The Training Continues

By Ginna Wilcoxen and Season Irwin

Date: Saturday, December 29, 2001 7:44 PM

This is the cont of training on tatoonine     

(Emperor used with permission from Debbie Casselbury)

Octavia watched as Luke went to an old chest and began to rummage through it. 
 "Have you ever seen these type of parts before, Octavia?"  Luke asked.

Her eyes narrowed as she ran a speculative eye over them.  A part of her 
seemed to recall them, but not in this fashion.  "They seem vaguely familiar. 
  Before we moved, father had something that looked a little bit like them, 
but I can't be sure."

Luke's lips formed a smile. "They are parts for a Jedi Training droid, and we 
are going to put it together, you and I."

"I'm used to something a big larger," Octavia answered with a grin. "Are you 
sure all the pieces are here?"  Unconsciously, she began to sort out which 
pieces would fit together.

Sifting through the parts as well, Luke answered, "Well, it looks like it.  
There are a few that need to be repaired first, but that we can do.  Here," 
he said, playfully tossing her one of the broken pieces.  "Let's get started. 
 Then we can have this thing assembled and running before lunch." Catching 
the little piece, Octavia began to fit some of them together.

After their meal, Luke and Octavia rested for a while, talking and testing 
the droid to make sure it was functioning properly.  The full heat of the day 
kept them inside where it was cool.  "We'll start you with getting used to 
the droid.  Draw your saber and deflect the bolts; you don't want them to get 
through your defenses."

Luke watched as she was able to deflect some of the blows and felt sorry for 
her whenever it did get through and stung her.  Watching her brought back 
memories of his own experience, but like Kirienne Solo, Luke noticed that 
Octavia caught on a little faster than he had. Very soon she was blocking 
each bolt as if she was anticipating the droid's movements.  Even when he 
blindfolded her she was still able to dodge and to block.  

He was glad that he had decided to have Octavia work in the confines of the 
room; it would help her to work in similar areas in other situations. It was 
rare that a Jedi had the room they needed to move around.  In Han's ship he'd 
had a lot of space.

"Talk to me, Octavia, while you are working with the droid."  Luke watched as 
the droid zipped around behind her.

"I can sense its movements," Octavia stated as she barely parried in time to 
block the stinging bolt from the training droid.

"This was the first thing that Obi-Wan had me do as a trainee.  It is 
relatively easy."

"It is becoming easy to anticipate the movement, to know when it's going to 

"Give me the computations and the modifications to the engines that the 
Electra used,"  Luke asked.  

Octavia answered his questions, dividing her concentration.  It was difficult 
to keep track of the droid and some of the bolts got through. 

**Concentration is important, Octavia; the time can come that you will have 
to think on different levels.** 
Octavia nodded to the memory of her father and let the Force flow through 
her, allowing her do as Luke requested without thought or hesitation.

"That's enough for now."  Luke answered pulling the training droid to him.

"That was ... easy after a while."  Octavia smiled. "It was part of me, I 
knew what I felt was the Force."

"I'm glad to hear it. Now we can concentrate on something new."  It was 
getting toward dusk and they could hear the wind starting to pick up a bit.

"What did you have in mind?"

Luke walked a few paces away from her, leading her just outside the door and 
drawing his light saber.  "Let's spar."  He activated his light saber and 
faced her.

Octavia looked at him, hesitant at first, then she swung her saber, aiming 
for Luke's legs.

Luke easily parried, then motioned for her to wait. "Let me go before you.  
Be a Jedi to the fullest and just defend my attacks for right now."

Octavia nodded and waited. She felt unusually calm.  Luke lunged and then 
feinted left, aiming for her shoulder, but he held back, taking it somewhat 
easy on her.

Realizing the feint at the last minute Octavia moved to block before the 
blade could touch her.  Immediately her Jedi Master swung around and attacked 
her directly.  The sabers clashed as the student parried.

Forcing herself to relax, Octavia allowed the Force to direct her senses and 
her movements, just like she had with the droid.  She pushed all her doubts 
and fear away. There was no place for them here.

Luke backed off and watched her for a few moments and then whipped around in 
a circle.  He flipped toward her with his light saber extended across his 
body.  Octavia dropped and rolled off to the side coming up on knee ready to 

Luke flew past and landed on his feet in the sand. "Good," he said.  Without 
any warning he suddenly swept his light saber at her legs in a wide swing.  
Instinctively Octavia moved her hand and used the Force to push Luke's saber 
in a different direction.  Not taken off guard, Luke swung back around in the 
opposite direction. Octavia's saber lowered and blocked Luke's.  Their sabers 
stayed locked, sparking and squealing for a few seconds.  Luke pushed her 
saber aside and swung it up and forward, causing it to fly out of her hands.  

 Hesitating briefly, Octavia called her saber back to her.  Before she was 
able to get it back into her hands and activate it, Luke's saber was at her 

Stopping, Luke nodded. "Good, very good.  I see that fancy flourishes do not 
distract you, and that for the most part brute strength aimed at you is 
deflected by use of the Light."

"I still ended up with a saber at my throat," Octavia observed evenly.  
"Where did I fail?"

"I'm not convinced you can call that a failure.  But if I were you I would 
activate the saber before it reaches your hands.  Then you can save precious 

Octavia nodded, thinking on Luke's advice. "True, a learning experience 
then," Octavia answered slowly. "A way to improve one's ability."

"Another tactic would be to roll off in the direction of your saber."

"Go closer to the saber and out of harms way; make the opponent come to you."

"Yes," Luke answered, "Excellent.  I was hoping to stretch you a bit."

Smiling, Octavia looked at Luke then to the sky. "You did; I had to remain 
calm yet alert."

"And that you did," Luke added. "One other thing you did was not to waste 
undo energy with fancy acrobatics unless you needed to."

"The arena taught me that much, fancy moves open you to your opponent, only 
this time it was different.  I felt in control and not just following 
suggestions from a disembodied voice."

Luke pressed his lips into a firm line. "Yes ... that's good.  It is easier 
in practice, but remember you survived the Arena."  He smiled at her and then 
looked upward.  "Come with me, to the top of this dune.  The sunsets here are 

Octavia followed him in silence.  She watched as the twin suns set.  She had 
to admit they were beautiful.  She noticed that Luke stood there quietly, 
just staring out at the suns.  Even when the light began to dim, he still 
stared in the direction where the suns had just been.  After a while, Luke 
turned toward her.

"Well, are you prepared for another meal of the wonderful soup you made us?"  
To her surprise there was no hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Certainly, soup does seem fitting right now.  You used to watch these 
sunsets when you were younger didn't you?" she asked as she followed him back 
to Ben's home.  Luke was quiet for a moment, almost seeming shy to talk about 

"I ... dreamed, longed to get off Tatooine while watching those sunsets.  I 
wanted to be in the Imperial Academy."  As they reached the door, Luke did 
not go in.

Octavia watched him puzzled. "Is something wrong?"

"No.  I was just thinking about the Arena.  I'm glad for whatever reason the 
Force had in mind that you survived."  He simply walked inside, not saying 
another word.  

Octavia watched him, puzzled.  Was there a hidden message in that simple 
statement?  She looked back in the direction of where the sunset had 
happened.  "You aren't the only one." She then turned and followed him 


Octavia lay on the cot thinking about the day's exercise.  She knew she was 
progressing, yet she kept thinking about Psylocke and everything she had been 
told by not only her grandfather's ghost, but Psylocke's mother as well.  She 
would not be party to outright murder. There had to be a way to save 
Psylocke, a way to turn her toward the Light. Closing her eyes, Octavia 
pushed the thoughts of Psylocke and the Emperor out of her mind.  She would 
wait and see what the Force willed.  Until then she needed to get some rest.  
Luke had promised more training in the morning.

Octavia found herself standing in fog, another dream ... it had to be a dream 
...  there was no fog on Tatooine.

"Yes my dear, fog ...  there seems to be one in every Jedi mind; you are no 

"Not all.  My grandfather thought clearly.  It was your apprentice that 
killed him," Octavia countered as the image of the Emperor cleared.

"Like I said ... fog on the brain.  Qui-Gon was a supreme example - one 
little distraction will kill you, won't it?"  The emperor studied Octavia and 
her facial expressions. "Ah, do I sense the little Jedi wannabe is feeling 
anger?" the Emperor taunted. "Tisk, tisk .."

Octavia calmed herself; this was a dream only a dream. *You bring out my 
worst,* Octavia thought to herself.

"You were saying, young one?  What do I bring out ... please do continue."

Octavia shot the Emperor a look. He'd picked up on her thoughts. "No, I 
refuse to give you any more.  Anger can be controlled, as any emotion."

"I will wait until I have the chance to see you supress your delicate sense 
of holding back your anger when you face my Sith apprentice to a match to the 

"Light is the power that drives Darkness away.  Your apprentice is only 
misguided," Octavia stared at the Emperor. "I'm undoing your daughter's 
programming of confusion.  As for your dream taunts, I have to work on my 
shields -- that is all."

"Which daughter do you speak of, pray tell?"  The Emperor questioned.  The 
Emperor burst out in laughter.  "You certainly have your work cut out for 
you, young one.  Haven't you been taught appearances are not always what they 
seem?  Beware, Raven is, was and will always deceive.  Don't say I didn't 
warn you."

"I would expect nothing less from one of your line.  Deceptions seem to be 
your way of life."

"True, but it happens to be a prominent trait for many a good Sith - a handy 
survival tool.  Raven, by the way, is a clone of Samantha Connelly.  She is 
my adopted daughter and carries no gene of mine.  And that is a relief, 
considering that she has decided to rub shoulders with Jedi types like 
yourself."  A small smile was visible from under his hood.  "Do you not 
wonder why I'm here?"

"My shields weren't strong enough to keep you out."

"Not at all my young Jedi apprentice.  YOU sought me out; you came looking 
for me."

"Ridiculous.  I would never seek you out."

"But you did.  You know you can't learn what you need from Skywalker.  I can 
teach you all you need."

Octavia opened her eyes and looked around the small area of Ben's hut.  She 
was surprised to see Luke sitting across from her.

"It takes more than skill to defeat a foe.  Do you agree, young Octavia?"

"Yes."  Octavia was surprised at the strength of her voice. "Fighting skill 
alone isn't all one needs needs their wits as well."

"And?"  Luke questioned.

"Common sense." 


"Something more?"  Octavia questioned coming to full alertness. "I'm afraid 
I've missed it, Master."

"Calm and level-headedness."  Luke answered slowly.  "The power of the Light 
filling and surrounding you at all times."

"To keep the Darkness at bay, and away from us."

"You do that by allowing the Light to seep into your every atomic particle."

"Allowing it to consume you?"  Octavia questioned.

"To fill you ... not 'consume'," Luke corrected.

"Of course, Master.  Sorry."

"Nothing to apologize for," Luke stated. "The Dark consumes, the Light will 
pervade and fill you."

"I understand, I think," Octavia replied. "The Light will give you assistance 
and guidance to ward off the Dark."

"And even physical power deep in your being.  Your mind, body and essence."  
Luke gazed at her carefully.

"To give you the ability to push on when it seems you will tire?"  Octavia 

"Among other things, yes.  When your wits are weary, and so forth."  Luke 
watched as Octavia took in his words. "It will give you the power to 
withstand the wiles and raw powers of the Dark.  The power of the Dark is 
easy and quick, but the power of the Light is stronger."

"The Dark is quick, and the cost is high."

"Yes."  Luke agreed.  

"I refuse to go that way, regardless of the ease."

"Self-preservation should be equally high on your list.  Being willing to die 
rather than accept the Dark without finding another recourse is not the way 
of a Jedi's will.  There is always a way out if you surrender to the Light 

"Access all your options."

"And then some," Luke answered.  "Be very cautious about how you listen to 
the Emperor.  His words can entwine you before you realize what has happened. 
 He is very subtle."

"To confuse," Octavia answered.  "He said I sought him out, that's why my 
shields didn't work."

"Did you seek him out?"  Luke questioned.  He knew that she needed to answer 
that question for herself, but it was one that had to be asked.

"No, I was thinking about Psylocke and our destinies.  I let my shields down 
and allowed him to enter."

"Then we need to work on your shields.  Everyone has doubts and re-thinks 
certain situations.  You need to be careful how you broadcast them."  Luke 
turned. "And since you're up, we can begin our next set of lessons."

Octavia nodded and rose, stopping to look in the direction where Luke had 
gone.  There was someone else standing there, a faint image of her 
grandfather ... he nodded in Luke's direction and gave her a soft smile.

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