A Different Point of View

By Jilly Harris and Phaedra Whitlock


Begin Encryption
Begin Holo-vid transmission

From: Queen Midalah of Nebula
To: The Jedi Council

Midalah is standing in what appears to the throne room of her palace.
Her hands are loose at her side, she is dressed formally. Her face is
set seriously but openly, but there is a sign of apprehension in her
white eyes.

"Members of the Jedi Council, I am Queen Midalah of the planet Nebula. I
have a few matters I must discuss with you as soon as possible. I
request to hold an audience with the council to discuss these matters
that are of the utmost importance in an attempt to bring some
resolution. I await your response."

The holo-vid fades out and the transmission ends.

End Holo-transmission
End Encryption

Standard Encruption
Begin Transmission

Highness, do you prefer a meeting by holo or in person?
Currently many members of the Council are away but
there are a few members here. I do not know when
you would be able to speak with a majority, or with
Master D'med who leads the Council.

Lena Galassdow, Junior Apprentice Representative

End Transmission
End Encryption

Begin Encryption
Begin Transmission

I would prefer to speak with the Council in person. I do not wish to go into
detail, but one of the matters I wish to discuss is about further training. I
was once under the training of Nik-Vie, but due to other priorities on my
world, I had to end my training. Further details of this and the other matters
I wish to discuss can wait till I am able to hold an audience with the council.
If it pleases the council, I can make accomodations when they are all fully

Queen Midalah

End transmission
End Encryption

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