By: Ginna Wilcoxin

Octavia sat in her quarters, the talk she had with Rachel had caused her to think about alot of things. Rachel had somehow seen the fight that she had dreamed of, and she knew the name of the older man who fought and died, Qui-Gon Jinn, her grandfather a Jedi. Why hadn't her father told her? So if he were a Jedi, then it would stand to reason that the one he was fighting was Sith. Octavia shook her head then turned to stare at the saber that was hanging on the wall.

Choices … it was coming down to choices. Either way her life would take a different course, her life would never be the same. Which choice should she make, should she stay on the Electria or leave?

Octavia rose and walked over to her bed, laying down she stared at the ceiling. This room had always been a safe port, a place she could always think. The ship and her crew were her home and her family. She felt comfortable around them, what did she really know of this Rachel. She called herself a Jedi student, claimed to go to some academy and also claimed to see her dream and then telling Octavia that she was related to a Jedi someone she thought was only a legend. Master Qui-Gon Jinn teacher of Obi- … what was the name she used? Obi-Wan Kenobi, who in turn taught Luke Skywalker, it all fit together a little too easy. It was as if Rachel was trying to get her to believe what she was saying. Closing her eyes, Octavia fought off the headache threatening to claim her, did she believe what Rachel told her? And if she did how would she act upon it?


<"No Octavia, hold it like this." Her father told her. "You need a steady grip not a death hold. Now open yourself to your feelings, your surroundings, you have to find your balance."

"Wai-Cha!" Octavia froze at her mother's voice, she also watched as her father steeled himself for another confrontation with his wife. He slowly turned to face his wife. "Octavia, go inside and leave that thing here."

Octavia handed the saber back to her father and took off, though she hid at the corner of the house behind some bushes and watched. It seemed her mother was always upset with her father.

"I agreed to have a child, I agreed to try and understand your sad devotion to the Jedi, but I did not agree to let you give Octavia those same delusions."

"They're not delusions and you know it. Octavia has potential, you can't deny it any longer." Wai-Cha said softly. "She has to be taught how to use it, I've already done a count on her…"

"No! Absolutely not, I will not allow it. I don't want to hear or see this action again, leave Octavia alone Wai-Cha, don't pollute her with your teachings. You know that the Jedi are a dying breed. If you continue I will take Octavia and leave, you'll never see her again."

Octavia shrunk into the greenery hiding as her mother stormed pass. There was no way she would leave her father. What was her mother talking about?

"Octavia, you can come out now." Hanging her head Octavia walked toward her father and stood in front of him. "You disobeyed your mother."

"I won't ever leave you, Ever!" Octavia yelled hugging her father.

"I know, we will always be connected but we do have to respect your mother's wishes. Why don't you and I leave for a couple of days?"

Octavia's face lit up. "Just you and me?" she asked, "Are you sure?" she hugged him tighter when he nodded. She was filled with a warm feeling that seemed to grow as he hugged her. >


Octavia opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. For more than eleven years she had pushed all memory of her father out of her mind. Rising to sit Octavia remembered the last conversation she had with her father. Then the conversation with Rachel came to mind, as much as Octavia hated to admit it Rachel was right, she was going to have to make a decision about her future.

Octavia jumped to her feet when her door slid open and Alex came running in. "Come on, we have to get to the station. The Captain has been arrested." He stood watching as Octavia grabbed her cloak.

"Why? What did Roc do to warrant arrest?" Octavia asked reaching for her saber too.

"Leave that weapon here, there are representatives of the Empire there, and some are a little touchy about that type of weapon."

"Why can't you go and get the Captain free?"

"Because, technically you are in charge of the ships purse strings. I just help the Captain run the ship."

Octavia nodded slowly fastening the cloak around her shoulders. She headed toward the door to join Alex looking back at the saber hanging on wall Octavia felt lost without it. She chuckled to herself a few days ago she had told Rachel to take it thinking that would make everything okay Octavia now shivered at that thought. "I'll meet you at the shuttle Alex, I have to get the authorization chip to make the transfer."

"Okay but don't take too long, I don't trust the Captain in that cell for long."

"I won't, I know right where it's at."

Octavia retrieve the chip that she would need, and stopped turning to look at the lightsaber. It seemed to call to her, <Call it to you. > A voice seemed to whisper in her ear. Octavia reached out her hand and smiled as it flew into her hand hooking it to her belt and pushing it toward her back she smiled as she left.

Octavia never saw the figure materialize in her room watching her. The figure crossed his arms and nodded slowly. The figure whispered "Soon" and left.


Octavia read the charges against Roc and was finding it difficult to keep her temper. "These charges are ridiculous, there is no way that Roc threatened anyone."

"That is what was reported, and that is what he is being charged with."

"He would never steel from anyone, let alone someone he gambles with." Alex interjected. He wanted out of this situation he had come close to being arrested many a time and was afraid his luck would soon run out; plus he didn't want Octavia exposed to a cell anytime soon.

The guard glared at Alex then turned back to Octavia. "The charges stand. You can either pay the fine or wait until he goes to trial."

"What is the fine?" Alex asked.

"One thousand six hundred ninety eight credits." The guard answered looking between Octavia and Alex.

"I am prepared to pay for the damages from the fight, that is all." Octavia said slowly and even.

"Not good enough." The guard replied.

"Yes, it is. You will accept the credits and explain that the other charges are unfounded."

Octavia felt the familiar warm feeling when she stressed certain words or feelings.

"Other charges were unfounded." The guard repeated.

Octavia handed over the chip and nodded. "We will wait for the Captain here."

"Of course, he will be brought here." The guard replied.

Octavia ignored the looked Alex gave her, she didn't know how to explain it, it was just something she did. Though Rachel's words came back to her 'your aura isn't shadowed yet'

"Here he comes." Alex said patting Octavia on the back. He waited until they were out of the cellblock to say anything else. "How do you do that?" Alex whispered.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Octavia replied Rachel had called it the force, but to Octavia it was just a warm feeling when she was doing something right, it was just something she did.

Roc put his arm around Octavia's waist. "Who cares how she does it, as long as she does it for us?" he said chuckling.

"I paid the fine, that's all." Octavia said starting to feel uneasy at the Captain's closeness.

"That's not all and you know it." Alex said a little too quickly. Glancing around he allowed his voice to drop. "You got the price lowered almost to the point of nothing."

"I just stated fact, the Captain wouldn't settle for anything less from me."

"True, but you need to get a life of your own. You're young Octavia, and you shouldn't be tied to an aging Captain and a ship that can't offer you more opportunities."

"You aren't serious Captain?" Alex asked staring at Octavia as well as the Captain, "I don't remember you mentioning Octavia was thinking about leaving."

Before Octavia could answer Roc spoke up. "I haven't had time, besides, you don't think a young woman wants to spend all her days around a bunch of aging pirates do you?"

"Captain, I wasn't thinking ---." Octavia stammered.

"Come share a drink with me and we'll discuss it." Roc announced with a smile. "Alex, you can return to the ship and make preparations for Octavia's lodgings here at the station."

Alex looked at Octavia and could tell she wasn't ready for the Captains' orders. "Yes, sir,"

"Now Octavia, we should discuss what is best for your future."

Octavia only half heard of what Roc was telling her. He was going to leave her here, here on this space station where she knew no one. Why --- why was he pushing for this move now? "As you wish Captain, I didn't know you were dissatisfied with my services."

Roc squeezed Octavia's arm. "I'm not, but there is a time for new experiences, new faces, new places." Roc stopped just inside the cantina. "Speaking of faces, do you remember that woman over there?"

Octavia looked at the woman in the corner; "She looks familiar."

"Come on I'll reintroduce you."

"Do you think that wise Roc?"

"Sure." He led Octavia over to the table and smiled at the woman sitting there. "Long time since I've seen you S'Lara, you remember Octavia don't you?"

Octavia watched as Roc stood there. She felt like they were being watched and worse that the Captain was making a fool of himself."

S'Lara smiled slyly as she looked at both of them. "Yes, I remember her. She has grown, please have a seat." S'Lara pulled her foot off the nearby chair.

"Sit down Octavia, you remember S'Lara don't you?" He ordered a drink for himself. "Of course you do. Yeah you're right S'Lara, Octavia has grown I wonder who takes care of who at times."

Memories of S'Lara coming to rescue when she was going to be sold came back to her, at first Octavia thought S'Lara was looking for a slave, and was surprised when she was introduced to Roc and became in his employ.

"I never got to thank you for saving my life then, but thank you."

S'Lara watched as they sat down something didn't feel right, but she decided she'd watch for now. "No need to thank me. I did what I thought was right. And at that time Roc owed me a favor or two. If I remember you still do." S'Lara sipped her drink and leaned back against the wall.

"What other favors do I owe you S'Lara?" Roc chuckled as he took a drink. He glanced at Octavia, "I took in a whelp who turned out to be the best engineer the Electria ever had --- it's going to be a shame to lose her."

"Rock, you know I won't discuss business here and you know damn well what favors." S'Lara said strongly, turning her attention to Octavia. "So you're leaving the Electria --- better offer?"

"Not really," Octavia answered. "It just seems like its time to move on." She kept her tone even and slow. She couldn't believe what she had heard from the Captain, was he really telling her to go?

"Octavia has kept the Electria in fine shape, and she keeps pulling me out of games and other dealings, it's bad for the image." Roc said somewhat loudly.

S'Lara leaned forward, "Roc knowing you --- YOU needed to be pulled out and you never HAD an IMAGE. Who are you trying to fool here? Remember who you're talking to here." S'Lara looked at Octavia again. "If you think its time to move on DO it for YOU and not this skunk." S'Lara gave them a sly smile. "And if you ever need my assistance Octavia, feel free to contact me or my son Lon."

"S'Lara, I'm hurt that you think I would need any type of assistance." He slammed his fist on the table.

"Roc." S'Lara sighs. "You've been drinking heavily again haven't you. IF you're going to get loud you can leave my table. I won't put up with your antics."

Octavia touched Roc's shoulder. "Captain, she is correct, attention would not be a good thing for you right now." Turning to look at S'Lara. "I must apologize for him, he hasn't had time to sober up. I should get him back to the ship." Octavia rose to her feet.

"Sit down girl, I don't need a baby sitter." Roc said firmly. He hated the pain look on Octavia's face, but he needed for her to make the correct choice for her life, her talents would be wasted on the Electria. S'Lara placed her hand under the table where one of her weapons were hidden, Roc usually brought trouble.

"Roc, she's not offering to baby sit you. Just assist you back to the ship. We don't need any trouble here, with the Imperials running around. Besides I'm not in a mood to deal with it. Why don't you go get yourself a lady for the night, Octavia can stay here and talk with me. You have enough credits don’t you if not I'll loan you some." S'Lara waved over a waitress and ordered another round of drinks while she gave the room a glance over.

"I have plenty of credit S'Lara, Octavia saved me a bundle a while ago." He stood and put his arm on Octavia's shoulder. "I should check to see if Alex has your room prepared here at the station." He bowed to S'Lara "We'll discuss business later, I have information on a few things that will bring us a big profit."

"That would be best Roc."

Octavia watched Roc leave the cantina, he couldn't be serious could he? "I am sorry for his actions, he's been acting strangely lately."

"No need to apologize, he's always been a strange sort. Comes with the territory I guess when you deal with the variety of products he does."

Octavia studied S'Lara, she could tell that she was tense, and on her guard she was expecting trouble. "You think there will be trouble because of Roc don't you?"

"I'm not sure, but something doesn't feel right. It's just my instinct." S'Lara studied Octavia and took a drink. "Most likely he's got something brewing, and when he's been drinking trouble almost always seems to follow."

Octavia shook her head. "I hope not, I just bailed him out of jail." She couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching them.

"I think you wasted your credits, he should have stayed there." S'Lara said with a grin picking up her drink.

Octavia smiled slightly. "I couldn't do that, after all they were his credits and he is the captain of the ship. I just monitor the spending."

"I see, seems you've become his banker as well as engineer. Well I'd be on my guard and make sure you check that room he got for you."

Octavia stares at S'Lara. "Why? You don't think --- Roc doesn't betray his crew, I've taken over a few of some financial duties and logging merchandise, but that's normal."

"From the way Roc talked you're not crew anymore. You're leaving the Electria right? That makes you fair game now." S'Lara cautioned taking a drink and watching the crowds.

Octavia looked down at her hands. "I haven't thought of it that way, he's never talked of me leaving before. He just started within the pass month." Octavia took of sip of her drink. "Can I ask you a question before I leave?"

"Sure ask."

"Why did you save me from being sold 11 years ago? I mean judging from your discussion with Roc that's not a normal business decision."

S'Lara smiled "I don't know, it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I tend to follow my instincts and they seem to work so why question it now." She slightly relaxes as she sips her drink.

"I'm starting to learn about instincts and following them." Octavia smiled. "I should leave you be, I do not wish to intrude."

"You're not intruding, I'm just having a few drinks to pass the time."

"I didn't know you had a son, is he in the same line of work as you?"

"He has sort of followed in my footsteps."

"You must be proud of him."

"Like most mothers I'm bias." S'Lara placed her leg up on the vacant chair Roc left.

Octavia rose. "You are not like most mothers S'Lara, you haven't deserted your son." Octavia turned and left the cantina.


Octavia looked around her now vacant room. The couple of bags she had held her life, sitting down on her bed she placed her head in her hands. "I just heard that you're leaving." Alex said sitting down next to her.

"Yeah, did the Captain give any reason why he's dissatisfied with my performance?"

Alex shook his head, "None at all. I wonder if it was something that happened in his last gambling bout or his time in the cell. I know I wouldn't want to see you sitting in one of those Imperial cells."

"I don't want to be in one of those cells either, but I don't know what or where I'll go."

"You have skills that will take you someplace, perhaps to another ship." Alex said softly.

"Perhaps," Octavia rose and picked up her bags. "Take care of yourself Alex and watch out for the Captain, I have feeling he's up to something dangerous."

"You be careful, watch out for people, not everyone is as honest as you are."

"I will be careful Alex," Octavia left the Electria and headed for Port Lansing, she wasn’t sure what she would find, but it would be the beginning of an adventure.

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