Glimmer of Light: Outside the Sitting Room.

By John Medkeff

For a full minute Cassandra savored Kieren's outbrust. It was good to see him stand up to his siblings like that. Things were going better than she had expected.

Around her the other children stared after Kieren and Darien. Then Kory and Kat started to follow.

"Stop!" Cassandra ordered. "Leave Kieren and his new teacher alone."

"But something's wrong with Kieren." Lin protested.

Kory turned back to listen, holding the door open. Kat stopped beside him.

"No, there's something right with him, finally." Cassandra answered.

"Now all of you back to what ever you were doing."

"Why don't you just send Kieren off to Yavin where he belongs", Keri demanded. "It'd be easier, and then we'd be rid of all that lightness."

Then she pouted and giggled.

Goldie watched her humans debate the issue for a moment and then pushed past Kory though the door. Unnoticed she followed Kieren and Darien toward the garden.

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