Face your fears

By Ginna Wilcoxen, Debbie Casselbury

    The transport was only half full, but Jedi Student Octavia Syn Jinn liked 
the solitude it gave her time to think and reflect back on the events that 
had happened.  Placing her arms in her sleeves she thought back to the 
meeting between her and her niece Victoria.  Yet it was the memory of her 
time with the Emperor that really bothered her, she had failed to protect her 
thoughts; failed to keep control of her emotions simply she had failed.
*** ***** *** *****

Octavia moved through the station.  Again the Alliance and the Empire were 
both after something that the other wanted.  Another conflict of forces 
Octavia wondered if that was all that was before her battle after battle with 
no end in sight rounding a corner she found herself face to face with a 
blaster then darkness.
    Octavia woke slowly the absence of the force was the first thing she 
noticed. Fighting down her fear, the young Jedi student opened her eyes to 
see the Emperor standing before her.
    "You're awake good.  We've met before."  The Emperor commented.  His 
hands moved and Octavia felt the force swell around her.  He had turned off 
the damping field.
    "Last year your majesty."  Octavia answered trying not to look into his 
yellow eyes.
    "Ah, but there was another time wasn't there dear Octavia."  The Emperor 
reached out and touched the side of her temple. "In a dream perhaps."
    Octavia pulled away breaking the Emperor's touch. "You won't find it so 
easy next time."
    The Emperor seemed amused by her reply. "Then I will be careful."  He 
walked around her studying her. "The force is with you Octavia, but you are 
not ready yet.  I could break you now, but I want you fully trained before I 
do that."
    "It will make no difference your majesty, now or then.  I will not give 
in to you."
    "Ah, but I think you will."  The Emperor smiled.  "I saw you in the arena 
Octavia.  You fought well.  You could do so much more."
    Octavia fought to keep the memories of the Arena from her mind. "Taking a 
life is not something to be proud of."  Memories of what she witnessed with 
Tara and Victoria came to mind.  It took all of Octavia's training to push 
those memories away even though it was too late.
    The Emperor clamped down on her recollections and suddenly jerked away 
with a surprised scowl.  "So  you have a niece.  Another Jinn exists and is 
with my granddaughter. She is already one of us, just like you will be."
    "Victoria is young and will learn the truth given time and opportunity."  
Octavia spat her anger rising. "She won't be yours for long."
    The Emperor stepped back looking at her.  "Do you know what it's like to 
oppose me?"
    Octavia could barely suppress her cry as lighting hit her.  Bending over 
with pain she glanced up to stare at the Emperor.  Off to her right she saw 
Victoria enter the base. 'NO!' her mind screamed. 'She can't see this' 
    "So you think you are strong Octavia."  The Emperor goaded glancing over 
at the young Victoria standing several feet away. "Learn the greater strength 
of the DARK SIDE, Jedi!!"  He hissed.
    Again lighting hit Octavia's body causing her to fall to her knees. Tears 
rolled down her face. Slowly trying to rise to her feet Octavia wondered if 
this was the way she was going to die?
    Finally, she felt hands helping her to her feet. "We need to go.  Are you 
okay to move?"
    Octavia thought she recognized the voice, but wasn't sure.  Nodding she 
moved slowly with whoever had her.  The last thing she saw was Victoria 
grinning watching her leave.

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