Observations from the Dark Side of the Fire

By R. J. Miller

Mikala Volaris looked at the holovid screen in bored
interest. Oh, this was an unique turn of events. The
disbandment of an entire House?  She smiled darkly. 
Wonder what Darana could have done that had displeased
the Emperor so much that he did that?

She sat back and propped her feet up on her desk.
"Interesting," she muttered under her breath.  She
turned back to the report she was reading and her
smile turned feral. Oh, nice.  Her Mark was dead.  It
seemed as if the little lovely she had gotten from
that Xanatos person actually worked.  She looked back
over the log from the tracker she had planted.  Right
on schedule as well.  Nice. 

She sat up to type a small note to be left for the

*Product preformed as advertised. Would like to
purchase more.  Please contact.


She smiled and sent the message on its way.  She sat
back and propped her feet up on the edge of her desk
again, turning up the sound on the holovid player as
the galactic news droned on about the break up of the
House of Darana Cairnfell.  How very interesting

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