Every New Beginning... (Kaehlyiah's thoughts)

By Jilly Harris

Kaehlyiah sat at her place during breakfast. Her thoughts were a whirl though
she didn't make any moves at all. She raised an eyebrow as Eric stood and left
the table with Talia. Rook was trying to calm everyone else that was speaking
aloud. Kaehlyiah couldn't control the onslaught of confusion she was feeling
both from herself and everyone else in the room that hadn't reigned their
thoughts in.

Kaehlyiah rose. She looked at Michael. "I'll be in my quarters," she said loud
enough for him to hear without adding to the crescendoing noise level in the

Kaehlyiah had never seen such a wave of red as she made her way through the
halls of the Household. She was not one to make any form of attachments, but she

was loyal to Darana. The woman had taken her in, fed her, trained her, given her

a place to call home. It was no longer necessary for her to fight day in and out

just to eat. Even though the training was rigorous, it left Kaehlyiah with a
sense of purpose. She HAD grown attached as much as she had fought it. Though
she never really called anyone friend, though she did like to banter with both
Klaw and Retroy, she did consider the household as somewhat of a family, a
twisted family, but one nonetheless. It was a situation that Kaehlyiah had
allowed herself to grow accustomed to.

Kaehlyiah paused and scowled slightly when she saw two guards on either side of
her door that led into her room. She hid her emotions and forced a neutral look
across her face. She raised an eyebrow before disappearing through the door.
Fury enveloped her when she walked in and found more soldiers in her room going
through her things. A surge of panic seized her heart. She back-pedaled out of
her room. She suddenly had the feeling she had only once before. When she was
caged by her own parents. She turned quickly on her heel, her eyes darting back
and forth as she hurried back into the dining room where everyone was still
congregated, talking to one another.

"I thought..." Michael started.

"They're searching my quarters," was all she said, taking her seat again.

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