Some other beginnings end (Ralf Firestorm)

By Patrick Furlong


For once Ralf had remembered breakfast.  Although, in his situation he was
not required to attend the two mandatory meals a day the others were, he
did try to go to some, when he was coherent enough to remember.

Today he was coherent enough to remember, but he did have an ulterior
motive.  He'd been working with an organic compound that would potentate
the effects of the caffeine in the coffee.  It should be an interesting
effect, but intense, Ralf made sure to lay out several sedatives and
relaxents to counteract the effects should they not wear off soon enough.

Ralf sat at breakfast, he had even remembered to shower before he came up.
He had dosed himself with his experimental compound, and was now on his third
cup of coffee, and excellent brew, rich, and fragrant, and most importantly
strong.  The Free Spacer, Gerard Dore had brought in on a special request
from Ralf just for this experiment.  The others at the table were all
complimenting the coffee.

So far his experiment was going very well.  His senses were on edge, he was
very very alert.  The room appeared super sharp in all it's detail.  He
could smell everything in the room.  He was still trying to figure out what
Darana was eating.  He could hear the whispered conversations of the
students.  His food tasted strong and full of flavor.  He hadn't enjoyed
eating this much in a long time.  But there was a down side as well, his
heart was racing and he could feel a headache beginning to set in.  He could
have to try to counter act the effects after breakfast was done.

Ralf was hearing a noise that he couldn't quite place.  Rhythmic, marching,
he was used to the troops outside the house, they had picked him up and
carried him back to his room more times than he could count, but this was
inside and that was unusual.  No one else seemed to be worried about it so
Ralf went back to studying the ridges of his scrabbled eggs.  Perhaps he
thought they didn't hear it yet, but the way that bacon warped was much more

Someone was talking.  Oh, a bunch of new people in the room, in the red
uniforms of the emperor's guard.  They must have been making the noise.  He
missed their entry during an examination of the interlocking pattern of his
hash browns.

What did he just say?  Disband the household.  Oh crap, Auntie Darana was
in for it now. What was that smell? Fear, it must be, he could see it on
the faces of several at the table.

There she goes, Auntie Darana lead away by the Guards.  There goes the guy
always wearing grey, Eric.  Some of the others were leaving now too.  Well
this was just no fun.  Too many bad vibes.

Ralf stood and went back to his room.  There were soldiers in the halls,
that was unusual, Ralf wondered if they would carry him back to his room
they way the house guards did.

He got back to his room, he could feel the unease in the house.  His new
compound was working too well, time to get off this high, all this anxiety
was harshing his buzz.  Ralf took several of his sedatives, and passed out
on the floor.  Bummer dude....

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