A Most Difficult Decision. part 1

By Ginna Wilcoxen (June 2002)


Octavia stood in the landing platform of Port Lansing, 
she still couldn't believe that the Jedi Council had 
called her back to Yavin.  What had prompted that 
decision? She was sure she would find out as soon as 
she returned to Yavin.

Walking toward the Cantina, Octavia decided to wait 
there until the next transport to Yavin was ready to 
leave.  After ordering a drink she took a seat in the 
back so she could observe the people who came and 
went from the bar.

Her thoughts went back to Nik-Vie, D'va's and 
Kaliandra's mission.  She should be with them, after 
all she had promised Psylocke to be there if she 
faced danger, to face the Emperor if need be.  And 
what was doing?  Waiting here to go to Yavin.  Octavia 
was torn between her duty to the Jedi and her promise 
of support and help she had given to Psylocke.  Which 
direction should she go in?

Nat'wiya entered the Cantina and headed straight toward 
the bar, he needed some refreshment after that last 
assignment.  Let the Captain gamble his way to bankruptcy 
for all he cared.  Leaning against the bar Nat'wiya 
glanced around the cantina, it was a good sign that there 
were no bounty hunters present, he was never sure what 
surprises were in the Captain's past.  His eyes focused 
on a figure sitting in the back, it couldn't be.  Picking 
up his drink he took a chance and headed for the corner. 

"Syn?" Nat'wiya questioned softly.  When the woman raised 
her eyes to look at him, he knew he had the right person.

"Nat'wiya?" Octavia questioned. "Why... what brings you 

"The Captain, supplies, as well as gambling."

Octavia shook her head, "That is a dangerous combination."

Nat'wiya nodded taking a seat. "So what I heard is true, 
you are part of the Jedi then?"  Octavia nodded. "I was on 
leave when you came to visit ... was it last year already?"

"Yes, it was a while ago." Octavia looked at the now 
empty glass. "Is the Electra here?"

"Yep, we're docked in our favorite hanger, why?"

"Nat'wiya, do you think Roc would transport me to Coruscant?"

"I'm sure he would, but why would you want to go to that 
planet? There's nothing there but..."

"Imperials?" Octavia finished.

"Well, yeah." Nat'wiya leaned closer. "And with you 
dressed that way... you are a walking target."  Octavia 
nodded and leaned back in her chair. "Why don't we go and 
talk to him, I know where he is."

"Yes, I need to talk to him. I will make my plans from 
there."  Octavia rose pulling her robe around her. "Shall 
we go?"


The Captain of the Electra sat behind a table his hand 
held close to his chest.  No one in the room noticed the 
entrance of Octavia and Nat'wiya.

"I'll raise you, and call..." Roc said staring at the 
hammerhead across of him.  Roc watched as the hammerhead 
laid the cards down, smiling widely Roc laid his hand 
down and reached for the credits. "I win!"

"YOU cheated!"

Roc pushed his chair back and stood looking at the people 
around him.  Nat'wiya moved in to stand by his Captain.

"I was observing the game, and though it was clear someone 
was cheating I do not believe it was the Captain here." 
Octavia said calmly as she turned to a dwarf like person. 
"It was you, wasn't it?"

"Jedi!" the human spat the name like a curse, throwing his 
cards on the table. "Always interfering."

Octavia nodded toward Roc. "Captain, if I may have a word 
with you."

Roc looking relieved followed her and Nat'wiya out of the 
tense filled room. "I don't know how to thank you Nat."

"By helping Octavia, and not gambling anymore, but since 
that is too talk an order for you.  How about just helping 

Roc smiled wrapping his arms around Octavia. "You still 
know when I need you the most."

"The force directs us all Captain."  She fell into step 
with Roc, "Nat is right I do need your help, I need to get 
off of this station and go to Coruscant."

"If you are trying not to be seen, you're going about it 
the wrong way. Those robes give you away."

"They will be left behind Roc, all I need to do is change."

"Then Octavia the Electra stands waiting for you.  You 
know where we dock."

Octavia nodded, then turned away.  She knew she would have 
to alert the council of her decision not to return 
immediately, but she knew the course she had to follow and 
that was to help Psylocke, and her fellow Jedi.


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