Ramblings of the Mind, 1, 2, 4, 6

By Katy Cargill

Subject: FoE Role-Play: Ramblings of the Mind
Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2001 10:11 PM

Okay.. I can't believe I am actually writing in a journal... how lame. Oh 
well.. I guess this is my new way of showing feelings.. without.. umm.. 
hurting anything or something. I don't know. This feels so strange.. and I 
feel like an idiot doing this but.. here it goes. 
      Day one.
      What to write.. well.. Raven is no longer my master. Geez.. never 
figured that would happen, but things of unexpected nature happens. I feel 
betrayed for some reason. Raven was supposed to be my way to start over and 
to train. Well what a lovely job she did. Seems more like Darana is the one 
training me. I guess that means no more seeing Jerrid. Though it was nice to 
see him and talk to him. But I guess I won't any more. Michael.. hes rather 
cute.. to bad hes taken. Gah.. even if he wasn't.. he wouldn't be interested 
in me.. I'm just a scrawny little girl who can barely keep up her own in a 
lightsaber spar. Grr... blasted things, lightsabers. Just another annoyance. 
Its all Raven's fault! Darn it.. I can't even get this stupid thing out 
right.. stupid journal.. what a stupid idea... then why am I still writing? 
Geez.. this is addictive. Well.. I guess it can't really hurt. I guess I can 
safely say tomorrow I am going to work my butt off! Hmm.. I wonder if the new 
fashion magazine has come in.. I seriously need new clothes. Will Darana let 
me go to the market and buy clothes? I seriously need new ones. Pink! Gah.. 
why on earth do  I have a sudden desire for pink clothing? Strange. Oh well.. 
hey! Maybe I can make a design and get it made! Nah.. that would be stupid.. 
hmm.. well I'm a sith trainee and I take dance classes and art and music 
classes.. so why not. Oh well... won't be the first time I had a stupid idea. 
Oh well.. Guess I will end this before it winds up as a book. Maybe next time 
I won't babble on so much....


Subject: FoE Role-Play: Ramblings of the mind 2
Date: Friday, November 23, 2001 7:08 PM

Alright! Here we go again.. well.. whats new to report? Well.. I got Victoria 
to go shopping and where the crap did she get Lady Alderson? Oh well, I'm not 
even going to try and question it. Last time I did.. I got in trouble.. 
sooo.. well. This is going to be sooo sweet! Actually getting Victoria into 
something Pink.. and a dress no less. Maybe I should have taken it a step 
further and insisted on the hat.. who knows.. maybe over kill in pink might 
have been funny. Oh well.. its still going to be funny. Ah.. I can see it 
now! Victoria walks into  dinner in a pink dress and a matching purse to 
match. Hair up in some fancy hair do with pink ribbons and black boots! I can 
just see the jaws drop and eyes widen. Man.. I am so going to get it after 
this. so what? its just a dress! Besides.. she  needs some color in her 
wardrobe.  Who knows.. I might get a few laughs out of it. Well.. I better 
get off and start training some.. OOO maybe I can get Victoria into ballet.. 
or dance classes.. won't hurt her. Then again.. it IS victoria we are talking 
about. Hmm.. well I guess this ends this session of babbling..


Subject: FoE Role-Play: Rambling of the Mind 4
Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 5:23 PM

       Oh man.. you won't believe the dream I had last night.. these huge 
pink things were chasing me! Strange thing is.. I have no clue what they 
are... they were like a bantha.. yet not. Really chubby.. long nose tingy.. 
HUGE feet.. and a really big butt. But it had a tiny tail.. and  a pair of 
really big ears. And gah! It made the worst sound ever! And it had tusk like 
things coming from its mouth.. and they were pink! And scary thing was.. some 
where wearing dresses.. other robes.. and a few even had on ballet skirts! 
Scary.. I have gotta stop with this pink thoughts.. its effecting me.. 


Subject: FoE Role-Play: Rambling of the Mind 6
Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 11:29 PM


Katy C. Enjoy!

"Don't interrupt me while talking to myself!"

Okay.. like.. the past few nights.. that same dream of my parents.. the 
ship.. death.. gah! It has been going on and on and on!!! But.. last night 
was for some reason different.... Everyone.. and I mean EVERYONE  was wearing 
pink. All shades of pink.. even hair was pink. It was strange. The walls were 
pink.. breakfast was pink. It was quite strange.. the strangest thing was.. 
Klaw.. pink fur.. pink bow.. pink clothes.. and.. pinks nails. I woke up 
laughing from fright! Oh it was strange.. him sitting at breakfast picking at 
pink pancakes.. oh it was strange. And for some reason.. there was a strange 
"happy" music sound in the back ground. And then I saw him skip off!! It was 
scary and funny at the same time. Thank goodness of everything it was just a 
dream! I was afraid I had flipped my lid...maybe I have.. or maybe I need to 
stop with the pink obsession. To late.. almost one-fourth of my clothes is 
pink. Now come to think of it.. it would be interesting to see Klaw with a 
tuff of pink fur on his head. Yes.. that would be funny. But then again.. how 
long would I be able to outrun him if I proposed that idea? Not long I 
suspect. Maybe I should take someone with me when I ask Klaw.. no.. that 
person might actually find it funny...
okay.. so I'm going to go now.. Art class calls.. fun.. more paint.. Pink!!! 

Would you consider wearing pink????????

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