Unknown Future

By Courtney Kraft and Ginna Wilcoxen

Date: Saturday, December 29, 2001 6:30 PM

The peace of the woods was calming on her nerves and the company was 
welcomed.  Looking over at her friend Octavia was so glad they took time off 
from their studies to go on this hike.  They both had their hair pulled back 
to keep it out of their faces.

Psylocke stopped by the riverbank and held a hand over her eyes to shield 
them form the sun.  "Yup, this is Toluca River."

"Are you sure?" Octavia followed Psylocke's gaze.

"I'm pretty sure. The falls should be a little bit that way." She pointed to 
her right. "This is one of the cleanest rivers on Yavin Four." She looked at 
Octavia.  "Don't you think so?"

Octavia nodded in agreement glad that her friend was in such a good mood. "It 
does look pretty clean, shall we continue and confirm that it is the right 
river?" Octavia joked. "Or do you want to just keep hiking until we come full 

Psylocke nodded and shifted her backpack slightly. "Yes, let's." 

They continued to walk downstream. They stopped about a quarter of a mile, 
and watched as the river started flowing faster, the rocks were easy to see 
in rough water as it rushed over them.  Not stopping they continued for the 
next leg of their journey after another quarter mile they reached the top of 
the falls.

"Oh wow! This was worth the hike."

"The view is beautiful up here." Octavia adjusted her pack looking down. "I'm 
so glad you suggested it, Psylocke, I don't think I would have came up 

The falls were about 100 feet up and dropped into the river below. The water 
looked fairly deep once one would get away from the rocks immediately below.  
The sound was overpowering.

"Thanks for coming with me. Not too many people are up for the adventure." 
Psylocke dropped her backpack a few feet from her and began to take off her 

"I'm always up for a healthy walk and adventure isn't as bad as they say it 
is." Octavia glanced at her. "What are you doing?"

Psylocke smiled as she took off her sunglasses and continued to peel off her 
hiking top and pants. "Going for an adventure." She paused looking over the 
edge. "Do you like diving?"

Octavia dropped her backpack as well thinking about Psylocke's suggestion. 
"I've never done it. Swimming yes, diving no."

Psylocke chuckled. "Well I suppose you can just jump it. There's a trick 
though." She looked Octavia up and down. "Uh...you might want to take off 
your shoes and extra clothing though."

Octavia gave her a side wards glance then nodded. "Okay, why not?" Octavia 
removed her shoes and top and pants. "What's the trick?"

"Well normal people can't make this kind of jump. It's too shallow right 
below the falls. The trick is to use the Force to carry yourself far enough 
past the rocks and into deeper water...hence why more people can't enjoy 

 "Sounds simple enough." Octavia agreed. "Shall we do it?" Octavia stopped. 
"Is there anything else I should know?"

"If you scream on the way down...it's more fun." Psylocke raised her 
eyebrows. "Ready?"

Octavia took a breath then nodded she felt the force around her and knew that 
she could use it to propel her to safety. "Ready!"

Psylocke held out her hand for Octavia to take. Very carefully, they step 
onto a large flat rock at the very edge of the falls. Looking at each other 
they nodded as they prepared to jump at the same time.

"Let's go!" Psylocke hollered. Then the women took a step and leaped off the 
rock. Psylocke threw her weight forward into a dive. "Wooooow---hoooo!"  She 
reached out with the Force and propelled herself further out into the stream.

"Wooooow--hoooo!" Octavia echoed as she threw her weight forward with 
Psylocke feeling the force as it propelled them out into the deeper part of 
the falls. Enjoying the warmth of the water as it rushed to cover them as 
they hit the water. 

Psylocke dived into the water in perfect form; she swam a few feet forward 
enjoying the feeling of the water and the sensation that the free fall had 
given her when she finally surfaced. "Ah ha! That was so cool!"

"That was quite execrating," Octavia agreed smiling at Psylocke.

Psylocke started to swim toward the bank to pull herself out. "Oh yeah! 
There's just one problem."

"Going back up to get our stuff?"  Octavia questioned, not wanting to make 
that hike back in bare feet and half-naked.

Psylocke finished pulling herself out of the water, looking back up the falls 
she bit her lip. "Yeah..." Then she dropped her head and started breaking up 
in laughter.

Octavia glanced at her friend, then began to laugh as well.  Turning her 
attention to the top of the falls, she climbed onto dry land. "Well, we 
always could use the force to pull them down to us," she laughed, "after all 
the masters don't have to know we were lazy."

"Or we could hike up there half-naked," Psylocke replied with a slight grin. 
"But I think I like your idea better."

Octavia smiled slyly. "It'd be easier than hiking up there."

"Well I doubt there's anyone around for miles. How about we go to the base of 
the falls and stand under them for a bit?" Psylocke paused. "Our stuff should 
be safe up there."
"I don't think anyone will be around for a while, and even if there was I 
still think our stuff is safe," Octavia agreed.

They started backtracking toward the falls. It wasn't very far at all. 
Carefully, they waded into the water, and used the smooth, eroded rocks to 
support. "I love nature," Psylocke said. "I've read about these falls before, 
but I never had the chance to visit."

"You're more than welcome to come here to enjoy the falls. As for nature, yes 
I love it as well. I especially enjoy the feeling of the living force from 
all the life."

Psylocke looked back at Octavia with a puzzled look. "What?" she says more 
loudly. "It's a bit hard to hear so close to the falls."

Octavia raised her voice "I said I agree! And you should come here more 

Psylocke shook her head and held her hands under the downpour. "Ha! Yeah 
right. Visit Yavin IV, land of the Jedi. That's a good one."

Octavia glanced at Psylocke "It's not that bad is it!" she said, touching the 
water with a smile. "After all we did have fun didn't we!" Octavia tossed 
some water toward Psylocke. 
 "Yeah..." she replied slowly. "Why did I even say that? …Huh..." She stepped 
forward and allowed the falls to rush down her backside. "It's like having 
bricks fall on you! But it sure does feel good."

Octavia joined Psylocke under the falls. "I think I could stay here forever."

"It would be nice. But all things must come to an end eventually."
"Eventually!" Octavia agreed, "BUT not now."

"You said it!" Psylocke leaned back even further, getting her entire body 
drenched again.

The duo stayed under the falls long enough to potentially form bruises, then 
they retreated from the water. They manage to telekinetically pull their 
camping gear down to them. They dried off and dressed then headed back toward 
the direction they came from. About fifteen minutes later, Psylocke stopped.

"Can I have the map?"

Octavia handed it to her. "We can't be lost."

Opening the map Psylocke traced her finger over it. "Well...we should have 
come across a path by now. Hrm." She studied the map further. "You know, it 
might be best if we backtrack toward the river and follow it east till about 
here." She pointed to a marker on the map. "It looks like there is some kind 
of old rebel outpost there. It might have been converted into a ranger's 
watchtower. From there, if we head south, we should make it back okay. It 
might be a little out of the way, but I think we can handle it."

Octavia stretched her shoulders. "After that jump and the water I think we 
can take on anything."

Psylocke nodded, and pulled her compass out of her pocket. She looked down at 
it, shook it a bit and then frowned. "Aw crap. I think I busted it when my 
bag fell that last ten feet." She tossed it to the ground. "I suppose we 
could just turn around and try to head back the way we came...listen for the 

"Sure, it will be another adventure. After all we can reach out with the 
Force to pinpoint the river."

"Can you do that? I didn't know if was possible."

"Just open your senses to the sound of the River and follow your instincts. 
It's easy if once you've done it for a while." Octavia gave a sly grin. "I'm 
still perfecting it, but learn to trust the living Force you'll discover so 

"I'll give it a try..." She closed her eyes slightly and reached out with the 
Force. After a few moments, she opened her eyes again. "Er .. I don't get it. 
You try."

Octavia relaxed her breathing and thought of the waterfall then reached out 
to the Force, and let it surround her. "This way," she said after a while.

Psylocke smile faltered for a moment. "I hate it when you can do things I 
can't," she said jokingly,    as she started to walk in the direction 

"Given time, you can do it." Octavia gave her friend an encouraging smile. 
"In time you can do anything."

They walked on about five minutes later; Psylocke suddenly stopped and makes 
a motion for Octavia to do the same.

"What's wrong?"

Psylocke pointed almost straight ahead toward a cluster of Salm trees. 
"Look," she said breathlessly. A short distance away an Adobe fawn and its 
mother are grazing. "Isn't that beautiful?"

"It's nature at its best.

Psylocke glanced back at Octavia. "I'm going to circle around to the right 
and see if I can get a better look."

"Psylocke, don't. We should proceed softly so we don't disturb them."
"It'll be okay." Psylocke creeped off toward the right and crawled through 
the cluster of trees and out of Octavia's sight. Octavia tried to follow 
Psylocke with the Force, but found herself distracted by the animals.

Suddenly, from off to her right, a scream disturbed the silence.  Octavia 
turned toward the sound then took off in a run; a sinking feeling was causing 
her stomach to tighten.

Octavia moved through the jungle, and stopped when she saw the pool of liquid 
before her. Her heart stopped as she saw Psylocke in the middle of the 
quicksand, which was rising quickly. "Psylocke DON'T struggle! It will pull 
you down quicker!" Octavia yelled looking for something she could use.

"Octavia!" Psylocke yelled. "Help me!"

"DON"T MOVE!" Octavia cautioned. "I'll get you out!"

"Uh...It's a bit hard to move...anyway," she said, leaning her head back.

"RELAX!" Octavia moved. She needed something strong and long enough to reach 
Psylocke. She could use the force to help aid her in pulling her out of the 
deadly trap. 

Psylocke could feel the quicksand start to creep up to her chin. She could 
barely keep her hands at the surface.
After finding a very strong limb, Octavia went to the edge of the pool and 
reached the limb out to Psylocke. "Take hold, GRAB HOLD!"

Psylocke lifted her arms to grab it, but the motion only caused her to sink 
another inch. "I can't..."

"YOU can. YOU MUST!" Octavia moved forward, letting her feet touch the outer 
barrier. "USE the FORCE to reach for it!"  Octavia felt her heart pound. This 
had to work; she had to save her!

Psylocke reached out with the Force and tried to guide it toward her hand. 
The stick started to shake, then violently jerks out of Octavia's hands and 
into Psylocke's.  Psylocke let out a moan of frustration and terror.

Octavia stared in surprise for a moment, then reached out her hand for the 
limb pulling the Force around her. "Hang ON to the LIMB!" she yelled out to 
Psylocke. Octavia used the Force to pull the limb as well as Psylocke with 
it.  Slowly Psylocke started to slide toward the edge and closer to Octavia.

Octavia remained calmed, always reaching for the limb, and for Psylocke. 


"You'll make it!" Octavia yelled, watching the distance close slow. Too slow, 
she was moving too slow! Bending down Octavia stretched out for Psylocke's 
hand. "ALMOST!"

Psylocke clung to the stick. "If I let go, I'll sink!"

"YOU have to reach out. I won't let you sink. Come on Psylocke just like at 
the top of the falls, WE can do this TOGETHER! Trust me as I trusted you."

Psylocke clenched her teeth, then suddenly let go and grabbed at Octavia's 

Octavia grasped Psylocke's hand in her. "GOT YOU!" She tightened her grip 
around Psylocke's wrist, and began to pull backward, ignoring the pounding of 
her own heart.

Psylocke smiled in relief and adjusted her grip. She held on tightly. 
"Pull..." Her body suddenly jerked downward a few inches. She cried out, 
"Something just pulled on me!"

Octavia moved forward. "REMAIN CALM!" she yelled. "I'VE got you!" Octavia 
felt the jerk and moved back again pulling on Psylocke's arm. Keeping her 
grip firm, she pulled the Force around her, and used its strength to aid her 
in saving her friend.

Psylocke's heart was pounding even harder now as the fear started to 
overwhelm her. "Octavia..." She jerked down again, her grip slipping. "Don't 
let go!"

"Think of the land Psylocke" Octavia used her other hand to grab hold. "I 
WON'T let go. I won't let you go!" Octavia's voice became strained from 
concern and fear. "By the Force!" Octavia cursed as she pulled on Psylocke's 
form, she had to get her out of there!

Psylocke's mind was jumbled with fear and confusion, unable to concentrate. 
"I need..." She jerked again, this time, her head goes under and nearly 
yanked Octavia in with her.

Octavia stopped her descent into the deadly pool. What was down there? What 
could be pulling on Psylocke? "PSYLOCKE?" Octavia pulled harder. "PSYLOCKE!" 
Octavia yelled 

Octavia froze momentary as she heard a voice in her mind; it was Psylocke's 
voice. It was weak and soft. "You can't save me...Octavia...you...never 
could." Slowly, Psylocke's grip starts to loosen.

"NO!" Octavia screamed fighting to hang on to her. Inch by inch, Psylocke's 
hand slipped away and sunk into the quicksand. Octavia struggled vainly to 
keep hold of her, to gain some leverage.

"BY the Force NO! I can't lose you! You have to be saved!" Her own hand began 
to sink into the deadly sand she felt Psylocke's hand slip from hers, she was 
gone.  Octavia felt Psylocke's presence disappear, her force signature no 
where to be felt. Moving her hand in the quicksand Octavia vainly searched 
for some clue of Psylocke being there, ignoring what she already knew. Slowly 
pulling her hand out she sat on the side of the embankment. Psylocke's last 
words rang in her mind.

"You can't save me...Octavia...you...never could."

Octavia jumped to her feet and looked out over the waterfalls.  She had come 
up here after her meeting with the council.  She had reported about the new 
purge as well as the events that that both she and Medenna had faced and 
survived. Octavia only wanted to find a place to think and gather her 
thoughts to prepare for what the future held for her.

She only had discovered another dream … or a vision … what did it all mean?  
Was there a chance she and Psylocke could be friends?  Leaning her head 
against her the tree Octavia closed her eyes briefly.  She needed to stop 
these visions or find out what was causing them; did they have a meaning?

Octavia said goodnight to Medenna and looked around her quarters, yet another 
meeting with the council. Most of the council were intimidating people though 
she found it comforting to see Master Du'Sau sitting there.  One more 
meeting, one more session of questions and examination, but caution had to be 
taken. There was a chance that not only herself but also Medenna could have 
been reprogrammed to betray the Jedi or the Alliance at a later date.  That 
could not happen.

Sitting down Octavia began to meditate. She wanted to relax her mind before 
she turned in.  She could only hope that Master Skywalker would return soon, 
somehow she doubted if her training would continue.  And regardless of what 
the council decided, Octavia knew she had to be at peace and calm about it.  
To take life one step at a time and accept the will of the Force.

Unnoticed, a blue light started to glow in front of her, silently taking the 
form of a woman.  She stood there watching the young Jedi in her meditation.  
She looked around he room but remained silent not wanting to startled the 

Octavia sensed she wasn't alone, and she opened her eyes then stared at the 
image before her. "Who are you?" Octavia asked softly.

The woman before her bore an uncanny resemblance to Psylocke, but her face 
was rounder and the eyes weren't as hard. "My name is Larissa. You have no 
need to fear me, Octavia."

Octavia studied the woman closely. "Do I know you? You seem familiar." 
Octavia paused. "At least your features do."

"No. We have never met ... but you know my daughter Psylocke."

Octavia's eyebrow went up. "Psylocke." The name was merely a whisper.

"Octavia...I was the one who told Master Annan about Psylocke's abilities all 
those years ago. Everything he said to the council was true."

Octavia nodded slowly. "I had a feeling it was, but we can't hunt her down. 
There's a chance she can be saved."

The ghost looked down for just a moment before looking back up at Octavia. 
"I'm afraid she can't. For her own protection and for the protection of 
everyone else..." Her voice trailed off never finishing her sentence.

Octavia rose to her feet. "Everyone keeps saying that. She isn't lost, just 
misguided."  She hung onto that belief.

"Her soul belongs to the darkness now. There was a chance to save her before. 
There was a young man in her life … His name was Lon. He was showing her the 
light, though he may not have realized it. She needs love Octavia, but you 
can't give that to her."

Octavia crossed her arms. "Lon? Lon who?"

"I don't remember really. I just remember watching over her with him. She was 
so happy. She finally felt the joy of love that I could never give her. Even 
Master Annan resented her because of her father."  There was pain and sorrow 
in her tone. It was a sorrow that spoke volumes of her caring for her 

"Then we just need to find him, he could still be the way to bring her back."

"There is that chance. I want to see her happy...but..." She sighed. "There's 
something else you need to know."


"I'm sure you heard about her attempted suicide at Port Lansing...?"

"I was there." Octavia lowered her head. "It was another Jedi who helped her 
... She was agitated when I tried to talk to her."

"Why do you think she would want to kill herself?" she asked solemnly.

Octavia shook her head. "I ... I don't know.  Psylocke seems so sure of 
herself of her goals."

"You couldn't know her motivation, because there was no motivation."

"Then why try to kill herself?"  Octavia questioned.

"She didn't.... I'm the one who cut her."

"'WHAT?"  She couldn't believe it. "You mean … you took possession of her?"

"That's right. I didn't want her to suffer anymore. I didn't want her to be 
hunted down and lynched for crimes she has not done yet. And she is the 
sovereign on silence. She will destroy the Jedi ghosts if her powers fully 

Octavia stared at her in horror. "You're ... but you're her mother."  
Memories of her own mother leaving her to survive on her own or to die.  Were 
hers and Psylocke's situations that different?

"And I may be the only one who loves her. Who loves her enough to protect her 
from herself. At least if she were dead...we could be together...she could 
experience the love she has always longed for. I'm not evil Octavia."  Her 
tone was still sympathetic and full of sorrow.

"I don't understand. I won't ... none of the Jedi will just kill her. It's 
not our way."

"Then you must turn her to the light. It's the only alternative. Octavia, I 
came to you because I know you believe. I knew you would listen to me … You 
believe in destiny...and you know that yours is linked with hers."

Octavia let out a sigh. "Yes, I know that our destiny's are entwined. My 
grandfather told me as much." Octavia turned to the woman. "I will do 
anything I can to help Psylocke, but how do I get close to her?"

"You'll have to find her, but be cautious. She can be very dangerous as can 
be those around her."

"I can't make any false promises, I'm still learning myself but if I can help 
Psylocke I will."

Larissa seemed to be fading slightly. "You have such an optimistic outlook, 
but wars can not always be won with peace talks. If you can't change 
her...you know what must be done."

Octavia nodded she knew all too well what would happen if Psylocke couldn't 
be turned. "I know." her voice barely a whisper.

"You'll need help. You won't be able to take her on by yourself."

"This Lon?"


"I will try to find him. Do you think he'll still help?"

"I don't know. He might not want anything to do with her anymore ... but it's 
a good place to start."

Octavia nodded. "As good a place as any."

"May the Force be with you Octavia...please...help my daughter."  The voice 
was one of pleading. "Help her anyway you can."

Octavia watched as the image disappeared. Sitting down on the bed she leaned 
backward, and looked up at the ceiling. "Oh Force," she whispered.

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