The Past Returns From Within

By Katy Cargill

Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 5:48 PM

       With a strangled cry she sat up quickly. Eyes, filled with horror, 
gazed into the darkness ahead of her. Her breath coming quick and short, it 
took her a while before she could calm down enough to notice her skin was 
damp with cold sweat. An involuntary shiver ran her spin. She hid her face in 
her hands, mumbling softly as warm tears silently fell from her blue eyes. 
       "Why.. why do these..dreams.. plague me?" 
       She hadn't slept well on occasion. The dreams of what happened in the 
past came back to haunt her sleep. As if angry that she had blocked it for so 
long. Since she was healed and the block was removed.. these memories pushed 
painfully forth from the back of her mind. Shoving forth the memory of people 
screaming, part of a  ship occasionally giving off a shower of sparks. And a 
caring mother and father who placed their baby girl into an escape pod. The 
sight of the ship exploding and the crash landing upon that dusty planet on 
the out rim.
       She wiped the tears from her cheeks gently. Alesia and Jacob. Her 
parents. Yes.. Retroy was that baby girl. She gave a staggered sigh as these 
memories gave her an unsettling feeling. Sometimes.. she just wished that the 
block had never been removed or that she could block the memories once more. 
She hated waking up in cold sweat to these dreams. Of having to watch the 
destruction of the ship which her parents were on over and over again in her 
       Curling up into a ball, she tried to sleep once more, hoping for a 
different dream. Anything seemed better at the moment then the dream or is it 
a nightmare? Whatever   it is.. it was about her parents death and she didn't 
want to live through it again. In so.. she laid there thinking or trying to 
think of something else. Something of a more happy moment..

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