Every New Beginning - Shade

By Rob Smith


Dressed in dusty work clothes, Shade was sitting in Langley Space Terminal
watching his latest practice prey. Sharra N'Aquivar was leaving Langley for
Shardakour after her debriefing. *Ahh, little prey, what fun shall we have on
Shardakour,* Shade thought to himself.

>From a nearby news kiosk Shade hears, "... ordered the disbandment of one of
the Imperial Households. The House we speak of is the one of Darana ..."

Rage enfolds Shade for a moment. *That IDIOT!* Quickly, Shade brings the
rage down before any nearby force-users could notice it.

Sharra, boarding her flight, turns for a moment and Shade catches her eye.
In her mind, Shade says, **Our dance is currently at an end, little prey. But
don't worry, I shall see you again.**

Shade then directs her eyes elsewhere and disappears into the crowds.

Sharra looks at where Shade had stood only a moment ago. She could still
taste his rage in the back of her throat. *Murderer. I count on it...*  She
touches her blaster lightly.

Heading for his chartered ship, he orders an immediate lift-off for when he
reaches the ship.

As the ship lifts off planet, Shade lets the rage return. *What is he
thinking? IS he thinking? His strongest asset, and he's destroying it.* Shade
fumes the rest of the short trip to a nearby system where his own ship awaits.

Upon arrival, he thoroughly erases any trace of his face from the pilots of
the charter and then begins his own checklist before lifting off again. *Where
should I go now?* For a moment, Shade considers becoming a renegade. Then
he sighs, *No, I must report in. I can't do what I need to while being chased by
the rest of the galaxy. Being chased by half of it is quite enough. What did
Azarra do to him? He's totally lost it.*

While changing his clothes into his usual garb, Shade lets his rage flow. He
works through his thoughts and discards those that would get him into trouble.
His life was going to get very interesting very fast and he needed to keep
his focus. If he didn't, he would be very dead, very soon.

Shade soon settles in for the eight day trip to Valass.

Arriving on Valass, Shade proceeds directly to his quarters and begins the
process to contact the Emperor's offices...


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