Some Other Beginnings End- Kaehlyiah and Klaw

By Jilly Harris and Armand Banooni


Note: This takes place the night of the Household disbandment.

Kaehlyiah hears a scratching at her door, she gets up and walks over to
the door opening it a tiger sits there looking at her.

"Hi Klaw," she says. She steps aside. "Want to come in?" She feels a
mental scratching at her if asking for persmission to speak
telepathically. She nods giving permission

Klaw walks into the room. Hello Kaehlyiah.

Kaehlyiah walks over and sits in her chair, curling her legs under her.
What brings you here?

You, he says.

She raises her eyebrow. Me?

Yes. I can sense you are upset, he says

Yes I am. This... unsettles me. What's happened. Kaehlyiah says.

It is disquieting to me too. What unsettles you? Klaw asks.

I don't know what to do. I had considered morphing and trying to escape
if I hadn't thought I'd be killed, she says.

Why do you feel you must run?

Kaehlyiah props her chin in her hand, watching him. I don't know if I
can pledge my allegiance to the Emperor. To Darana, or Rook or Eric,
even you, is something complete different.

 Why not? Klaw asks.

 I have no reason to. Darana has given me a life. I'm loyal to her,
Kaehlyiah says.

 Do you wish to be able to continue to see the rest of the...the rest of
us, and to maybe be able to find Darana once again? Klaw asks.

 Yes, Kaehyliah says.

 Do you think you will be allowed to do so if you don't swear at least
temporary allegiance to the Emporer?

 She pulls her knees to her chest and shrugs slightly. I suppose not.
But what if he senses that I am not completely honest?

 Be honest

 What? She asks.

 Be honest. Anything you tell him, put it in terms you can accept...and
get out of later if you have to, he says.

 I can't seem to chase away this feeling of entrapment.

 In a way we are. You must concentrate on your goal

 I suppose. How are you doing with all of this?

 I am trying to help those I can find strength and then to find strength
in helping them, he says.

 Is it working?

 You tell me?  She merely smiles at him. He senses that she is still
upset but is a bit calmer than she was. I also am keeping my goals in
mind. Remain calm, remain focused, remain alive. You will get though

 I worry about the others. All of you have become my family, she says.

 Do not worry about the things you cannot alter

 She sighs and stands walking to a window. I can not seem to help it.
Focuses her mind to calm herself. So now all we do is wait hmm?

 And plan, he says.

 She turns and looks at him. Did you have anything in mind?

 I have not thought of anything yet

 She smiles a bit. And I thought you had something already.

 I am not the best tactical, he admits.

 Neither am I. To be perfectly honest, I've never wanted to turn into a
bird and stretch my wings more then I do right now. And for me that's

 There is a shield in place that would prevent you from leaving. I
thought of that, he says.

 I know. That's why this confinement has been bothering me so much. Even
just to go into the courtyard... she says.

 Perhaps you should get some rest

 She shakes her head. I tried that. I can't sleep. Maybe you should

 I will, he says

Kaehlyiah walks back to her chair and sits down. Do you know when you
will be called before the Emperor?

 No I don't, he says. She frowns and chews on her lip. Why do you ask?,
he asks.

 Curious. She says. I wish there was something to do.

 Perhaps you could exercise in the gym. Work off your frustration and
tire yourself, he suggests.

Kaehlyiah stands. It's worth a shot. She walks to the door and looks at
him. Care to join me?

 I have some things I wish to do.

 She nods. See you tomorrow then most likely.

 Yes. He walks up to her and butts his head against her. She grins and
scratches his ears, opening the door to let them both out. Klaw heads
away and Kaehlyiah heads to the gym to wear herself down.

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