A Different Point of View

By Ginna Wilcoxen


He sat and watched the latest reports from the variety of 
newscasters.  How interesting that this one so called household 
could gain the attention of so many.

Since his departure from Port Lansing Xanatos had been studing 
the history of his new surroundings.  There was so much to 
still learn, but this was amusing.

It has been a few days since he had given the poison as well 
as the antidote to the proposed buyer.  Smiling he wondered 
if she had tried it yet, and if she liked the results.  

He wondered how Mira  had faired, he knew she was still alive 
but that was about the extent of it.  The safe devices he planted 
inside her mind would give him some protection unless a skilled 
Jedi went rummaging around in there.  Still, he would have to 
find a way to get her back, her scientific knowledge would 
benefit him.  

Rising he looked at himself in the mirror.  All damage from the 
cyrogentic freezing
had been stopped..  She had done wonders in solving that for him, 
and he wanted to be there would be no chance of relapse.  Turning 
his attention back to the newsreporter. He retook his seat.  He 
would have to see what this Empire has to offer."

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