Every New Beginning... Continued

By Phaedra Whitlock

  'He's gone insane again.' Sam exhaled very slowly as if a poisonous ne'irr
sat upon her breakfast plate beside the toast. Sitting back she turned her
head very slowly towards the high table to see what expressions they had.
The emotional content in the room was deafening over the slow swish of
ventilating fans.

"I'm guessing all flights offworld for us are cancelled." she mumbled.

Beside her Jerrid nodded, finishing buttering a roll and eating it calmly,
his eyes on the retreating red cloaks. "More time for training. It will take
our minds off of what is happening. Although they," He nodded his head
towards Shade Eric and Rook, "...may have some discussions to do." He
regarded the trip as he chewed, curious to see if they were accepting or of
the plotting mindset.

Janin slipped out of her place and went to a comm station and call her
superior officer. A few minutes later she returned to finish her breakfast
and depart to get ready. Taking her personal flier she departed the House
for work, her Red Guard armor and cloak in it's pristine case beside her.

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