Retroy and the Guards

By Katy Cargill


After Retroy had left Eric's quarters from talking with him, 
she made her way back to her own quarters. Hoping that the 
guards had not yet gotten there and discovered her drawings 
of people and pink. More guards stopped her along the way, 
more questions of pink uniforms and such. Most just found her 
a strange sweet girl with an interest in pink. 

"Where are you going?" Random guard in gray uniform. 

"To my room... have you ever thought of wearing a shade of 
pink? I think you'd look most handsome in it." Sweet smile, 
innocent face.. makes you want to kill her. 

"...uh.. No. You can go on your business." Confused look as 
he walked off. 

"Thank you." Big sigh as she continued on her way towards her 
room, dodging Red Guards and into her room, gratefully it 
wasn't touched yet. Grabbing papers and drawings and art and 
shoved it into a portfolio small enough to put in a bag. Also 
the random items she found important. All in a bag which she 
shoved beside her bed. In this bag stood everything she held 
dear.. drawings, art supplies.. info on her parents and the 
crash accident she recreated. 

"I'm not going anywhere without this." This was terrible, she 
was irritable, angered, frustrated, and confused on a lot of 
things about the recent events.  She hoped others were faring 
better then she was. And she really wanted to talk to Darana... 
but that seemed to prove impossible. 

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