A New Beginning or End

By Katy Cargill, Patrick Furlong


Retroy runs down the halls ignoring those who went past her as 
she made her way to what she thought was Eric's quarters. Hoping 
it was at least. Knocking on the door. 

The door opens, Eric is standing there.  "yes?" He looked pretty 

"Eric...what.. what's going on? There are Red Guard and Imperial 
Officers everywhere.. more then usual." In her mind it was fairly 
obvious she was freaking a little, outwardly she seemed fine. 

"yes...  I'm not sure what's going on.  It seems the Emperor has 
decided to tighten the ranes" 

"Why?  Hasn't the household always been loyal to him?" She was 
obviously confused.. the blank look on her face showed it. 

"come inside" Eric brings her in to his room and closes the door.   
She can see Talia and Kyra in the next room. She went in, still a 
little freaked out about what was going on. "yes the house has 
always been loyal, but he does not have direct control over the 
house, and so we are threat" 

"Oh. But what made the guards come here? What did the house do 
to make the Emperor do this?"   

"nothing that I know of, he probably felt it was time to bring us 
all back in line. The guards? he's probably worried we'll try something" 

"The guards are every where. I'm surprised they didn't start going 
into our quarters." 

"they may yet" 

".... uh oh... " Retroy looked down at the floor biting her lower 
lip gently in slight fear. 

"I don't think you have anything to worry about, I'm sure they will 
find you another master and continue your training." 

"Its not that... it's the drawings I have all over my room." She 
looked at the ground. 

"Drawings?" Eric questioned. 

"Uh.. yeah.. pink uniforms.. and um.. A uh.. drawing of the Emperor 
in a pink robe." 

Eric suppresses a smile, "I'm not sure that will get you in too 
much trouble" 

"But still.. lots of uniform guards and um.. Red Guards in pink... 
so I guess Pink Guards?" 

"um yeah" 

"Eric... what do you think will happen? Worse case scenario... ??" 
She looked up at him. 

"I really don't know.  worst case?  For you? I'm not sure, you'll 
probably be reassigned to a new master.  Maybe a little slap on the 
wrist for unflattering portrayles of the Emperor" 

"Eric I'm serious. What will happen to the House if this keeps up? 
You know we won't be able to keep up our normal routines.. and I 
know I probably won't be able to talk to Darana about things or 
take my classes like normal." 

"house?  there is no more house, the house is disbanded, by order 
of the Emperor and I seriously doubt Darana will be training anyone 
in the future" 

"yes the house is finished, you will be getting contacted and told 
where you will be reassigned we all are being reassigned" 

".....  no.. Why did the Emperor do this???" 

"Too much power, too many people not under his direct control,  
that's my assumption" 

"So... I won't be able to see any of you again? You guys are pretty 
much my family. Even though I've been here a short time.. you guys 
are pretty much all I have." Open minded Retroy.. speaking her mind. 

"I can't say if you'll be able to see any of us again or not, I'm 
sure there are some of us you won't see again, others you might" 

"... but.. but.. but that's not fair! We didn't do anything to 
threaten the Emperor.. and I'm sure most of us are loyal to him! 
There are other people he can pick on!" Obvious anger and 
frustration rose in her. 

Eric chuckles, "yes there are others, but none as powerful as 
Darana.  He is brining us back into the fold, and fair has nothing 
to do with it" 

"Well it should have something to do with it. I don't want to 
leave. I'd be going some where else... to someone I don't know." 
Anger. If a droid had come near her... it would not have lasted much 
past a minute. 

"Well it doesn't, and yes you will be going to some place new, 
there's not much that can be done about it.  Be thankful that is 
all that will happen to you" 

"Eric.. what do you think will happen to Darana, Rook and you?" 
Oh... concern for others. 

"Darana... I'm not sure" She senses he is holding back.   "Rook 
will be alright, he is still a Mercenary, he may be allowed to 
leave.  me?  I don't really know" 

"Darana... isn't going to be okay, will she?" She did sense his 
holding back something.. so as usual.. she had to ask. 

"She should be ok yes, the Emperor can't kill her... yet" 

"What does she have that is so important to him?" 

"the loyalty of those in the house once the emperor has us under 
better control?  Who knows" 

"But if the house is split up.. then how is the loyalty of any 

"If I was the emperor, I would be worried that should I execute 
Darana right away, all those currently in the house would rise 
up against me, if I wait until the house is scattered and under 
control, the former house members are less of a threat" 

"But wouldn't communication still keep the house together? And 
Port Lansing?" 

"not if we are all assigned to different areas" 

"So he is purposely splitting us all up... to destroy the house 
completely." Retroy's thoughts went wild in her random thinking 
of ideas. 


Retroy started rambling on to herself. "So I have lost the second 
family that I ever had." 

"you will be fine, you will be assigned to a new master and meet 
new students" 

"I don't want to!" Temper rose and with her, small objects moved 
away from her quickly. Her TK was always touchy when her temper 
was up. Nothing broken of course... just moved away from her. 

Eric will counter her TK with his.  "you need to face the truth!  
This is how it is and you must make the best of it, that is life!" 

She sighed loudly as she looked a the floor briefly then up at him. 
"I know.. I'm sorry." 

"you must learn quickly to control yourself. you must accept what 
is happening, and try to make the best for your self" 

"I know. That part I haven't mastered yet." 

"you should work on it" he smiles at her, "it will be better for 
you if you can" 

"I know.. but I still don't have to like this.. or droids.. right?"  
A brow rose as she smirked a little to the droids. 

"you don't have to like it, no, but you have to accept it, as to 
droids, that will really depend on who your new master will be" 

"Alright. I swear if I have to go under medical tests like I did 
with Raven and first time coming here.. there will probably be a 
lot of droid parts every where." She smiled a little.. evilly. 

Eric chuckles 

Retroy thanked Eric for talking with her, and she moved out of his 
quarters and down towards her room. Being stopped once in a while 
by a guard.. and she simply had to ask the question of ' Have you 
ever considered pink?' and generally they let her go on her way. 

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