By Pat Grant


Sidra Roamstar, on her way back to the household after leaving 
Boba Fett, contacts the household that she is coming in.  She is 
totally unaware of what is going on, so is surprised when she is 
met on arrival and told to report to her quarters to await a 
summons to appear before the Emperor. 

After having hired Boba Fett to rescue Talman from his captivity 
at the hands of Anelis Palpatine, Sidra had withheld part of her 
payment to Boba Fett, in the hopes that he would kill her.  
Sidra has had a death wish for some time.  Fett, however, did not 
wish to kill a member of the household and so refused.  He tried 
to get the household to pay him the remainder of her debt but that 
backfired as well.  Sidra finally agreed to pay him double what 
she owed him, explained to him the reasons behind her actions and 
promised to clear things up with the household for him.  She was 
on her way back when all this happened. 

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