by Debbie Casselbury

Current Location - ECLIPSE-LEV5
Date - 1.0602400
Subject - Lammashta, Psylocke

My apprentice appears to have returned to her normal self these last few
weeks.  I have watched her carefully night and day, often mind linking with
her - so far no dead spirits have moved in.  I have taught her to develop
some control over the possession episodes.  I have noticed that her energy
has increased.

The other day she sent me a message to meet her in the training area.  She
was inside meditating, her legs folded under her with her hands on her
knees.  She looked up when I asked her what was on her mind.  She told me
she wished to show me something.  I watched with curiosity as she closed
her eyes and slowly lowered her head, breathing slow and steady.  After
several minutes, she opened her eyes and looked down at her hands, palms
up.  Floating between them appeared a tiny sphere of black energy with
purple electrical bolts swirling around it.  The radiating ball moved with
her hands as she raised them for me to see.  She looked up at me and said.
"I'm not quite sure what it does though."

"When did you first encounter this sphere?" I inquired, impressed.  Her
dark eyes peered down at it with fascination. "Right after Port Lansing.
Then, once again a few days ago.  It was smaller before.  I wanted to study
it a bit more before I showed it to you."

"So.." I said, sternly, "You have found a new power.  Now, you will
demonstrate how you conjured it up, my apprentice.  Show me now."  She
looked at me excitedly and made the sphere fade away.  

She looked back down at her hands. "Very well.  I start with
concentration," she explained calmly.  She held her hands in an open cup
position.  After another minute or so, the shere forms again between her
palms.  She opens her eyes and takes away her left hand.  The sphere hovers
over her right palm, floating over it when she moved as if it were
magnetically connected to it.

I saw great potential in this dangerous skill of hers...the process of
conjouring it from her mind seemed quick and easy for her.  Maybe too
easy... "Who else knows of this ability?  Was this done with the aid of one
of the dead who have possessed you?"

"No one, Master," she replied. "It has nothing to do with the spirits or
anyone else.  It just happened on the way back from Port Lansing, so I
practiced it a bit."

I looked carefully at the radiating ball quivering over her hand.  I had
never seen another Sith conjour such a thing.  Suddenly I got an impression
in my mind that it could explode. "Did it frighten you?"

Lammashta  looked up at me with expectation.  "Is it.... some kind of
weapon, Master?  I saw the eagerness written all over her face.  

"It appears that way..."  I said quietly.  

"Could we study this further in my training?" she asked.

I looked incredulous at this young woman and knew I would not only have to
train her to become a Sith, but also protect her from herself.  "Your
special talent is noted with interest.  And I certainly commend you for it,
my apprentice.  We shall come to this *power* again, but first you must
begin to understand what made it happen - you must become completely one
with the Dark Side.  So...until I feel you have reached that pinnacle, I
request that you do *not* conjour it up again -- in, or out of my presence.
We must both learn what it does.  Do you understand?"

"I undersand," she said, nodding at me. "I shall continue my meditations to
get further in tune with the Dark Side.  I can feel it now.  Since...since
Port Lansing, I've been able to feel it flow through me."

I smiled down at her but made certain she could see the warning glint in my
eyes.  "You have been alone too often here on the ship.  I am taking you to
Zoron.  There, Lord Taras and his family will assist me in teaching you
about the history of the Sith and it's culture and code of conduct.  There,
your education will essentially begin and, together, you and I can
determine how you will fit into it.  We will also continue your physical
practice.  I may have a few surprises for you there."  She stood up and
smiled back at me.  "I look forward to it"

This has, however, taken a toll on my constitution.  It has been many years
since I've dealt with such intensity from a Force student.  I have had
little sleep and late tonight I contacted Azarra on Coruscant via holocomm.
Of course, she was irritated with my late visit, but gave me some valuable
advice - I can always count on her kind of wisdom to get me through various
difficulties that come my way.  Besides, irritating her is always
enjoyable.   I came away with a better perspective on how to proceed with
my apprentice.  I know I must help her hone her telekinetic and telepathic
abilities - I intend to contact Lord Taras Steele and take her to Zoron.  I
intend to assign her to a Sith master to begin her lightsaber lessons.
There is much to do.

Azarra had suggested drugs to help control the girl and I have decided to
try it.  My apprentice appeared amiable when I approached her with this.  I
told her "I may need to control your channeling with some psychological
aides...I am going to perscribe a mild dosage of sedative 81-E."  I told
her to be sure to let me know if it affected her normal connection to the
Force, and she nodded firmly.

"Your master is aging" I explained, "I may not be able to stand as mental
sentinel day and night...although I certainly don't want to see you suffer
the way you did at Port Lansing."  She accepted this fact with graceful tact.

I inquired about the private encounter she'd had with the Jedi Windu during
her suicidal ordeal there.  

"He found me after I cut myself.  He took me to the rebel base where their
medics cared for me, then returned me to you."

"So it is true that he rescued you there," I said, recalling the reports
given to me at that time.  "Well then -- I think you should *know* that
your Jedi Windu met his fate with death on Coruscant recently.  At the
hands of  Lt. Colonel Melora Lexor - I'm told he bled to death in her lab."
I watched her flinch internally and scowled, knowing that my suspicion
that she had a tender spot for him proved.   true.  Dead or alive, this
Jedi's influence knew no end and I could only hope he would stay away from
my apprentice.

Lammashta looked away, her face stoic.  "Pity.  I owed him my life.  I
would have liked to return the favor."

"Yes, pity.  I had ordered him to be brought to me so that I could kill him
myself but that pleasure was removed from me.  Still...that's one less Jedi
to contend with."  Her reaction did surprise me, but I pretended not to see
it and continued. "Lexor had the audacity of cremating the body to space
without consulting me."

My apprentice acted as if she wasn't affected by the news - she almost
appeared to unemotional.  She left after I instructed her to see the
pharmacist about the medication and then to meet me, as usual, at dinnertime.

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