Every New Beginning - Blaze

By Renee Gunn

Blaze paced restlessly.  The only thing keeping her from 
moving into the halls and quenching her thirst was the fact 
that something inside of her respected the orders of the 
woman who had decided to take her in and train her.  
She had only been a member of the household for a short time.  
Her training had not even truly started as it was still being 
decided who she would start under first.  
She had no idea what would happen now.  Would she become 
another soldier controled with no thoughts, feelings or 
control over herself as she had been.  A soldier who's 
sole purpose was to assasinate at the will of whomever 
controlled her mind, or would she have the opportunity to 
grow and control her own thoughts.  
Blaze growled, clenching her hands into fists, her nails 
drawing blood from her palms as she listened to the footsteps 
in the hall invading her new home, the first home she'd ever 

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