From: (Debbie Casselbury)

The holo-vision flashed a new image onto the Emperor's wall.

"Fresh from the Jedi Academy, Octavia Jinn." A single figure stepped into the center of the arena

to a hushed crowd.
At the sound of the name "Jinn" Palpatine looked up, his yellow eyes glowing with interest. Quite possibly he had overlooked a few of Qui-Gon's clan during the Jedi purge...

"Over here, the newest addition to the Kegan fighter squad and four time champion here, Davi

Vieve." A thin form of a man faced this would-be Jedi.

With fascination, Palpatine watched her choose a spear-like weapon, as her opponent picked up
a staff. The Jedi student seemed to show great concentration and skill for one so inexperienced,

although she was reluctant to display them before the crowd. Typical Jedi modesty. He pressed his

lips together in disgust.

The opponent's staff came down, barely missing Octavia's head. She used the Force easily -the

dark master suspected that this one might be one of Skywalker's prize pupils. He watched her fall,

then rise quickly, spear ready and move against her opponent, burying her weapon into his chest.

The crowd roared and the Emperor leaned back with a thoughtful gaze. As Octavia was escorted

away, they zoomed in on her face and he remembered. Her face seemed vaguely familiar. Ah

yes...Port Lansing. His memory served him well. He would have to keep an eye on *this* one.

Her force signature was unsettling. Clearly, Octavia showed promise - He would do everything in

his power to prevent Luke from finishing her training. Indeed...unless she could be turned, Octavia

Jinn was destined to be become another meddling Jedi and a thorn in his side.

Still he had Maul's granddaughter in his sights. Soon she would become his own apprentice and

then--Well, there was much to be done.