Film at Eleven

By John Medkeff and Mark Cogan


    Taras banked and dropped his blue sky panther air speeder into his
reserved spot on the Imperial Palace's North Platform.  He stepped out.
"Good morning, Peigo."
    "Good morning m'lord," the platform's attendant answered.  "Do you wish
me to have your speeder put in the hanger?"
    "I think so.  I expect to be here all day.  The paperwork must be piling
    "Very good, m'lord."

    The elevator dropped form the landing platform to the 38th level.  The
doors opened and Taras stepped out.  There were twice the usual number of
guards in the hall.  They snapped properly to attention as he passed so he
ignored them at first.
    Half way to his office he'd passed too many extra guards.  "Guardsman,
what is going on?" he demanded.
    The Red Guardsman raised his force pike in a salute.  "Has, my lord seen
the morning's Vid news?"
    "I've been avoiding it."
    "I think you should, my lord."
    "Thank you."

    Five minutes later Taras was sitting behind his desk watching the INN
story.  "So he's decided to disband the Household."  He said to himself.
"I'm surprised I'm not feeling Darana's anger from here.   Well I'd better
go find out what's relay happening.  And I was so looking forward to a quiet
week in the library after I finish the admin here."
    He hit a key on his desk com.  "Shirana?"
    "Yes, Tor," his secretary answered.
    "I'm going to look into this Household situation.  Take this pile of
paper off my desk and deal with anything you possibly can."
    "Right away."
    He opened the door to the closet, pulled out the Sith robes he kept
there and changed.

    Taras stepped out of his office, now dressed in Sith black.  He scanned
the Force and located the darkest trace in the Palace.  "The Private
Audience Chamber."  He thought.  "He's picked the best place in the Palace
to be visibly secret."

    The antechamber was guarded by a full platoon of Red Guards, including a
captain.  Someone who appeared to be a planetary official of some kind was
trying to convince a sergeant that he had an appointment.
    The captain immediately walked over to Taras.  "What is your business,
my lord."
    "Any chance of getting in to see him today?"
    "Not likely, unless he decides he wants to see you."
    "Very well, would you see that he gets this note"  Taras handed the
captain a data crystal.
    "Of course, we will see that this gets to him.  But it may be some time
before he can get to seeing you, Lord Taras."
    "I understand.  Thank you."
    As Taras turned away he was interrupted by the local official.  "I have
    "Who are you?"  Taras began, "no, never mind.  All of his Majesty's
appointments for today have been canceled.  Now be gone."
    Taras waved his hand slightly and the man took involuntary three steps
    "Captain, if this man isn't leaving by the time I'm out of sight, give
him a room for the night."
    "Of course, my lord."
    Taras strode out of the antechamber.  "I wonder how I failed to get
stuck with door duty this time?"  He wondered as he walked away.  "Back to
the day's original agenda."

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