Stop the Presses

By Ginna Wilcoxen


The news circuit for the Alliance couldn't contain the excitement 
over the latest tid-bit that was picked up.  Be it true or just 
a rumor, it didn't matter. 

The Worlds that sided with the Alliance held their breath for 


flashed across the holoscreens ...

"It has been released that Emperor Palpatine has ordered the 
disbandment of one of the Imperial Households.

The House we speak of is the one of Darana Cairnfell.  Though 
many of us rejoice at this news as well as one of the political 
powers for the Empire is now being scattered.

We question what was the breaking point for Emperor Palpatine??? 

We've tried to get in touch with Alliance Intell as well as other 
members of the Alliance High Command, so far everything is being 
kept quiet. We will alert you to any further updates."

The news Caster's face disappeared as regular programming was 

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