To Discover the Truth

By Ginna Wilcoxen


Kalamytha Du'Sau shook her at the report that landed on her desk.  
Palpatine was on the move again and restructing the Empire.  Why 
now? What had happened on Port Lansing to make him do this?  Was 
it all related to Psylocke's change of .... direction?

Rising to her feet she sent out the word, the Council needed to 
meet and rethink their position. Perhaps reshuffling the mission 
that certain Jedi were on.  It was clear that Coruscant was going 
to be a hot bed of Imperial Activity and the Jedi needed to be 

**Encrypted Transmission***

I hereby call an Emergency Meeting of the Jedi Council...  We need 
to discuss the Emperor's new move and what it means for the Alliance 
as well as the Jedi. 

I suggest that all Jedi are ordered to return to Yavin.

Master Du'Sau

Transmission Ends.

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