own, but I have more important things to deal with now.”

        Khando nodded and placed a data crystal and a datapad in front
of her on the desk. He motioned to a reader in the desk. "Verify the
completeness of the data and enter the account into the datapad to
transfer your payment from,” he said.

        Midalah took the data crystal and inserted it into the reader
before her. She looked through it quickly. She read through the lists of
who's on her side, the usurper’s side and who is in the middle. She also
noticed the list for possible contacts on her side. Already she was
thinking in her mind how to draw those that were on the fence to her
side. She quickly tapped in the correct account into the datapad,
transferring the correct amount of money. The transfer began

        Khando garnered her attention again as he showed her a second
crystal. "This contains data you'll find useful to ... influence those
on the fence. 100,000 more, and it's yours," he said. ‘That should make
my plans easier,’ Midalah thought to herself.

        “May I review the information before I agree?” Midalah asked,
noticing that Khando had no intentions of releasing the crystal to her
before payment. "Or is this another test?”

        “And use that wonderful Jedi memory? I think not,” Khando said.
“I’m sure S’Lara told you I don’t give bad information.”

        Midalah raised her eyebrow, but with a few taps, the money was
transferred. “She did, however, I am a cautious person,” she said.
Taking the crystal, she tucked it with the other one.

        “Ahh, so you don't trust her. I understand. A person in your
position is best off being cautious,” Khando said.

        “I never said I didn't trust her, I've known her all my life,
and I've always trusted her. But I am still cautious. As is she,”
Midalah said, the memory of her reunion with Lon and S’Lara coming back
to her.

        "But, she's cautious by not trusting anyone. If you have any
further need of my services, the second crystal has a contact number. A
pleasure doing business,” Khando said.

        Midalah stood, nodding. “I’m sure the pleasure was mine,” she
said. She backed towards the door then turned as she got closer.

        “Oh one more thing,” Khando called out. Midalah turned to look
at him. Khando tossed her a third crystal. "That has some evidence
against your opponent. Think of it as down payment on any future
dealings should you actually win this war,” Khando continued.

        Midalah caught it in mid air with her mind and gently levitated
it to her. She grasped it and stared at it, wondering if it had the name
of the person who actually killed her family inside. ‘Perhaps justice is
finally near for me,’ she thought. ‘And M’Lissa.’ “Thank you,” she said
out loud.

"Feel free to examine it before you leave. This reader is not connected
to any network at all,” Khando said.

“Like you said, you don’t give bad information,” Midalah said, glancing
up at him.

“Very well. Use it to your health,” he said. The door began to rise
behind Midalah. Nodding to him, she turned on her heel and strode out of
the office towards her ship. As she boarded her ship, preparing to
depart, she was already thinking of how to organize some of the
information to give to Colin to begin. For the first time in six years,
she felt like she was finally going to have some peace of mind since her
family’s murder.

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