News spreads to the Orela girls

By Dana Terry, Katy Cargill

"Mom! Mom!" Shi came running through the house looking for 
Belliana to tell her the news. 

Bell looks up.  "Keep your voice down, Shi.  What is wrong?" 

" know that large household of the Empire's? Derina 
or something like that.. Well.. its been in the news.. the 
Emperor disbanded the household." 

"Daran Cairnfeld???"  Bell shakes her head.  "Impossible." 

"Its been in the news! The household has been disbanded.. the 
members are probably going to be spread out all the place." 
Shi's face lit up at this. "More jobs... with them being so 
scattered... it'll be easier to get them if we were paid to 
do so.. they won't be traveling in groups together." 

Bell smiles.  Her daughter: always thinking.  "Very true." 

"And you know the Alliance will most likely take advantage of 
this.. because of the members not in groups.. easier to pick 
off.. and because of the members knowledge of the household and 
the empire.. better chance at good pay." Smiles. 

"Good girl.  Does your father know?" 

"Not yet, but  I do plan on telling him.. unless you want to 
tell him." 

"No, go ahead.  This may take some planning." 

"Yes.. also the job applications... if they do come." 

"They may." 

"If the Alliance does want our help.. this would so put a jump 
in our money and it would advertise our specialties to others.. 
hence job offers and money. Dad can't say no to this.. it's gotta 
spark his interest." Shi was absolutely beaming about this. 

"Calm down, Shi," Bell cautions.  "One step at a time." 

"Yes ma'am. More then likely though.. the Alliance has already 
heard about this.. that's probably why its spread to some of the 

"I'm sure they're quite busy with this." 

"Yes I know.. maybe we should... push a little... notice towards 
them? Let them know we are here..?" 

"See what your father says." 


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