Jedi Against Jedi

By Alida

Alida stared across the hard expanse of packed sand at the 
young woman standing opposite her.  Lightsabers were raised, 
ready for an attack.  

They'd resisted, letting the Hutt know that they would not 
fight; they would not be a source of entertainment for those 
gathered here.  Unfortunately, a powerful Force user had been 
there and had been able to infiltrate their minds.  Alida 
controlled the shudder that wanted to run through her.  She 
knew that touch.  She knew Octavia was far too familiar with 
it, as well.  Xanatos DuCruet.  

She tried to move her arms, her legs; to lower her 'saber and 
back away.  She did not wish to face off against Octavia.  She 
did not want to go against anyone here.  Fighting for amusement 
was something she could not comprehend.  

"Are you ready?"

Alida found herself nodding to the -- referee?  No! she wanted 
to shout.  No, we're not ready.  We'll never be ready to fight 
each other, this is wrong!  

However, she had no control.  Her choice had been made for her 
as soon as Xanatos had taken over.  *How does it feel, Jedi?* 
he asked.  *You're mine right now.  She's mine.*  A gleeful 
chuckle filled her mind.  *It would take so little to have her 
turn her lightsaber on herself, but I think this will be more 
fun.  I'll let you kill her for me.*

*You're not going to get away with this, Xanatos,* Alida shot 
to him.  *Octavia is stronger than you give her credit for.*

*Even after all she has been put through?  Don't overestimate 
the girl,* Xanatos snarled.  *Just because she's a Jinn, you 
think she'll succeed.  I was his student and it didn't help me, 
no more than his blood coursing through her veins will help her.*

*And you underestimate her,* she told him.  *A dangerous thing.*  
Alida groaned in silent frustration as her arms moved, bringing 
her lightsaber to come crashing against the blade in Octavia's 

Laughter echoed in her mind: cruel, hateful laughter.  *Die or 
kill her, Jedi.  Either will work for me.  Jinn's brat will die.*

She looked up at Octavia.  *I'm sorry, young one,* she sent and 
their blades crossed once more, the air filling with ozone.  

Alida scored a hit on the young Jedi.  Up above, Xanatos laughed.

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